April   19,   1997

Good morning! I'm Andrea Cruise!

I'm Bobbie Jo Smith!

And I'm Tracey Fickbohm! Welcome to another episode of the "Bear Facts", your weekly radio round-up from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Tonight's the big night. It's time to spend "An Evening Under the Stars", as Garrigan hosts Gala, 1997. This is the eighth annual celebration of Catholic schools in the Algona area. Each year Gala has set new records, with more and more funds being raised to help out area students. Gala is by far the largest fundraiser of the year for Garrigan and Seton, bringing in between 150 and 200 thousand dollars a year.

One of the biggest parts of Gala is the meal. Again this year the Holiday Inn in Fairmont is catering an elegant nine-course dinner featuring the best of the world's cuisine. There will be flavored cheese wedges skewered with black and green olives for hors d'oeuvres, followed by garlic roasted potato soup and smoked salmon with cucumber dill dressing. Then there's lemon sorbet to cleanse the pallette before the main course.

That main course features beef tenderloin bourguionoinne with potatos Theresa and sauteed asparagus in creamy hollandaise sauce on the side. For bread there's flaky popovers with honeybutter stars. Then to top it all off the guests will enjoy "berries in a cloud" featuring white chocolate meringue shells with fresh berries and raspberry sauce. Formally dressed Garrigan students will serve as waiters and waitresses throughout the evening, while teachers work as bartenders and auction spotters.

Aside from the food and drink, the biggest thing on the Gala schedule is the auction. Hundreds of people will have the chance to bid on items big and small. There's everything from theme dinners to gift certificates to artwork to fine furniture. There's also the chance to get reserved mid-field or center-court seats for Golden Bear sports events. The showstopper for the auction always comes when it's time to name the drive by the Garrigan gym. Last year three families shared the honor of naming "Hall/Meister/Studer Drive", each bidding thousands of dollars. We'll let you know on next week's show who spends the big bucks this year.

Among the gifts at gala are some items donated by the students themselves. Each year students at both Garrigan and Seton raise some money through events such as jeans days, and they then buy some nice items for the auction. This year Garrigan students donated a solid oak entertainment center, while the kids at Seton donated a grandfather clock. The Garrigan Student Council also threw in a five-pound Hershey bar, just like the one they gave away during the magazine drive last fall.

Next Wednesday, April 23rd, Bishop Garrigan is hosting the annual North Central Conference Art Show at the new National Guard Armory on Highway 18 west. The top art students from all over the area will be competing for three big awards. They will also listen to speakers who are already successful in professional art. The speakers will encourage the students to reach their potential and create those things they must create. The public is welcome to visit the display of art from 10am to noon next Wednesday.

This week marks a milestone for the BGHS website on the Internet. Sometime this week the counter on our site will pass the 1,000 mark, meaning the site was accessed more than a thousand times just since Christmas. Junior Tim Mosbach created the site as a project for the gifted and talented program, and we're especially pleased to see all the alumni and community people who have visited.

One reason you might want to check the website is if you miss hearing the "Bear Facts" some week. Under "publications", you'll find transcripts of all our recent shows, as well as milestone episodes like the first ever "Bear Facts" and the show we did from New Orleans last summer. All this can be reached at h, t, t, p, colon, slash, slash, n, c, n, dot, net, slash, tilde, admiral tim, slash, bghs. If that's too much to remember, go to the Algona home page on Northwest Internet, and choose the "Education" menu. That will direct you right to the Garrigan website. See you on-line!

This week's senior spotlight shines on Eric Scobba. Eric is the son of Larry and Colleen Scobba of Algona. He enjoys playing sports--especially football, baseball, and basketball. And from time to time you may hear him imitating a Scottish accent. Have a great time next year, Eric!

On this week's Golden Bear calendar, tonight is the big night for fundraising, as hundreds of friends of the school gather for Gala, '97. Then tomorrow the work continues, as the clean-up crew gets everything back to normal in the gym.

Monday the golf teams face Algona High. The boys will be playing at River Road, while the girls will play at the Algona Country Club. Then on Tuesday the boys' track team runs at Spirit Lake.

Wednesday is the North Central Conference art show. The public is invited to view the best art projects in northern Iowa from 10am to noon at the Algona National Guard Armory. There will be a special banquet and presentation at noon.

Wednesday night the golf teams face Fort Dodge Saint Edmond. Then on Thursday morning the student council will travel to Sexton for their semi-annual Adopt-a-Highway project along highway 18.

We'll get out at 12:45 on Thursday afternoon, because of teacher in-service. The teachers will be planning next year's activity calendar. Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday, the Model UN will be held at UNI in Cedar Falls.

Friday the girls' track team runs at Estherville, while the boys will be at Armstrong/Ringsted. Then on Saturday and Sunday, it's the big weekend for the juniors, with Confirmation.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to check us out again next week when we'll bring you more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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