Ho! Ho! Ho! Good morning! I’m Chase Hatten!

I’m Joel Vaske!

I’m Grant Buscherfeld!

And I’m Taylor Becker! Thanks for joining us for the “Bear Facts”. Merry Christmas from everyone here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

We’ve been getting ready for Christmas all through the past month. We’ve lit Advent candles each week, and we’ve had special prayer services. There have been special concerts, and the choir has also sung holiday carols in the community. Almost every teacher has put up decorations in their rooms or on their doors, and the little kids have even serenaded us by playing Christmas carols on the piano.

We have a long-time Christmas tradition on the “Bear Facts”. Each year we give a special holiday survey to high school students. We asked everyone this year what their plans were over Christmas vacation. Isabella Capesius says she plans to hang out with her family, and Miranda Book’s plans include reading at Christmas Eve mass and then eating hors d’oeuvres with her family. Isabelle Davis wants to go snowmobiling, and I’m says he’ll spend Christmas typing a paper.

Levi Capesius plans to go to Grandma’s and then go ice fishing at the family cabin. After spending time with her family, Whitney Hovey will be working at Algona Manor over the holidays. Brad Capesius is one of many people who plans to play “2K” over Christmas, and Myles Koob is one of many who is going hunting. Aubrey McEnroe will be heading to the Outback Bowl.

Laurel Degen plans to eat a lot of food, and Sami Darling says she’ll wants to sleep all through Christmas vacation. Emerald Shipler is planning to spend time with family and friends. Then there’s Jenna Boelter, who said she’ll spend Christmas relaxing and not touching a single school book.

We asked people what they wanted for Christmas. Gibson Behr was one of many students who wanted money. Caitlin Thilges said she wanted sweat pants and piano lessons. Ben Fogarty wants Michael Phelps swim goggles, Emory Miller wants a juicer and a yogurt machine, and Drew Hansen wants a bass guitar. It’s also no surprise to anyone that John Meis wants an E-bay gift card.

Both Tommy Kollasch and Zach Muller said they want a hippopotamus for Christmas, and Amanda Miller said she wants her two front teeth. Luke Bormann says he wants a four-wheeler, Kyrah Larsen wants a Rubik’s cube, and Megan Bronk wants a Chromebook. Grant Buscherfeld wants his shoulder to be healthy. Olivia Hall wants an “A” on the paper she wrote for Miss McCall, and Ben Degen says he wants Miss McCall to dab—twice.

Our third question was “What is your most fun Christmas memory?” Jackson Rosenmeyer and Frank Reding both remember sledding, while Skyland Meraz remembers getting a train set. Sarah Skilling’s best memory is driving around looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate, and Gracie Behr was one of many people whose favorite memory was going to her grandparents’ house and opening gifts.

Andrew Thilges remembers going to the Hollidazzle parade in Minneapolis, while Aidan Koob has a family tradition of watching Tommy Boy at Christmas. Johnny Zeimet remembers going to Mexico for Christmas, Parker Schiltz remembers Christmas in Florida, and Grace McGuire’s best memory is getting snowed in at Christmas. 

Ashlyn Harrington enjoys playing poker with her family at Christmas, Danielle Plathe remembers sitting around a fire drinking apple cider, and Logan Capesius’s most fun Christmas was spending fourteen hours watching a DVD series. Sarah Brown remembers eating summer sausage and cheese after Christmas Eve mass, Eric Thul remembers the power going out on Christmas, and Bryce Capesius’s best holiday memory was finishing up his chemotherapy over Christmas vacation last year.

Finally we asked what was the strangest thing people ever did over the holidays? Megan Wadle says she doesn’t do strange things—yeah, right! Josh Hamilton once had a snowball fight with chunks of ice, while Grace Menke’s family drove all the way to Arkansas on Christmas Day. Billy Erpelding accidentally hit his brother with a pool ball, while Sam Bormann got smoked in the eye while she and her brother were messing around with Nerf guns. 

Sam Trainer says he once got crushed by a falling Christmas tree. Caroline Brasley says she ran around in the snow barefoot on a dare from her brother. John Capesius says he once jumped off a bridge at Christmas, and Chase Hatten’s strangest holiday was when he got the flu. Then there’s exchange student Johanna Becker, who says her strangest Christmas will be this year—when she’ll be celebrating the holiday without her family and 4,000 miles away from home. We hope Johanna and everyone else has a very Merry Christmas.

 Because of the holiday we’re skipping our Senior Spotlight this week, and there’s nothing on our Golden Bear calendar for the rest of December. Christmas is tomorrow, and next Sunday is New Year’s Day.

On Monday, January 2, the JJV basketball teams will be playing at Forest City. Then Tuesday the 3rd the varsity and JV Bears will host Forest City.

Classes resume on Wednesday, January 4, 2017. We’ll have a school mass that day, and there’s family formation that night. Then on Thursday the 5th there’s JJV basketball, with the Bears hosting West Hancock.

The JV and varsity basketball teams play at Britt on Friday the 6th. Finally on Saturday the 7th there’s an honor band in Fort Dodge and the math team will be hosting the tournament that was snowed out last weekend.

That’s our final “Bear Facts” for 2016. We’ll be off next week because of Christmas vacation, but be sure to join us again two weeks from today when we’ll be back with more news from Bishop Garrigan. Until then …