May 1, 2021

Good morning! I’m Mya Kemna!

I’m Ella Muller!

And I’m Isabel Casey! This is the “Bear Facts”. Happy May Day from everyone here at Bishop Garrigan High School.\Tonight lots of Garrigan students will be out having a good time. It’s Prom Night, 2021. Prom is a little later than it is most years, but after all the chaos of the pandemic, we’re happy to get it in. The prom theme this year is “Cloud 9”, and the juniors and art club students have been busy preparing decorations for the big event.

Many students will start their night with dinner and a ride on a special prom bus. The Grand March will be at 8:00 tonight. The public is welcome, and there’s a $1 admission at the door. After the grand march, we’ve got an evening of music and dancing, and then after-prom goes until the morning. We hope everyone has a great time at Prom 2021.

Next Tuesday is a big day at Garrigan. That morning we’ll have the DARTS awards breakfast, which honors students involved in non-sports activities like choir, band, drama, speech, art, quiz bowl, DECA, and the “Bear Facts”. Activity letters will be presented, and there will also be special awards for top achievers in every activity. The band and choir are especially busy next Tuesday, because that night they have their big spring concert.

Tuesday afternoon we’ll have the induction ceremony for new members of the Bishop Garrigan Honor Society. This year fifteen juniors will be joining the society. Honorees include Emma Grandgenett, Molly Bormann, Quinn Swift, Riley Rosenmeyer, and Meredith Illg; plus Marguerite Fakler, Meredith Tigges, Veronica Capesius, Katelyn Cink, and Ella Muller. The honorees also include Mya Kemna, Isabel Casey, Lillee Deike, Maryanne Capesius, and Ava Eisenbarth.

The new inductees join outgoing senior members Anna Berke, Joey Trainer, Amanda Thilges, Joseph Bonstetter, and Jack Snyder; as well as Reese Rosenmeyer, Gracie Elsbecker, Abbi Heying, Kellen Murphy, Kaylyn Meyers, Tara Kron, and Aric Laubenthal. The honor society induction will be at 1:00 Tuesday afternoon, with cookies served afterwards.

Last Friday many of Garrigan’s art students displayed their work at the Stinson Prairie Art Show. All the artists were well received, but it was an especially good day for Darius and Kyphus Goche. Darius took home a check for $50 for taking first place with her quill project, while Kyphus earned an honorable mention for his colorful cartoon ink work. Congratulations to the Goches and to all the artists honored at the Stinson Prairie Art Show!

Next Wednesday Garrigan’s seniors will attend a special assembly where the school will be presented with the Carrie Chapman Catt Award. This award was established by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate and named in honor of one of the most famous women who fought for the right to vote. The award is given to schools that managed to register 90% or more of their eligible students to vote. Garrigan will receive its award next Wednesday at 10:30am.

School is almost over for the Class of 2021. They’ll be finishing up their last classes early next week, and they’ll celebrate baccalaureate mass Wednesday night at 7:00 in the new Garrigan chapel. The seniors have final exams next Thursday and Friday, and graduation will be Sunday, May 9 at 2pm. We’ll have a special salute to the Class of 2021 next week on the “Bear Facts”.

Our next to last Senior Spotlights of the year shine on Joseph Bonstetter and Grace DeLange. Here to tell you about them is Veronica Capesius.

Joseph Bonstetter is a Whittemore native whose biggest activities at Garrigan have been cross-country and track. He’s also in band, and when he’s not at school he enjoys greasing go-carts. Joseph will be studying to do electrical work next year, and we wish him all the best.

Grace DeLange is probably best known for her accomplishments in dance. She was part of the all-Iowa honor dance team last winter. She’s also a cheerleader, and over the years she’s also been in choir and speech. Grace will be off to college next year, and we wish her good luck.

On this week’s Golden Bear calendar, everyone will be on “Cloud 9” tonight for Prom 2021. The grand march is at 8pm.

Baseball and softball practice officially begin on Monday. There’s a coed track meet at Algona High that night, and there’s also a coed golf triangular with Garner Hayfield Ventura at Belmond.

Tuesday at 7:30am we’ll have the fine arts award breakfast. There’s honor society induction at 1:00 that afternoon. That night all of Garrigan’s artists will display their work before the spring band and choir concert.

We’ll have our last student mass Wednesday morning, and the school will receive the Carrie Chapman Catt Award later that day. Wednesday night the seniors and their parents will be in the chapel for baccalaureate mass.

The seniors have their final exams Thursday and Friday. Thursday night will be the Top of Iowa Conference track meet at Central Springs in Manly.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in next week for a special salute to the Class of 2021 here at Bishop Garrigan High School.