"The Bear Facts"

OCTOBER 3, 1998

Good morning! I'm Angie Weber!

And I'm Tracey Fickbohm! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts," your weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Today is Algona Band Day, and once again the Bishop Garrigan Solid Gold Marching Band will be part of the festivities. Mr. Dennis Freking directs the BGHS band, and he is assisted by Mrs. Mary Anderson. This year the band's selections center around a Beatles theme. Among the selections you'll hear are "Magical Mystery Tour", "A Hard Day's Night", "Eleanor Rigby", and "Hey Jude".

Lisa Kollasch and Corrie Stetzel are the field commanders for the 1998 edition of the Solid Gold marching band, and they'll be presiding over more than seventy musicians. Besides Lisa, there are fifteen other senior veterans in the band. Among them are Andrew Brunsen, Rachel Studer, Sara Casey, Adam Foertsch, Anne Smith, and Jessica Richter. Other seniors include Josh Kohlhaas, Katie Reising, Phil Kramer, Paul McNertney, and Mike Reel. Rounding out the seniors are Lisa Rasmussen, Abby Rahm, Nick Priester, and Abby Monson.

You can see the band in action at noon today when they'll be marching in the Band Day parade. BGHS will be part of the field competition, which gets underway tonight at 5:30, at the Algona High athletic field. Good luck to Mr. Freking, and to all the members of the Bishop Garrigan Solid Gold Marching Band!

There's more music coming up this week. Next Wednesday is the day for he annual Catholic Choral Festival. Each fall school choirs from all over the Sioux City Diocese get together to practice for a day with expert musicians and then put on a big show. It'll be a short trip for the Garrigan choir this year, since St. Edmond High School in Fort Dodge is hosting the 1998 festival. There will be a concert featuring Garrigan and the other choirs Wednesday night at 7:00.

The Golden Bear football team is off to a great start this season. The Bears are in a new district this year, paired with several teams they've never played before. They got a clue of how they shaped up last weekend, when they travelled two and a half hours to Wall Lake to face Wall Lake View Auburn. While it wasn't the blow-out that some of their games have been, the Bears managed to end up on top. Most of the players are confident that this should be a good season overall, and they're hoping this might be the year the Bears advance in the play-offs.

Marty Wadle is back as the Bears' head coach, and many of his old assistants are back as well. One new face on the coaching staff is Mark Kollasch, a former Golden Bear player who's back to help out on the sidelines. This year's returning seniors include quarterback Jake Sutter, running backs Paul Richter and Phil Kramer, and defensive men Jason Kohlhaas, Jay Servantez, Justin Roethler, Ben Studer, Mike Reel, and Matt Buscher. Other veteran Golden Bears are seniors Mark Anderson, Jeremy Bartolo, Andrew Brunsen, and Josh Kohlhaas, as well as juniors like Eric Becker, Matt Dornbier, John Mosbach, and Chris Weir. Good luck to all our Golden Bear football players!

It's easy to overlook the people who help out behind the scenes at football games. Some of the most important people at the game are the student trainer-managers who help out on the sidelines and run onto the field when there's a time out. This year's football trainers are Liz DeWaard, Mindy Erpelding, Ben McGuire, and Kevin Kohlhaas.

The cheerleaders are also an important part of the football experience. Sarah Foth, Libby Wingert, Natalie Salz, Jenny Hall, Abby Monson, and Melanie McGuire are the seniors on this year's football cheer squad. The juniors include Val Besch, Anna Erpelding, Mandy Hilbert, and Jillian Trenary. There's also a whole group of volunteers in the pressbox--teachers Daryl Kohlhaas, David Burrow, Greg Ahlers, and Fr. Paul Bormann keep the clock going, spot palyers, and make announcements over the loudspeakers.

Our senior spotlight this week shines on Liz DeWaard and Andrew Brunsen. Here with all the information on them is Ed Elbert.

Liz DeWaard is one of this year's BGHS Student Council co-presidents. Liz is a Wesley native who is a three-year letterwinner in basketball. She's also been to the state track meet, and she's one of our football trainers. Liz is a National Honor Society member who has helped out with many different service projects around the school. In the future she plans a career in physical therapy. Good luck, Liz!

Andrew Brunsen literally stands above the crowd in the hallways of Garrigan. He is our other student council co-president this year. Andrew plays wide receiver in football, and in winter he's a forward on the Golden Bear basketball team. His day is filled with tough classes like Math Analysis, and away from school you might see him working at Hy-Vee. Andrew will be off to college next ywar, and we wish him all the best.

Thanks, Ed. On this week's Golden Bear calendar, today is the fiftieth anniversary of Algona Band Day. Garrigan will be competing in the parade at noon and again in the field competition at 5:30.

Monday the volleyball team hosts Webster City. Also that night there's freshman/sophomore football at Humboldt.

Tuesday the cross-country team runs in the Eagle Grove Invitational near Thor. There's also freshman and J.V. volleyball, with the Bears playing at Sentral.

Wednesday is the Catholic Choral Festival. The festival concert will be at 7pm at St. Edmond High School in Fort Dodge. Also on Wednesday the student council will have their semi-annual Adopt-a-Highway project.

Thursday the freshman football team hosts Fort Dodge St. Edmond. Then next Friday the varsity Bears will be playing at Pocahontas.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to join us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.


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