The Bear Facts
March 25, 2017

Emerald: Good morning! I’m Emerald Shipler!

Gabe: I’m Gabe Trainer!

Nolan: And I’m Nolan Greene! Thanks for tuning in once again to the “Bear Facts”, the weekly radio show where we bring you all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Emerald: Tonight is your last opportunity to see the BGHS drama department’s spring show. This year Garrigan is doing not one, but two different plays—one acts with a very similar theme but very different approaches. Both plays were written by Donald Payton, a Midwesterner who went to a small high school much like Garrigan. “The Storm” is set in a cabin on a snowy winter day, while “Rest Assured” is set in an upper-class living room in the 1950s.

Gabe: “Rest Assured” is described as a mystery comedy. The cast includes Levi Capesius, Caitlin Thilges, Ashlyn Harrington, Jordan Hansen, Isabelle Davis, Aidan Koob, and Sam Trainer; as well as Laurel Degen, Gabriel Trainer, Caroline Bradley, Tommy Kollasch, John Zeimet, Bryce Capesius, Samantha Harrington, and Layah DeLange. “The Storm” is a drama. The cast features Eric Thul, Emma Thul, Sam Vaske, Emory Miller, and Jenna Boelter.

Nolan: The plays will be introduced by a special vignette written by director Carol Eischeid. Members of the cast performing that part are Rebecca Bonstetter, Madison Illg, Bailey Kollasch, Jenna Heinen, Megan Bronk, and Lauren Kenyon. Curtain time is 7:00 tonight. Be sure to head out to Garrigan to see “The Storm” and “Rest Assured”.

Emerald: Today is the last competition of the regular season for the Golden Bear quiz bowl team. Six quiz bowlers are down in Waukee today for the Iowa State History Bowl. The team will answer questions on a history and social studies theme as they compete against some of the biggest schools in Iowa. Team members competing today include Levi Capesius, Ben Degen, Mark Mather, Sam Trainer, Gabe Trainer, Logan Heying, and Drew Bacha. Good luck, quiz bowl!

Gabe: The history bowl comes right after the quiz bowl team hosted their seventh annual community quiz bowl tournament. This year’s tournament was a big success. With sixteen teams, it tied the record for most participation ever. Each year the community tournament is entirely organized by Garrigan quiz bowl students. They write all the questions, make the schedule, and serve as readers and judges during the event.

Nolan: While an adult team from the West Bend area finished first, two teams that included Garrigan students finished second and third. The second place team included Garrigan alumni Devin Degen and Rob Meister, plus current students Andrew Meister and Drake Buscherfeld. Finishing third were students Ben Fogarty, Tommy Kollasch, and Ryan Kenyon and quiz bowl coach David Burrow.

Emerald: The community quiz bowl tournament took in around $500, which will help support the team as they make their eighteenth trip to the National Academic Championships. This year’s tournament will be in New Orleans on Memorial Day Weekend. Competing for the Bears are senior Levi Capesius, juniors Sam Trainer and Ben Degen, and sophomores Logan Heying and Gabe Trainer.

Gabe: Practices have started for the Golden Bear golfers, and both the boys and girls teams are looking to continue Garrigan’s tradition in that sport. This year’s boys team includes state veteran Logan Capesius, as well as Andrew Thigles, James Burns, Donovan Berte, Parker Schiltz, Tommy Kollasch, Andrew Arndorfer, and Kurt Condoleon. On the girls team this year are Chloe Garman, Lexi Berte, Grace Menke, Madison Illg, and Isabella Capesius. Good luck, golfers!

Nolan: Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on James Burns and Charlie Stevens. Here to tell you about them is Johnny Zeimet.

Johnny: We chose to feature James Burns and Charlie Stevens together in our Senior Spotlight because the two of them have similar interests. For both of these Algona natives, their main interest is probably cars and auto racing. James is also a member of the Golden Bear golf team, and Charlie was out for golf in the past. We wish both James and Charlie all the best in the future.

Emerald: On this week’s Golden Bear calendar, there’s the state history bowl in Waukee today. Then tonight the spring play finishes up.

Gabe: Monday there’s all-state speech in Cedar Falls. Caitlin Thilges and Bryce Capesius will both be performing in the 1:00 section. Track season starts on Wednesday with the CYO meet in Sioux City.

Nolan: There’s girls track at Algona on Thursday, and the boys track team runs at Forest City on Friday. Also on Friday is the preview party for Gala 2017.

Johnny: That’s the “Bear Facts” for March. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to catch the show next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.