Catholic Schools Week

Monday February 1st

Celebrating Your Community Day

Regular bells (drop 7th and 8th) Return to 9th

Mass and Mayoral Proclamation - Load the buses at 1:00pm

Fr. Greiving - Celebrant @ St. Cecelia Catholic Church

Please check uniforms before leaving mass. NO SWEATPANTS.

Tuesday February 2nd

Celebrating Your Students

Regular Bells

Black & Gold Day (PreK-12) Students can wear any pants or shirts if they are black or gold.

Grades 4-8 - Projects to support our community (Kay)

These projects can be completed whenever your grade level decides.

HS - Prayers from Bears completed in Theology class (Mindy)

Movie/Treat Day (4-8) - Mr. Peabody and Sherman 1hr32min (Nancy B.)

Concession - Students may bring $2 (1$ for small gatorade/water and 1$ for plain M&M/popcorn) Ron and Dev. Office will help

12:45 - 1:00 7&8

12:45 - 1:00 5&6

1:00 - 1:15 4th grade

Beach towels

1:15 movie begins in the auditorium 

Freshman visit nursing homes (Rob)

Student leave at 9:50 and return at 11:20

Wednesday February 3rd

Celebrating The Nation - National School Choice Day

Student Appreciation/Gift Day (Mindy)

Feast of St. Blaise – Blessing of the throats (4-12) 8:25AM

Grades 4-8 report to homeroom and then come to auditorium ASAP.

Grades 9-12 report directly to the auditorium

Seating - Grades 7-8 west, Grades 5-6 east, Grade 4 middle bottom two rows, HS middle

Activities: Sophomores Visit Nursing Homes (Rob)

Student leave at 9:50 and return at 11:20

Thursday February 4th

Celebrating Vocations

Activities: Staff Breakfast 7:15am @ BGHS (Mindy)

Juniors visit nursing homes (Rob)

Student leave at 9:50 and return at 11:20

Crazy sock day (PreK-8) - Regular uniforms with crazy socks

Bible dress up day (9-12) - Regular uniforms if not clearly bible dress

HS student council read at Seton (Christy)

Dismiss after period 8

Ask Seton teacher to have books available by Tuesday, February 2 (Kristie)

Friday February 5th

Celebrating Faculty, Staff, and Volunteers 

Jeans Day  

Activities: Chamber Coffee @ BG 9:30am (New Mtg Rm/Mindy)

   Please invite community members to attend this event. 

Inflatables from Club’s Choice (K-6) (Kristie/Christy)

Inflatables at Seton 12:50-1:35--Gr. 3-4

Treats in BG cafeteria 1:45 - Gr. 4

Inflatables at Seton 1:40-2:25--Gr. 5-6

Treat in BG cafeteria 2:35 - Gr. 5-6

Ice Skating (7-8) (Kim)

7th grade - AM

8th - PM

Movie (9-12) Courageous 2hr 10min (Christy)

Schedule - Drop 7,8,9

Dismiss 1st lunch students to get concessions at 12:45.  2nd lunch students can get concessions when they are done eating.

Coverage -

 1:00 - 1:40 Ahlers, Burrow, Patterson, Weydert

 1:40 - 2:10 McCall, Meister, L.Ferjak, Wichtendahl

 2:10 - 3:00 Miller, Wadle, Vaske, K. Ferjak

Movie will begin at 1:00

Concession - Ron and Dev. Office will help

chairs or blankets

Seniors visit nursing homes (Rob)

Student leave at 9:50 and return at 11:20


CW 1/28/16