National Quiz Bowl

Congratulations to the team for making playoffs and falling to the national champions!

On June 14-20 Garrigan will make 19th trip o the Naional Academic Championships. This year's contest will be in the Orlando Florida area.  Students going are: Ben Degan (captain), Tommy Kollasch, Sam Trainer, Trever Darling, Logan Heying, and Gabe Trainer.


  • WIN over Hopatcong, New Jersey 195-110

  • Loss to Lamar (Houston, Texas) 240 - 140

  • WIN over Athens Christian (Athens, Texas) 280 - 60

  • WIN over Cotter, Arkansas 250 - 185

  • WIN over Columbiana, Ohio 250 - 180

  • Loss to White Plains, New York 220 - 205

After preliminary rounds, Bishop Garrigan had the #6 seed out of all teams at nationals.

  • Loss to Plano West (Texas) 420 - 120 (Plano West went on to win the overall national championship.)

Pictures from the Trip

Travel and Competition Schedule

Information for Team Members (.pdf/Acrobat)

EU  6-21-18