April    26,    1997

Good morning! I'm Sarah Reel!

And I'm Casey Wolf! Welcome to another exciting edition of the "Bear Facts", KLGA's weekly show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

The success continues with Gala. 1997's "Evening of Elegance" was another of the biggest money-raisers in school history. The live auction alone brought in over $72,000. Then there was the Chest of Chance, the car raffle, the silent auction, the Key Club, and the last chance drawings. Putting all of those together, development director Diane Elbert estimates that this year's Gala proceeds will total around $198,000.

One of the biggest single items auctioned off at Gala was the right to name the drive by the Garrigan gym. It looks like once again that street will be named Meister Drive. The bidding went up to $5,250 before Bernie and Thelma Meister won out. Another big bid item was a gazebo, which housed the main bar for the evening. The gazebo brought in over $3,500 to help support the school.

Twenty-two Garrigan students are in Cedar Falls today for the annual Model United Nations. In Model UN, schools are assigned different countries. They research world problems and then debate them in the same way their countries would in the real United Nations. Garrigan students work on Model UN both during classtime and at evening meetings throughout the year. Now they're down at UNI to show how much they've learned.

Seniors in Model UN include Danielle Elbert, Tim Hellman, and Scott McMahon. Exchange students Biljana and Bruno add an international flair to the group. Kelly Elbert, Brad Frideres, and Dan Patten are the juniors in Model UN. From the sophomore class you'll find Julie Henkelvig, Phil LaFleur, Melissa McGuire, Abby Monson, Kristi Patten, Anne Smith, and Rachel Studer. There are also seven freshmen in Model UN. They include Ed and Mackenzie Elbert, Dennis Gisch, Melaney Johnson, Wade MacDonald, Tyler Struck, and Nicole Vaske. Mr. Phil Ross is in charge of Model UN at BGHS.

The Garrigan girls' track team is having a great spring. LASt Tuesday they finished second in the Garner Relays. The team earned nine third place finishes and four seconds at Garner. Among their championship medals were Carrie Kohlhaas in the shot put, Ruby Bode in the land two-mile run, and Maggie Nelson in the 800-meter run. The distance medley also brought home the gold. Kara Christianson and Julie Collison coach girls' track at Garrigan.

The boys' golf team has also been doing well lately. They had a big victory over Algona High last week, and they also defeated Fort Dodge St. Edmond's. Many of the top golfers are sophomores, like Michael Bernhard, Anthony Gervais, and Kyle Mueller. Also playing varsity is freshman P.J. Vaske, as well as seniors Zeb Besch and Mark DeLange. Coach Shannon Duffy oversees things from the clubhouse.

This is a big weekend for the junior class. Sr. Janet Stelken has spent the last full year working with 105 confirmation candidates--not just from Garrigan, but from Algona High, Sentral, Twin Rivers, North Kossuth, and other area schools. This weekend all that preparation pays off, as the juniors become full members of the Catholic Church. Confirmation will be at 4:00 this afternoon at St. Joseph--Bode and at 7:30 tonight at St. Michael's in Whittemore. St. John's of Bancroft will confirm at 8:30 tomorrow mornign, and there will be a joint confirmation for students from Algona, St. Benedict, and Wesley tomorrow at 2:00 at St. Cecelia's. Happy Confirmation, juniors!

Las week the senior honor students voted on who would be the commencement speaker at this year's graduation. The winner was a girl who transferred to Garrigan from Algona High. Jen Lighter joined us her sophomore year. She had a 4.00 then, and she's kept it ever since. Jen will be one of fifty-five seniors who march across the stage this year. Graduation is set for Sunday, May 18th.

Last week America celebrated the twenty-sixth anniversary of Earth Day. Each year the Garrigan student council commemmorates that day by performing their semi-annual Adopt-A-Highway project. This year's roadside rubble was heavy on wildlife--with things like a rotting cat and a whole family of snakes. The Student Council also recovered over five dollars worth of bottles and cans as well as over a hundred pounds worth of garbage.

This week's senior spotlight shines on one of our Model UN students, Danielle Elbert. You may remember hearing Danielle as an announcer right here on the "Bear Facts". She's a native of Whittemore, the daughter of Maureen and Dan Elbert. Besides Model UN and the "Bear Facts", she enjoys cheerleading, drama, speech, and music. Danielle will be off to college next fall, and we wish her the very best of luck!

On the Golden Bear calendar this week, Model UN winds down today in Cedar Falls. Today and tomorrow there's confirmation for the juniors from around the area.

Monday there's girls' golf at Webster City. Then on Tuesday there's a girls' track meet at Forest City, and the boys' track team runs at Emmetsburg.

Next Wednesday we'll vote to see who will be next year's Student Council Presidents. That night the golf teams play Hampton/Dumont, while the girls' track team runs at Humboldt.

Student Council elections continue Thursday and Friday. Thursday night is the award potluck for speech, drama, and art, and then next Saturday is Prom night, 1997.

Be sure to join us next week for all the details on Prom. Until then, thanks for listening. That's the news from Bishop Garrigan High School!

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