The Bear Facts
April 29, 2017

Emerald: Good morning! I’m Emerald Shipler!

Gabe: I’m Gabe Trainer!

Jenna: And I’m Jenna Boelter! Thanks for joining us for the “Bear Facts”, your weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Emerald: Next Wednesday will be the spring band and vocal concert, and state large group music contest is next Friday. That makes this a good time to talk about some of the changes that will be coming to the BGHS music department. Longtime instructors Ken and Linda Ferjak will be retiring this year. Former middle school band director Katherine Simpson will be working with the high school, and Mr. David Fog, who had previously been at Emmetsburg and North Union, will be our new choir director.

Gabe: Mr. and Mrs. Ferjak agreed to come to Garrigan for a couple of years, following their retirement from public schools in Forest City and Belmond. They’ve liked things here enough that they continued to make a long commute for ten full years. During their time here, Garrigan students have received many awards in music, and the school has been known for its outstanding musicals and concerts. Mr. Ferjak will continue to work part-time, helping out with the band, while Mrs. Ferjak will be spending time with her family and with the community choir in Mason City that she directs.

Jenna: Today the Golden Bear baseball team is sponsoring a camp for students from kindergarten through seventh grade. Members of the Bishop Garrigan high school team will be manning different stations that the little kids will alternate through. Baseball practice officially begins Monday, and it’s just three weeks until the start of high school baseball season.

Emerald: Meanwhile the track and golf teams are having a very good year. The track teams especially have been doing well. Last Friday both the boys and girls teams won their meets. The girls finished first in a meet at Estherville Lincoln Central, while the Garrigan boys took top honors at Pocahontas. The Top of Iowa Conference track meet will be next Thursday at North Iowa, with districts the following week.

Gabe: Next Wednesday Garrigan will have our annual service day, an event which in recent years has expanded to include working with students across town. In the morning we’ll do service projects around school, at the parishes in Whittemore and Bancroft, and the school’s adopt-a-highway project on Highway 18 by Sexton. We’ll then get together with Algona High students. As part of the community “Giving Back” day, we’ll be picking up trash at various locations around the area.

Jenna: Next Friday we’ll have our annual Grandparents Day at Garrigan. This is one of the biggest and most popular events we hold each year. Hundreds of older adults will first have mass with the Seton students at St. Cecelia’s and then join us for lunch and tours of the school here at Garrigan. Many of our grandparents are Garrigan alumni themselves, so the event provides a link between the past and future of our school.

Emerald: Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Scott Berte and Charles Berte. Here to tell you about them is Johnny Zeimet.

Johnny: One thing no one will forget about Scott Berte’s years at Garrigan is when he broke his wrists sophomore year. Scott’s biggest interest is in agriculture, and after high school he plans to use what he learned to be a successful farmer. Scott also plans to marry and become a family man, and we wish him all the best in the future.

Charles Berte also enjoys farming, particularly raising hogs on his family farm near St. Joe. At school his favorite class is probably P.E. In addition to agriculture, Charles has an interest in auctioneering. We wish both Charles and Scott good luck in the future.

Emerald: Thanks, DDDDD. On our Golden Bear calendar this week, the baseball team is hosting their camp for elementary students today. Boys from kindergarten through seventh grade will be attending.

Gabe: The golf teams play at Eagle Grove Monday night. Also on Monday baseball practice starts for the season. Then Tuesday at 2pm we’ll have the induction for the Garrigan Honor Society.

Jenna: Tuesday night there’s a track meet at Algona High. While it’s technically not a home meet, the Garrigan team will be celebrating senior night at that meet.

Emerald: We’ll have our annual service day on Wednesday, combined with the community “Giving Back” day. Then on Wednesday night there’s the spring band and vocal concert. There will be an art show together with the concert. Also on Wednesday there’s a home trapshooting meet at 4pm at the Izaak Walton Lodge.

Gabe: Thursday night the track teams will travel to Buffalo Center for the Top of Iowa Conference track meet. Next Friday we’ll have Grandparents Day, and that night is the state large group music contest at Algona High.

Johnny: That’s the “Bear Facts” for April. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to join us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.