The Bear Facts
March 3, 2007

Good morning! I'm Chris Scobba!

And I'm Brian Capesius! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio show where we keep you updated on all the news here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Today is district speech contest. Garrigan has hosted district individual speech contest for more than twenty years, and almost everyone who comes here remarks that it's one of the best contests they go to. This year there are 354 entries at district contest, representing schools from throughout north central Iowa. Garrigan has twenty-five entries in our home contest. Things start out right about now with Jenna Richter reading the poem "Nellie's Prayer" and Brittany Berte and Becca Kramer presenting literary programs called "Politically Correct" and "Death Too Soon". Later this morning Shane Koob, Alex Elbert, and Joe Dailey compete in Radio News Announcing; Rebeccah Erdman presents the literary program "Mind Games", and Chris Loebach competes in improvisation.

Around lunch time Garrison Brosnan will act out "Was It A Dream", Sam Norland reads the prose piece "The Three Codependent Goats Gruff", and Kendra Plathe is reading a poetry version of "Little Red Riding Hood". There are three storytelling selections around noon: Joann Kirsch with "Sloppy Kisses", Michelle McGuire with "Barrington Bunny", and Krissy Kohlhaas with "The Five Chinese Brothers". In the afternoon Sam Norland will present the literary program "Life in the Wilderness", Dylan Freking reads the poem "Blue Like Jazz", Rebecca Brosnan will read the prose piece "Detention", Jenna Richter acts the scene "Whose Wedding Is This", and Cassie Reising acts out "I Fall in Love".

Toward the end of the day there's prose with Rebeccah Erdman reading "The Waltz"; improvisation by Brent Kajewski, Holly Byrkeland, and Brittany Berte; and a literary program called "An Unborn Child" by Jade Kajewski. Shane Koob wraps up the day just before 3:00 by reading the poem "The Cremation of Sam McGee". Best wishes at district to Coaches Mary McCall and Sarah Freking and all the speech competitors.

Also today the BGHS math team is competing in their last state-qualifying event of the year. They'll be over in Mason City for the NIACC Invitational. Students signed up to compete include Chris Scobba, Melanie Myers, Gina Rasmussen, Ben Hellman, Chris Hansen, and Sam Norland; as well as Jake Lane, Melissa Cruise, Brent Kajewski, Kelly Klein, Katrina Even, Nick Kellner, Cassie Reising, Rebeccah Erdman, Tony Rouse, and Dylan Freking. Good luck to Coach Daryl Kohlhaas and the math team!

Pops concert is this coming week. The big show will be next Thursday and Friday at 7:30 in Friedmann Auditorium at BGHS. Michelle Kollasch, Shane Koob, and Joe Straub are MCs for this year's pops concert, and special performances include "I Am Woman" by Emily Reising, Becky Brosnan singing "Reflections", Kendra Plathe presenting "I Will Remember You", and "Listen to Your Heart" performed by Krissy Kohlhaas. There's also our own local band with a special song called "Taking Over Me".

This Friday the All-Iowa Honor Drill Team will be making its twenty-fifth appearance at the girls state basketball tournament. Garrigan is pleased to have seven members among those being honored this year: Candace Schiltz, Marisa Spain, Stephanie Kollasch, Danielle Rahm, Christina Richter, Kayla Schiltz, and Emily Behr. In addition next Thursday the BGHS danz squad will be performing their state champion jazz and pom routines at halftime shows during the state tournament. Congratulations to the danz squad on being selected for this honor.

The weather this past week forced us to record this show early, before the Golden Bear boys had played their district championship game. Even without that outcome, though, we've got to congratulate the boys on their great playoff run. After a bye in the first round, they hosted their next two district games, and they got commanding wins over both Ruthven Ayrshire and Twin River Valley. Congratulations, boys basketball!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Garrison Brosnan, Alex Elbert, and Adam Finley. Here to tell you about them is Tony Rouse.

Garrison (Garry) Brosnan is performing an acting routine at speech contest today. He's also part of the cast for "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night", which will be presented later this month. Garrison enjoys art classes, and when he's not at school you might see him working at the State Street Theatre in Algona.

Alex (E-bert) Elbert's biggest activities are basketball and baseball. He's also involved in speech, where he'll be competing in radio news announcing at today's contest. Alex plans to attend Kirkwood next year, and we wish him all the best.

Adam (Fritz) Finley's favorite activity is intramural basketball. We're sure he was upset last week when intramurals were cancelled due to weather and his top-ranked team didn't get to play. Adam likes computer classes, and when he's not at school, you might see him working in the meat department at Fareway. We wish all the best to Adam, Alex, and Garrison in the future.

Thanks, Tony! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's district speech contest all day at Garrigan, and the math team is competing at NIACC. The substate basketball game is tonight at Spencer.

Tomorrow we'll make up the intramural basketball games that were cancelled last week and the danz squad has re-scheduled their spring show. Then on Wednesday we're planning to make up a jeans day that was cancelled due to weather last week.

Thursday the Golden Bear danz squad will perform at 1:00 and 2:30 at the state basketball tournament. That night is the premier performance of the BGHS pops concert.

Friday there's the All-Iowa Honor Drill Team. Garrigan does have school that day, even though AHS is off. The second performance of the pops concert will be Friday night.

Finally this week we'd like to offer our prayers for former Seton principal Sister Mary Herman, who was injured after falling on the ice this past week. We wish a speedy recovery to Sister and to everyone else who was hurt by the storm.

That's the "Bear Facts" for a very snowy week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next Saturday for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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