Softball Awards 2017
Most Valuable Player Gigi Byrkreland
Pitch of the Year Amanda Miller
Infielder of the Year Alisa Altman
Outfielder of the Year Jenna Boelter
Golden Glove Whitney Hovey
Big Hitter Gigi Byrkreland
Rookie of the Year Maddie Meister
Most Inproved Megan Brown
Leader of the Year Sam Bormann
Bear Pride Caitlin Thilges
Coach's Award Aubree Altman
All Conference Gigi Byrkeland, Aubree Altman, Maddie Meister (1st Team)

Alisa Altman, Jenna Boelter, Amanda Miller (2nd Team)

Megan Brown (Honorable Mention)

All-District & All-State Gigi Byrkeland, Maddie Meister, Aubree Altman