The Bear Facts

February 4, 2017

Good morning! I’m Logan Capesius!

I’m Danielle Plathe!

And I’m Andrew Thigles! Thanks for joining us for the “Bear Facts”, the radio show where each week we keep you in touch with all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

This morning twenty-eight Garrigan students are over in Spencer for the Iowa High School Speech Association state large group contest. All of Garrigan’s entries earned Division I’s at district contest two weeks ago, and they’ve been busy ever since then rehearsing before and after school to get ready for state.

The selections we’ll be presenting are the choral reading “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, the Readers’ Theatre “The Brothers Grimm: Out of Order”, the Ensemble Acting selection “In the Principal’s Office”, and the Musical Theatre medley “Beauty and the Beast”. The first selection is performing right now as this show airs, and they’ll be continuing throughout the morning.

Students competing today include seniors Levi Capesius and Samantha Harrington; and juniors John Zeimet, Kat Willie, Gigi Byrkeland, Megan Wadle, Jenna Boelter, Alisa Altman, Emory Miller, Tommy Kollasch, Isabelle Davis, Caitlin Thilges, and Sam Trainer. There’s one freshmen in the group: Jordan Hansen.

Sophomores in speech are John Meis, Emma Thul, Madison Illg, Bryce Capesius, Sam Vaske, and Layah DeLange, Ashlyn Harrington, Laurel Degen, Logan Heying, Gabe Trainer, Lauren Kenyon, Caroline Bradley, Aidan Koob and Megan Bronk. Best wishes to all the performers, and also to coaches Jake Rosenmeyer and David Burrow!

This year Garrigan math students began participating in a nationwide math competition called Perennial Math. The competition takes place each month, and in January several Garrigan juniors and seniors had scores that placed them on the Wall of Fame. The honored students include seniors Josh Hamilton, Ben Fogarty, Ryan Kenyon, and Chase Hatten; and juniors Ben Degen, Lexi Berte, Cattlin Thilges, and Megan Wadle. Interestingly, Garrigan had more students on the Wall of Fame than any other school in the country. Congratulations, Garrigan math students!

There’s more math competition this coming week. On Tuesday Garrigan’s accelerated math students will participate in the AMC-12, an extremely tough exam that’s given to top students all over the country. Sophomore Preston Kohlhaas will be looking to defend his top score, and everyone will be trying to do their best on this very challenging test. Then next Saturday seven students will be headed down to Iowa State University for a Great Plains Math League competition.

At the annual Garrigan community meeting last Wednesday it was announced that the Bishop Garrigan school board will be receiving a very special honor. The National Catholic Education Association has chosen to honor the Garrigan board for their excellence and hard work. School administrator Lynn Miller noted that they’re the only school board in the country receiving this prestigious honor. The board will receive that honor at the NCEA Convention in St. Louis this coming April. Congratulations to all the parents who serve on the Bishop Garrigan Board.

Intramural basketball continued last week, and we had some interesting games. In one of them Zach Muller scored 52 points, which is the highest total anyone can remember in intramurals. Zach wasn’t named Player of the Week, though, because in the other game Logan Capesius led a team of just three players to victory over a full-sized team. Intramurals are off this week, but they’ll continue again February 11.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Ryan Kenyon. Ryan comes from the Whittemore area, and he’s part of one of Garrigan’s largest families. You heard us mention earlier that he was a top-scoring math student. He challenges himself with top-level math and science classes, and he also enjoys working with computers. Ryan’s biggest activities are basketball, cross-country, and track. He’ll be off to college next fall, and we wish him all the best in the future.

On our Golden Bear calendar today there’s the state speech contest in Spencer. Then on Tuesday accelerated students will take the AMC-12 math exam.

The Bears will host a quad against West Hancock Tuesday night. It will be Senior Night, and the danz squad will serve a dinner that evening.

Next Wednesday is the reward day for meeting our calendar goal. There’s a student mass at St. Cecelia’s that day and also teacher in-service. Then on Thursday there’s another basketball quad, with the bears hosting Garner Hayfield Ventura.

Thanks for listening to our “Bear Facts” this week, and be sure to join us again next week, when we’ll be back with more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.