The Bear Facts
December 23, 2017

(Jingle bells ring)

: Good morning everyone, and Merry Christmas! I知 Caitlin Thilges !

: I知 Megan Wadle !

: I知 Sam Trainer !

: I知 Trevor Darling !

: And I知 Ben Degen! Happy holidays from us at the 釘ear Facts and everyone here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

: Christmas vacation is here, and at Garrigan we池e looking forward to a great holiday. As we致e prepared throughout this Advent season we致e done a number of service projects. Some of the biggest happened a week ago. On December 15 we held a food packaging event at Garrigan. We packed 20,000 meals that will go to needy families in rural Mississippi. After completing this project, we致e now provided over 50,000 meals over the past three years.

: Another big service project happened on Saturday, when we a benefit at Garrigan for Kristin Bacha, the mother of two Garrigan students who is undergoing treatments for cancer. The event was a huge success. Hundreds of people attended, and more than $30,000 was raised to help with Mrs. Bacha痴 treatments. We thank everyone for their great response, and we値l continue to keep Kristin Bacha and her whole family in our prayers.
: Last Saturday the Garrigan math team began their season by hosting a joint competition with students from Waverly祐hell Rock. It was an especially good day for Joey Trainer, who had the highest score of all freshmen competing in the Sprint Round. His score was high enough to qualify him for the state math tournament, which will be held in Iowa City next April. Congratulations to Joey and the math team!

: Every year on the 釘ear Facts we give a survey to students here at Garrigan. This year we began by asking 展hat痴 the strangest Christmas memory you have? There were some interesting responses, including Luke Bormann痴 cousin dressing up like the Grinch and Billy Erpelding痴 dog knocking over the tree. Sam Vaske saw his mommy kissing Santa Claus, and Marcus Plathe痴 weirdest memory was getting coal for Christmas容ven though he was a really good boy.

: Katie Noonan remembered falling down on the ice while walking into church at Christmas, while Amanda Miller remembers buying a bird house for her cousin. For lots of people their strangest holiday memory was the power outage at Christmas a few years back. Then there痴 Gabe Trainer, who remembers his brother Sam making a batch of fudge that was so hard you could pound nails into it. (They tested it.)

: Our next question was 展hat痴 the best Christmas gift you致e ever gotten? Phones, game systems, and other electronics were the top answers, but there were some more interesting responses. Isaiah Plathe痴 favorite gift was a trampoline, while Madison Illg remembers a trip to Disney World. Reese Rosenmeyer痴 top gift was a hula hoop, while Kiana Book loved moving into a new house.

: Both Lauren Kenyon and Halle Menke say their top gifts were puppies. Jade Garman loved getting a four-wheeler, and Andrew Arndorfer still remembers going to the Iowa State bowl game five years ago as his top memory. Livia Miller remembers getting a miniature horse named Prancer, and Ashlyn Harrington said her best gift would be this year, when she痴 going to California to swim with beluga whales. 

: We also asked people what they wanted for Christmas this year. They included small things like socks to big, expensive gifts like a snowmobile and an Apple watch. There were also responses like 殿 higher grade point and 殿n A on my English paper. Aidan Koob said he wanted Bitcoin for Christmas, while Nolan Greene wants a 1974 Ford Maverick. Brad Capesius wants Madden 18, and Sarah Brown wants a Powerbeat 3. 

: Aric Laubenthal says he wants food for Christmas, and Dylan Berte wants a Dodge 2500 truck. Kyrah Larsen would like a couple of pairs of boots, and Will Eggers would like a 23 and Me DNA kit. John Ralphie Capesius wants an ice house, Drew Bacha痴 list includes Oakley sunglasses, Eric Thul is hoping for a violin, and Laurel Degen says she wants a little puppy. Finally there痴 Carlie Langerman, who says she痴 looking forward to a niece or nephew in the family.

: For our last survey question, we just asked people what their holiday plans were. Megan Bronk spoke for most Garrigan students when she said she just wants to have fun with her family and friends. Lots of other people痴 biggest plans involved food. Drew Hansen says he plans to lounge around, and his sister Jordan Hansen says she値l be partying with friends.

: Emma Thul will be skiing in South Dakota over the holidays, and Kat Wille also plans to ski. Parker Schiltz is going golfing in California, Mackenzie Meister will be going to Sioux City, and Joey Trainer will be heading up to Minnesota. Abbi Heying will be heading to the Caribbean for a cruise together with her family.

: At least one student plans to spend vacation watching all the Star Wars movies. Drew Merron says he値l be working over Christmas vacation. Layah DeLange is not looking forward to a six-hour show-choir rehearsal. Kelle Bormann plans to spend the holidays recovering from school, and Sami Darling said she was looking forward to not being anywhere near school.

: Because of the holiday survey, we池e skipping our Senior Spotlight on this week痴 show. On our Golden Bear calendar, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and Monday is Christmas Day. There痴 no events on the calendar all next week.

: On Tuesday, January 2nd, the Bears will be traveling to Forest City for a basketball quad. Classes resume on Wednesday, January 3rd, and on Thursday the 4th there痴 JJV basketball, with the Bears playing West Hancock at Britt. 

: The JV and varsity Bears will host West Hancock on Friday the 5th. Then on Saturday the 6th there痴 girls JJV basketball at Osage and the North Central Iowa Bandmasters honor band in Mason City. That night there痴 a winter formal dance.

: That痴 our last 釘ear Facts for 2017. We値l be off next week because of Christmas vacation, but be sure to join us again on January 6, 2018 when we値l be back with more news from Bishop Garrigan High School. Until then

EVERYONE: Merry Christmas, everyone!

(Jingle bells ring.)