The Bear Facts
April 30, 3016

 Good morning! I’m Zac Kibby!

 I’m Zach Boelter!

 And I’m Landen Studer! This is the “Bear Facts”. Thanks for joining us once again to hear all the latest news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

 Yesterday we had one of the busiest days of the year at Garrigan and Seton. It was Grandparents Day. For more than a decade now we’ve invited grandparents and other senior citizens who are friends of the school to join us for a day. In the morning go to mass with the little kids at Seton. Then they come over to Garrigan where they join us for lunch and tours of the school. The event has grown tremendously over the years, and this year we welcomed hundreds of guests for the special day.

 Next Friday Garrigan will be hosting the Iowa High School Music Association State Large Group Music Contest. The band performances will take place in Friedmann Auditorium, while the choirs will perform in the sanctuary at St. Cecelia’s. Music directors Ken and Linda Ferjak have been working hard to organize the contest.

 Garrigan’s band will perform two selections in competition: “The Alamo March” by Karl King and “Pevensey Castle” by Robert Sheldon. This will be the last band contest for seniors Logan Besch, Johanna Vaske, Mariah Bronk, and Kylie Fox. 

 The choir will be performing three different pieces. They include Orlando Di Lasso’s “Tutto Lo Di Mi Dici”, which means “Everything You Tell Me” in English. The other pieces are “Stay with Us” by Egil Hovland and “Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal” by Alice Parker. Seniors in choir include Jedd Magill, Carolyn Baxter, James Quinlin, Steve McCall, Mariah Bronk, and Johanna Vaske. Good luck at state contest, choir!

 Garrigan is scheduled to host the annual Al-Glo-Na 5-K glow run tonight. With the wet weather we’ve had all week, when we recorded this there was a good chance the event would be postponed to the rain date on June 4. Whatever the date, though, we’ll be hosting this year’s glow run at Garrigan.

 The glow run was an idea started in 2013 by a leadership class sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce that included students from both Algona High and Bishop Garrigan. They’ve raised more than $56,000 to help expand the recreational trail on the east side of town. This past year the newest portion of the trail was opened out by Garrigan, which is why we’re hosting this year’s run.

 The past couple weeks freshmen and sophomores at Garrigan have been busy taking the STAR tests. These tests, which are given three times a year, track the progress students are making in English and math and show how our students compare to others around the country. In addition, Garrigan students also take the Iowa Assessments and Compass Tests that place them in college-credit classes, and almost everyone at Garrigan also takes the ACT.

 It’s kind of hard to believe that the eighth graders who will enter high school next fall will be the Class of 2020. That group voted for their student council officers this past week. The co-presidents for next year’s freshmen will be Amanda Miller and Cade Winkel, while the representatives are Emma Lichter and Mackenzie Meister. Congratulations to these young politicians. And now here with our senior spotlight is Alex Ocho McGuire.

 Our senior spotlight this week shines on Hailey Kollasch. Throughout her years at Garrigan, Hailey has been part of the Golden Bear danz squad. In addition to her team awards, Hailey received a solo Division One, and she was named to the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team. This Bancroft native has also been a cheerleader in the past. Hailey was accepted for the dance team at Grand View College, so next year she’ll be studying and dancing in Des Moines. Congratulations, Hailey!

 On our Golden Bear calendar, the Al-Glo-Na 5-K is scheduled for tonight, with a rain date of June 4. Tomorrow is confirmation for St. John’s in Bancroft.

 Monday the Bears have a coed golf meet at Forest City. There’s also the spring football meeting at 6:30 that night, and baseball practice also officially starts on Monday.

 Tuesday is National Teacher Appreciation Day. That night the boys track team runs at Algona High. We’ll have mass on Wednesday morning, the last school mass of the year for the seniors.

  Wednesday afternoon is the community Giving Back Day, and we’ll be doing a variety of different clean-up projects. Wednesday night is the spring band and vocal concert and art show. 

 Thursday is Cinco de Mayo. The Top of Iowa track meets are that day, and also that night there’s a coed golf meet at North Union. There’s an all-school rosary next Friday, with the state large group music contest that night.

 That’s the “Bear Facts” for April. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.