Wednesday, March 04, 2020.

Teachers, please read at the beginning of Period 6 today

Lunch today will be during Period 7. 3rd/4th gr. lunch 11:30-12:00; 5/6 gr. lunch 11:00-11:30; JR Hi lunch is from 12:21-12:41. HS Lunch 1 will start at 11:58-12:18 with AdvChemistry (Ahlers), Goemetry (Burrow), English I (Meyer), Social Psych (Miller), Geography (Montag), Algebra A (Seiler), Econ (Vaske). HS Lunch 2 starts at 12:21-12:41 with PE/SH (Meister), Health (Wadle).

The Algona Police Department and the criminal justice club will be making a trip to the Camp Dodge Police Academy on Wednesday, March 18. It will be an all day trip leaving mid-morning. If you are interested, please sign up with Mrs. Vaske this week. The trip is open to anyone.

All juniors will be attending the Algona High School College Fair on Thursday, March 5th from 1:30-2:15pm. 53 Colleges/Universities/institutions will be there. "All Call" will be made to meet in the front lobby to load the bus.