The Bear Facts
September 16, 2017

 Good morning! I’m Nolan Greene!

 I’m Ashlyn Harrington!

 And I’m Laurel Degen! Welcome to a special edition of the “Bear Facts”, where we’re getting ready for Homecoming here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

 Our Homecoming theme this year is “Blast from the Past”. Monday will be Hippie Day, and Tuesday is Garrigan Throwback Day. Wednesday is 80’s and 90’s Day, and Thursday we’ll have Class Color Day for our Battle of the Classes. The seniors will be wearing black on Thursday, the juniors white, the sophomores blue, and the freshmen yellow. We’ll finish up the week on Friday with the traditional Black and Gold Day.

 The Golden Bear volleyball team has two big events for Homecoming week. Tomorrow they’ll be hosting the big CYO tournament, with teams coming from as far away as LeMars and Sioux City. There’s more volleyball action on Tuesday, when Garrigan hosts North Iowa. The cross-country team is also close to home, running at Humboldt on Monday night. The week will wrap up with home football against Marcus Friday night.

 The Homecoming coronation will be Wednesday night at 7pm. This year’s royal court includes king candidates Frank Reding, Zach Muller, Tommy Kollasch, Ben Degen, and Drake Buscherfeld; while the queen candidates are Emory Miller, Aubrey McEnroe, Whitney Hovey, Jenna Boelter, and Alisa Altman. We’ve already voted for king and queen, and the results will be announced next Wednesday.
As always, a big part of Homecoming will be our class competition. The main part of that is on Thursday, when we’ll plan a wide range of games—kickball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, trivia, home run derby, Twister, bean bag toss,egg toss, dodgeball, tug-of-war, hot dog eating, pie eating, and Gatorade chug. As always the classes will be preparing banners, skits, and hoops for the Homecoming pep rally. There’s also a special bonus for the class that cheers the loudest. We’ll fill you in on the results on next week’s show.

 We told you a couple weeks ago that the school was starting to raise funds for projects such as a new track and a new chapel. There have been a lot of generous donations, and it looks like both projects will go forward—though the time frame is still to be determined. Additional funds are still needed, though, and there’s one part of the chapel project that can particularly use more help.

As part of the chapel project we’d like to preserve the beautiful windows from St. Benedict Church, instead of having them broken apart, pieced out, and sent to unknown destinations and fates. We’re attempting to gather pledges, large and small, to assist with the removal, restoration, and installation of these windows in the new Garrigan chapel.

 There are thirteen windows at St. Benedict that depict different saints. Many appreciate the religious artwork, and we know some people have family connections to the original window donors and would like them to remain in this area. Restoring the windows will cost over $100,000. The St. Benedict community has already raised a large part of the money, but more is needed. We invite anyone who’d like to help to aid with the restoration.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Myles Koob. Here to tell you about him is John Meis.

 If you went to the races this summer, there’s a good chance you saw Myles Koob racing. He began helping out at the races when he was in 7th grade, he’s been racing all through high school, and he won the cruiser division this past summer. Myles has also been part of the Golden Bear football team all through high school, and as a senior he’s a starting wide receiver. He also plays intramural basketball. At school he’s among the students who helps out with the student website. Myles plans to continue racing after high school, and we wish him well on the track and in life.

 Thanks. On our Golden Bear calendar today there’s JV volleyball at Algona and JJV volleyball at North Union. Then tomorrow the varsity volleyball team hosts the CYO tournament starting at 11am.

 Monday is Hippie Day for Homecoming. The cross-country team runs at Humboldt that night, and there’s JV football at Eagle Grove. Tuesday is Garrigan Throwback Day, and the volleyball team will be hosting North Iowa.

 Wednesday we’ll have 80’s and 90’s Day. The Homecoming coronation and pep rally begin at 7:00 that night. Thursday is Class Color Day. We’ll have the Battle of the Classes on Thursday, with skits at the end of the day.

 Friday is Black and Gold Day. We’ll start the day with Homecoming mass in Friedmann Auditorium. The parade will be on State Street starting at 2pm, and at 3:15 the cheerleaders will hold their elementary clinic.

 At 7pm the Golden Bear football team will face Marcus Meridan Cleghorn—Remsen Union. Then after the game we’ll have the traditional Homecoming dance. Finally next Saturday the volleyball team will host their home tournament.

 That’s the “Bear Facts” for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in next week to hear the results of Homecoming here at Bishop Garrigan High School.