St. Benedict Parish

St. Benedict, Iowa

The church building of wood in a Gothic style of architecture was erected at the direction of Father Anton Erdman in 1894.  The cost was $11,523.63, most of which had been paid when the church was dedicated in the spring of 1895.  Father Erdman was pastor from 1892 to 1913 and saw the building of the present rectory in 1898 and school in 1899.  The present building is the second church used by the congregation since the parish was organized in 1877.  The stained glass windows were made in Regensberg, Austria.  The present congregation is composed of about seventy adult envelope holders.

The original St. Benedict school was built in 1899.  The cost was $5,998.67.  In the early days until 1930, students that lived too far from the school often boarded with the nuns.  In 1933 there were nine grades being taught.  A hot lunch program was started in 1950 by Father Ahmann.  In the fall of 1970, St. Benedict School merged with St. Joseph's of Wesley.  In 1981 the joint school merged with the schools in Algona and St. Joe to form the centralized Seton Elementary School.  In 1984 the school was torn town and replaced by a modern parish center.