The Bear Facts ... December 3, 2005

Good morning! I'm Anna Bormann!

And I'm Garrison Brosnan! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the radio news report from Bishop Garrigan High School.

We had an extra-long fall sports season, and it was a great year for the Bears. In fact, from the state runner-up football team, four Golden Bears were named all-staters. Dustin Tindall, John Reding, Bob Geelan, and Nate Pierson were all either first or second team all-state selections in various polls. In addition to them, Jeff Lappe, Gavin Freking, Matt Kollasch, Jude Studer, Chris Loebach, and Spenser Rahm were named all-district football players. In addition seven of Garrigan's starters won academic all-district honors. They are Spenser Rahm, Jeff Lappe, Bob Geelan, Gavin Freking, John Reding, Jude Studer, and Tim Lind. Congratulations to these football award-winners and to all the members of the state runner-up Golden Bear football team!

The Golden Bear cross-country team recently held their awards banquet. Chris Scobba, Kelli Black, and Tami Lallier were named this year's Most Valuable Runners. Randy Kenyon, Peyton Schindler, and Holly Byrkeland were Rookies of the Year; while Ben Hellman, Sam Norland, and Bridget Doughan were Most Improved Runners. The Coaches' Appreciation Award went to Alison Brandenburg, Kelly Schmidt, and Marisa Spain; and Brandon Rowley, Alison Brandenburg, and Bridget Doughan won the Adam Sundall Cross-Country Award. Chris Scobba, Kelli Black, Tami Lallier, Brandon Rowley, Maria Kohlhaas, and Carrie Courtney all won All-Conference honors; with Scobba, Black, and Lallier also making the All-District team. Congratulations on another great year to the BGHS cross-country team!

All-conference honors were also announced in volleyball. Garrigan junior Hilary McGuire was named to the first team all-conference, while senior Ashley Waller earned second team honors. On the honorable mention list were juniors Emily Funk, Alicia Miller, and Brittany Pfeffer. Congratulations to our all-conference volleyball players!

Now that the fall sports are over, it's time to switch our focus to basketball. Most people predict that this will be a rebuilding year for the Golden Bear boys, but then that's also what they said about our football team. Coaches Roger and O.J. Froehlich have three returning seniors on their roster: Dan Garman, Bobby Geelan, and Ross Froehlich. The core of the varsity squad is juniors, including Brian Capesius, Scott Kollasch, Chris Cassmann, Nick Reding, Josh Rahm, Alex Elbert, Spenser Eischen, and Logan Wood. Rounding out the team is 6'6" sophomore A.J. Doughan. The Bears started their season with a big win over Sentral last Monday, and we wish them continued good luck throughout the season.

Coach Ron Patterson has five returning seniors out for girls basketball: Alison Brandenburg, Kayla Reding, Kelly Schmidt, Amanda Steier, and Alicia Shackelford. Among the strongest players are juniors Maria Kohlhaas, Cindy Reding, Kelli Black, Alyssa Gisch, Brittany Pfeffer, and Alicia Miller. The team also includes sophomores Carrie Courtney, Macy Fickbohm, Bridget Murphy, and Cassie Vautier. Good luck throughout the season, girls basketball!

Today seventeen Garrigan girls are in Des Moines for the Iowa State Dance and Drill Team Championships. Garrigan is a defending national champion, and they're hoping to do well again at state. Danz squad members include seniors Tara Trenary, Ashley Waller, Monica Schiltz, Amanda Shaw, Melissa Hilbert, Michaela Pease, Jenn Vaske, and Jessica Cink; as well as juniors Marisa Spain and Candace Schiltz; sophomores Emily Behr and Stephanie Kollasch; and freshmen Christina Richter, Danielle Rahm, Kristina Schiltz, Beth Kollasch, and Megan Meyer. Good luck at state to Coach Colleen Conway-Schiltz and the danz squad!

Speech season has begun. Coaches Mary McCall and David Burrow recently started working with this year's large group entries. Seniors in speech this year are Andrea Arndorfer, Ashley Waller, Nancy Syharath, Brandon Rowley, Allison Even, and Sadie Foertsch; as well as Gavin Freking, Seth Rogers, Andrew Missal, Amanda Golwitzer, Lizzie Mayer, Laura Kellner, and Jacob Hellman. The juniors include Alicia Miller, Anna Bormann, Garrison Brosnan, Rachel Byrkeland, Chris Loebach, Maria Kohlhaas, Joe Dailey, and JoAnn Kirsch.

There's a big group of sophomores out for speech. They include Gina Rasmussen, D.J. Thompson, Kendra Plathe, Casey Arndorfer, Megan Boever, Carrie Courtney, and Amber Broesder; plus Dylan Freking, Michelle Kollasch, Allison Missal, Melanie Myers, Chad Lambert, Becca Kramer, Shane Koob, and Ashli Krieps. The team also includes five freshmen: Holly Byrkeland, Rebecca Brosnan, Jade Kajewski, Sam Norland, and Jenna Richter. Good luck, large-group speech!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on two of our danz squad members, Monica Schiltz and Jessica Cink. Here to tell you about them is Kelli Black.

Earlier this fall Monica Schiltz received a Division One for her dance solo, and she's hoping to do well at state today. In addition to dance, Monica has been in cheerleading four three years, she's a National Honor Society member, and she's played softball. Next year she plans to major in business at Iowa State University, and we wish her all the best.

Jessica Cink is also part of the two-time national champion Golden Bear danz squad. She's also active in cheerleading, she's been in band, and she enjoys studying guitar. Jessica plans to attend UNI next year, where she hopes to continue participating in dance. We wish good luck to both Jessica and Monica!

Thanks, Kelli! On our Golden Bear calendar today there's the state dance championships in Des Moines, as well as a quiz bowl tournament in Spirit Lake. Then tomorrow is the second Sunday of Advent.

Monday at 7pm there's a financial aid meeting for senior parents. Then on Tuesday the basketball teams host Clarion Goldfield, with the cross-country team serving a dinner at the games. 

Next Wednesday and Thursday Algona Community Schools are not in session, but there is school at Garrigan both days. Garrigan gets out early on Wednesday, and Seton has no school that day. On Thursday there's parish busing for Garrigan and Seton, and we'll have mass for the Immaculate Conception holy day that morning.

Next Friday the basketball teams play at Humboldt. Then on Saturday there's a math league competition at Iowa State University.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to set your dial here again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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