Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

Regular Per. 6 lunch list:

Teachers, please read at the beginning of Period 5 today

Lunch today will be during Period 6. 3rd/4th gr. lunch 11:30-12:00; 5/6 gr. lunch 11:00-11:30; JR Hi lunch is from 12:25-12:50. HS Lunch 1 will start at 12:00-12:20 with Comp Apps (Ahlers), AdvAlgTrig (Burrow), IntrotoPsych (Byrkeland), English II (Meyer), DevPsych (Miller), JrTheology (Montag), AlgebraB (Seiler), PersonalFinance (Vaske), Health (Wadle), Spanish IV (Wichtendahl). HS Lunch 2 starts at 12:44-1:04 with PE/SH (Patterson), Fr Theology (Meister), Art I (Rahm).

If there is any high school student who still needs to take driverís ed, please see Jenny.

Please dismiss JV basketball today at 2:00, bus leaves at 2:10.

Speech groups will practice throughout the day tomorrow. Mr. Burrow's classes will go to Friedmann Auditorium all day long tomorrow. One-Act Play will practice during periods 1, 2, & 3. Choral Reading will practice during periods 4 & 5. Readers Theatre will practice during periods 6 & 7. Ensemble Acting and Group Improv will practice during periods & 9. All practices will be in Friedmann Auditorium.

Any seniors who have not signed up for lunch with Mr. Miller, please stop in his office.

The Winter Formal is Feb 1. Please stop in the office this week to pay $5/person admission.

Criminal Justice will meet this Wednesday, January 22, at 6:30 at the police garage. They are bringing in a guest speaker to share her story of surviving a very abusive relationship. Everyone is welcome, even if you have not attended any other meetings. See Mrs. Vaske with questions.

The Diocesan Band Festival scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled, so these students should be in class tomorrow. Thank you!