Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Teachers, please read announcements at the beginning of Period 4 today:

Lunch today will be during Per. 5: 3rd/4th gr. lunch 11:00-11:30; 5/6 gr. lunch 11:30-12:00; JR Hi lunch is from 12:28-12:59. HS Lunch 1 will start at 12:05-12:25 with Comp Apps (Ahlers), Creative Writing (Meyer), Intro Psych (Miller), So Theo (Montag), Art (Rahm), Spanish IV (Salinas), Per Finance (Schwing), Jr Theo (Vaske), Resource (Kirsch), OC & Online Class SH (Peterson). HS lunch 2 starts at 12:39-12:59 and includes Biology (Bode), PE/SH (Patterson).

There are extra elementary and middle school year books for sale in the office. They are $25.00.