The Bear Facts
NOVEMBER 2, 1996

(Episode #150)

Good morning! I'm Zeb Besch!

And I'm Carla Grisham! Welcome to another edition of the "Bear Facts," your weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

More than two hundred fifty students will be gathering at Garrigan this morning, from all over northern Iowa. They're here for the sixth annual Bishop Garrigan Invitational Quiz Bowl Tournament. Again this year the Garrigan tournament promises to be the largest in the area, and probably the biggest one in Iowa. Fifty-seven teams from twenty-five schools will crowd into the school, as they match wits to see who can answer the most questions.

Each quiz bowl team will play four rounds, in games that match up three teams at a time. They'll answer questions ranging from where was the United Nations charter signed to what American company is the largest foreign retailer in China to what's the plural of the word "addendum". The answers, in case you're playing along, are "San Francisco", "Wal-Mart", and "addenda". The top sixteen teams advance to the play-offs, and trophies will be awarded to the top four teams overall. Spectators are always welcome during the games.


This year's quiz bowl Bears will field five teams in their home tournament. Team captains include Dennis Becker, Nate Thilges, Tom Twait, Beth Haag, and Dennis Gisch. Among the other seniors playing today are Jen Lighter, Scott Reising, Brian Barth, and Matt Molacek. Other names you may recognize include Chris Miller, Jeff Geving, Mike Cowan, and Andy Laubenthal. You probably know those names better for football or basketball than for quiz bowl, and it's probably a first for this year's quiz bowl team that six members of the team have won "Player of the Game" honors in sports. We hope that competitive edge carries over and helps them out as they play today.

Some of the best quiz bowl players won't be at the tournament today, because they've got other places to be. In particular, they're down in Fort Dodge for the state cross-country meet. Last week sophomore Adam Sundall finished third out of 174 runners at district, nearly passing up one of last year's state medalists. Adam is running in the state meet today, and the whole cross-country team is down in Fort Dodge to cheer him on. Adam has medalled at every meet he's run in this year, and we hope he continues his winning ways today.

We're also excited over the success that the Golden Bear volleyball team has had in post-season competition. Although they lost one of their district matches, under the girls' play-off rules, they're still in it. The Bears have a rematch with North Kossuth on the agenda for next week. They'll be playing Monday night in the Algona High gym. Be sure to come on out and cheer the Golden Bear volleyball team on to victory.

Last weekend they held All-State try-outs in Hampton, and one Garrigan student was lucky enough to earn top honors. Junior Carrie Kohlhaas will be representing the BGHS choir later this month at the All-State Music Festival in Ames. You can hear Carrie's alto voice if you tune in to Iowa Public Television over Thanksgiving weekend, when once again the All-State Festival concert will be broadcast statewide. Congratulations, Carrie!

It's November, which means it must be time once again for the magazine drive. Those renewal notices have probably been piling up in your mailbox over the past few weeks. Now is the time to take care of them while you help out your friends at Garrigan. When you renew your subscriptions through us, the Student Council keeps forty percent of the cost to help pay the cost of student activities. That forty percent is considered a tax deductible contribution, so you can save money on your subscriptions and on your taxes. The magazine drive continus through November 11, so be sure to contact your favorite Golden Bear to keep those magazines coming!

The magazines are just one of the latest fundraisers at the school. The danz squad has been working hard to earn money for their trip to the Florida Citrus Bowl at New Year's. They're still collecting pop cans, and the latest product they've got for sale is collectible personalized phone cards. Another group that's raising money is the Spanish club. They're selling poinsettias and holding a raffle to help earn money for a trip to Spain next year.

This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Sarah Reel and Carla Grisham. Here with the details is Casey Wolf.

Sarah Reel is one of the dancers who is bound for Florida for the holidays. In addition to strutting her stuff in the danz squad, Sarah has been involved in such activities as cheerleading, drama, and speech. From time to time you may have heard her as an announcer here on the "Bear Facts". Sarah's goal is a career in the arts, and we wish her all the best.

Carla Grisham is in many of the same classes as Sarah. She enjoys such courses as the one she calls "Complex Analysis", and she can't stop talking about religion class. Next year Carla will be off to Ankeny, where she'll attend Des Moines Area Community College. We wish her the very best of luck.

Thanks, Casey! The calendar is really light this week. There's state cross-country in Fort Dodge today, as well as the quiz bowl tournament at Garrigan.

Tomorrow National Chemistry Week begins, and science teacher Greg Ahlers says he wants lots of presents. Monday night there's regional volleyball, with the Bears taking on North Kossuth at Algona High.

Tuesday a group of students will go to the Mall of America as one of their rewards from selling calendars back in September. Then Thursday another group of students will be back in the Twin Cities as they visit the Science Museum in St. Paul.

Finally next Friday there's more quiz bowl. This time the Bears head to West Bend for their first-ever high school tournament in that town.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to catch us again next Saturday to hear more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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