The Bear Facts ... September 2, 2006

Good morning! I'm Alex Bradley!

And I'm Amanda Cruise! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

We recorded our first "Bear Facts" show of the year last week, but apparently issues at the radio station kept it from being broadcast. While we're not sure what happened ,we'd like to remind all our listeners that if you ever miss any of our shows, you can check out the entire archive of scripts on the Bishop Garrigan website at garrigan - dot - unlimitedweb - dot - net. While you're there, you can also find all the latest information about different sports and activities at Garrigan, as well as literally thousands of pictures from around the school. So be sure to check out our home on the web: garrigan - dot - unlimitedweb - dot - net.

Cross-country season is here. The Bears began their season with a big meet at Mason City Newman last Tuesday, and they'll be running at Estherville next week. The Golden Bear boys team is smaller this year, but they're still hoping for success. At the core of the team is state meet veteran Chris Scobba, who began the year with a top-ten finish at Newman. Other Bears include senior Garrison Brosnan; and sophomores Ben Hellman, Chris Kellner, Sam Norland, and Christopher Schmidt.

Everyone is expecting good things out of the Golden Bear girls cross-country team. Returning seniors Tami Lallier (who finished in fifth place at Newman), Kelli Black, and Maria Kohlhaas have lots of experience at state, and they want to be back again. Others running for the girls include juniors Carrie Courtney and Krissy Kohlhaas, sophomores Holly Byrkeland and Shanna Miller, and freshmen Taylor Brandenburg and Joanna Freking. Good luck to Coaches Daryl Kohlhaas and Greg Ahlers and the whole cross-country team!

This should be a good year for the BGHS volleyball team as well. The Bear return eight seniors: Alicia Miller, Andrea Richter, Brittany Pfeffer, Cindy Reding, Hilary McGuire, Katie Buscher, Emily Funk, and Rachel Byrkeland. Backing them up are juniors Bridget Murphy, Cassie Vautier, Emily Behr, Macy Fickbohm, and Meredith Meyers and sophomores Christina Richter and Jesie Rosenmeyer. Good luck to Coach Dave Schnurr and the volleyball team!

One other activity that starts up in fall is quiz bowl. While it's more than a month until tournaments will start, the Golden Bear quiz bowl team has already been busy signing up and getting organized. There's a big group of returning seniors in quiz bowl this year: Alex Bradley, Joe Dailey, Andrea Richter, Abbie Bradley, Rachel Byrkeland, Tami Lallier, Chris Loebach, Chris Scobba, Marisa Spain, Maria Kohlhaas, Amanda Cruise, JoAnn Krisch, and Josh Rahm. There are also eight juniors, eight sophomores, and seven freshmen signed up for quiz bowl. Good luck to all of them and to Coach David Burrow.

This past week the freshman class elected their student council members for the coming year. Five sets of candidates campaigned to be co-presidents of the Class of 2010, but when the votes were counted the winners were David Reding and Mike Mergen. The class representatives for this year's ninth grade class are Molly Brashear and Nick Foertsch.

Homecoming 2006 is just around the corner. Our Homecoming theme this year is "The Bears Go Undercover", and the celebration will be the week of September 10 - 16. This past week the senior class nominated this year's Homecoming royal court. The king candidates for 2006 are Brian Capesius, Scott Kollasch, Chris Loebach, Josh Rahm, and Dustin Tindall. Queen candidates are Emily Funk, Hilary McGuire, Cindy Reding, Andrea Richter, and Marisa Spain. Congratulations to everyone on our Homecoming royal court!

Because last week's show didn't get broadcast, we're going to salute the same two seniors in our Senior Spotlight: Chris Loebach and Dustin Tindall. Here with the details is JoAnn Kirsch.

Chris Loebach is a Whittemore native whose biggest activity is probably football, where he plays center and strong safety. Chris also enjoys intramural basketball. He's been on student council all through high school, and last year he was elected co-president. He enjoys quiz bowl and challenging classes like Math V, and h says that after high school his plans include "college, travel, the world". We wish Chris the very best of luck in the future.

Dustin Tindall comes from a very athletic family. He plays guard and defensive tackle in football, where he's played varsity all through high school. He's also active in intramurals, and he's also been on student council all through school. He says that school is way better than working in the summer heat. Dusty will also be a college man next year, and we wish him all the best.

Thanks, JoAnn! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's a volleyball tournament at Algona High today. Then there's no school on Monday because of the Labor Day holiday.

Tuesday we'll have Catholic College Day at Garrigan. That night the freshman and sophomore football team hosts Garner and the cross-country team runs at Estherville. Then on Wednesday there's a meeting for those being confirmed next spring.

Thursday the volleyball team welcomes Iowa Galls. Friday is the 166th anniversary of the birth of Bishop Philip Garrigan, the namesake of our school. That night the home football season starts, with the Bears taking on Clay Central Everly.

The junior class will be serving a tailgate supper at the game Friday night. Then next Saturday the cross-country team runs in the CYO tournament at Holstein and the volleyball team plays at Emmetsburg.

Finally this week we'd like to express our sympathy to the families two people who passed away this past week: Mary Lou Droessler, the mother of business teacher Annette Vaske, and Gerald Berte, who is related to many students in our school. We'd like both families to know we continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to join us next week for a special show when we'll tell you all about Homecoming here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

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