The Bear Facts

May 2, 1998

Good morning! I'm Beth Haag!

And I'm Tim Mosbach! Welcome to another episode of the "Bear Facts", your weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

The "Ship of Dreams" sets sail tonight as we celebrate Prom Nght at BGHS. The juniors have been working hard all week to get the decorations just right for the big occasion. Since this year's theme is borrowed from the movie Titanic, the focal point of the ballroom will be a grand staircase. Watch out, though, because off to the side a sinister iceberg is looming. The grand march is at 8:30 tonight, and as always the public is invited to see all the lovely couples parade by.

Prom doesn't stop when the clock strikes twelve. Again this year, the junior parents have planned a big after-prom celebration. Part of this year's entertainment is a hypnotist, so we'll get to see just what's underneath te surface of all the prom-goers. With the after-prom party, things will keep rocking all night long, and you can bet there will be some tired Golden Bears tomorrow morning.

We held student council elections this week at Garrigan. On Wednesday students watched at TV debate by the candidates for student body president, and then they cast their votes. The winners, who will lead our school next year, were Andrew Brunsen and Liz DeWaard. Thursday we voted for class presidents. Next year's senior class co-presidents will be Melanie McGuire and Katie Reding. Tyler Struck and Corrie Stetzel will head next year's junior class, and the sophomores-to-be re-elected Brad Nelson and Scott McGuire.

The voting continued on Friday, with all three classes involved in some of the closest elections we've ever had at Garrigan. In the end the Class of 1999 elected Mike Reel and Doug Besch to be its representatives next year. Representing the Class of 2000 are Eric Becker and Ed Elbert. Then there's the Class of 2001, who narrowly elected Ben Lickteig and Lori Elsbecker. Congratulations to next year's student council representatives!

The current student council members were busy while the voting was taking place. On Thursday they did their semi-annual adopt-a-highway projec. Garrigan is responsible for picking up trash along Highway 18, one mile either side of Sexton. You never know quite what you're going to find when you adopt a highway. This year they found almost ten dollars worth of bottles and cans, as well as fast food trash and cigarette cartons. They also found an assortment of animals--both dead and alive--shingles, carpet, magazines, and even an undergarmet. All together they collected nine bags of trash--just from what had accumulated since last winter.

There was another big service project last week, too. On Wednesday the red cross came to Garrigan for a blood drive, and almost every student who was age 17 or older gave the gift of life. Sudents in Mrs. Jeanne Wunder's advanced health classes assisted in prepping the donors, which gave them some career-related experience in addition to helping out the red cross nurses.

Now that they've been elected, next year's student council members are already busy making plans for next fall's Homecoming celebration. Homecoming will be Friday, September 19, when the Bears host Manson/Northwest Webster. This will be a special homecoming for Garrigan, because the 1998-99 school year marks the fortieth anniversary of the school. The student council will be working on plans through May and again in the fall, and we're sure they'll come up with a great celebration.

One of the most interesting classes at Garrigan is "Ecology", which is taught by Mr. Tom Froehlich. In Ecology students learn about the environment and their place in it. Among their other activities, the ecology students are responsible for the school's recycling program. They also take a field trip canoeing in the wilderness. Most recently they went to the Smith Wildlife Area, where six stdents planted 600 trees in just one hour. The class really gives students a chance to get in touch with the real world.

This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Kim Diers. Kim has just about the shortest trip to school, since she lives very close to Garrigan. Over the years her main activity has been choir, but she's also been involved in quiz bowl and youth council. Next year Kim plans to attend either NIACC or Iowa Lakes, and we wish her all the best.

On this week's Golden Bear calendar, tonight we'll be boarding the Ship of Dreams for Prom Night, '98. The grand march will be at 8:30 this evening.

Tomorrow and Monday the ecology class will be on their canoe trip. Monday we'll have a jeans day at Garrigan to raise money to help out the victims of the tornados in Minnesota last month. Baseball practice also starts on Monday, and that night the golf teams face Algona High.

Tuesday is National Teacher Day. We'll be celebrating our final liturgy of t year at 10:50am that day. Tuesday night the girls track team runs at Spirit Lake, while the boys are at Algona High.

Wednesday the girls' track team runs at Eagle Grove, and the boys' golf team plays at Hampton/Dumont. Then on Thursday there's boys' CYO golf at Alton.

A group of nursing home residents will be visiting Garrigan on Thursday. Finally, on Thursday night we'll have the annual spring music concert and art show.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.


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