Seton Grade School


Preschool, Den, Prep, & Kindergarten Activities

Den 1st Day

Den Olympic Opening

Den Olympic Medal Ceremony

Den Friendship Snack

Den Trip to Clay County Fair

Den Shells Corn

Den Goes to Farm

Den Homecoming

Den Nature Center
Den Goes Camping Visiting Garrigan for Halloween Preschool - 1st Semester 2016-17 
Preschool Rooms K (Charbonneaux) Turtles K (Charbonneaux) Trip to Fire Station
K (Charbonneaux) Ag in Classroom K (Charbonneaux) CSW K (Charbonneaux) Call State Park
K (Charbonneaux) Christmas K (Charbonneaux) Fun with Math K (Charbonneaux) HC Parade
K (Charbonneaux) Pumpkins/Halloween K (Lind) Ag in the Classroom K (Lind) Fun with Math
K & 2 Nutrition K (Lind) Pajama Day for Goats K (Lind) Pumpkin Patch Fun

K (Lind) Reindeer Food

K (Lind) Spooks & Goblins

K (Lind) Turtle Fun

K (Lind) Fall Festival K (Lind) Fire Station

K (Lind) First Days

K (Lind) Homecoming Parade K (Lind) Call Park  K (Lind) Saints & Vocations
K (Lind) Working Together K (Lind) Santa Den Halloween
Den Dinosaurs & Pep Rally Den Turkey Headbands Den AM Christmas
Santa Visits Den Den Goes Swimming Den 100th Day
Den Inflatables Nurses Visit Den Den Eye Doctor
Den Visits with Dentist

Den Visits Chiropractor

Den Grandparents Day
Den Goes Bowling Den Rain Forest Den/Preschool Program

K (Lind) 100th Day

K (Lind) Bear Day

K (Lind) Bees

K (Lind) Bunnies

K (Lind) Catholic Schools Week

K (Lind) Geometry

K (Lind) Grandparents Day

K (Lind) Insects

K Mass (Lind)

K (Lind) Work

K (Lind) Biker

K (Lind) Patriots

K (Lind) St. Patrick's Day

K (Lind) Valentines

K (Lind) Surveying

K (Lind) Visits Post Office

K (Lind) "Wild" Concert

Den Farm Day

Den Last Day

Pictures from 2015 - 2016

Den Visits with Fire Chief

Den AM

Den Friendship Salad & Bracelets

Den Visits Premier Pizza

Den Chefs

Den Goes to Central Park

Prep Goes to Premier K-Prep Halloween Stylist Visits the Den
K-Prep Dads & Doughnuts PS(3) Makes Pretzels Den Looks at Dump-It Garbage Truck
PS (4) Halloween Costumes PS(4)  Fall Candids K-Prep Moms & Muffins
Den Sheriff Department Visit PS(4) Makes & Eats Butter

PS (4) Visits Firefighters

PS(4) October Fun

PS  (4)  Fall Family Fun Day

PS(4) Visits Clay County Fair

PS (4) Green Eggs & Ham

Caroling at Garrigan Den Hotel Visit & AM Dentist Visit

PS Polar Express Day

K (Lind) Informational Posters Christian Leadership Reads to PS (4) Christmas
K (Lind) Advent & St. Nicholas

K (Lind) Exploration Trip

PS(4) Ice Experiment/Scientists Predicting
K - 3 Halloween K (Lind) Letter Searching

Santa Visits Preschool

Den Popping into our Senses Den Pajama Day K (Lind) Jack-O-Lanterns
PS (4) Valentines

Pre-K - 1 Concert

K (Lind) Getting Room Ready
PS (4) Goes to YMCA PS (4) Deacon Visits About Baptism K (Lind) Saints in the Making
PS (4) Meets with Billie Willie PS (4) Exercise & Health Study

PS (4) Math Graphing

PS (4) Spring Outdoor Fun PS (4) Flower Shop PS (4) Outdoors in Winter
PS (4) Plants Pumpkin Seeds PS (3) Concert

PS (4) Family Literacy

Den Beach Day K (Lind) Chickens & Duct Tape PS (4) St. Patrick's Day

K (Lind) Kindergarten Fun

K (Lind) Tricorn Hats

PS (4) Concert
PS (4) More Spring Outdoor Fun

PS (4) Picnic with Parents

Den Fairy Tales

Den Central Park - End of Year

K Leprechauns (Lind)

PS(4)  Building Study Starter

K (Lind) Friend Will

K (Lind) Visits Bode Greenhouse

PS (4) Spring Class Pictures

Author Sloth Visits K (Lind)