The Bear Facts
April 4, 2009

Good morning! I'm Alec Boeckholt!

And I'm Christopher Schmidt! Welcome to a special edition of the "Bear Facts", where we're celebrating the 20th Gala here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Gala is by far the biggest fundraiser each year for the Bishop Garrigan Schools. Last year's Gala brought in a quarter million dollars. Much of that money went for special purchases like computers, software, and other technology. Some also went for professional growth, a portion went into the endowment to maintain our schools well into the future, and part also went to the general day-to-day operations. Gala has been going for twenty years now, and each year it seems to get bigger and better. We hope Gala 2009 will again be a great time and a wonderful fundraising event.

One of the biggest parts of Gala each year is the meal. This year's Gala dinner begins with hors d'oeuvres, including gourmet miniature grilled cheese sandwiches, mushroom croustades, and crab imperial tartlets. The sit-down meal begins with cream of asparagus soup, followed by gourmet Waldorf salad. The main course is roast tenderloin of beef with maitre d'hotel butter. On the side will be twice-baked potatoes with cheddar and chives, roasted root vegetables, and dinner rolls with butter. For dessert there's pate a choux with pastry cream and chocolate drizzle. All through the meal guests will enjoy water and wine.

While they're dining, guests have several opportunities to support the school by bidding on different items. The main event is a live auction, with around seventy big-ticket items. This year's live auction items include a John Deere lawnmower, Nascar tickets, a color laser printer, landscaping service, a diamond ring, a flat-screen TV, a Wii system, and a holiday in Branson, Missouri. There are also numerous parties and special events hosted by various friends of the school.

In addition to the live auction, there are hundreds of silent auction items, ranging from furniture and home decorating items to Christmas crafts. There are dozens of gift certificates at local stores available on silent auction, plus T-shirts and sweatshirts from colleges all over America. Other opportunities at Gala are the Chest of Chance, and raffles to win world travel, recreational vehicles, free school tuition, and even a brand new car.

The development office coordinates Gala each year, and it takes literally dozens of people to get ready for the big event. Chairing this year's gala are Rick and Jill Boisjolie, Larry and Mary Hellman, and Al and Sandra Laubenthal. Lots of students also help out with Gala. Almost every art student has helped design decorations, and this year Brandi Roethler, Maleri Bollig, Ashley Bode, Laura Richter, Brian Funk Zach Zittritsch, Daniel Gelhaus, and Austin Vaske helped get the gym ready for the event.

For all twenty years of Gala Mary McCall and David Burrow have coordinated the student workers who serve as waiters, valets, and spotters for the auction. This year's student workers include Ashley Beisch, Alec Boeckholt, Brian Funk, Chris Hansen, Randy Kenyon, Shanna Miller, Katie Molacek, Sam Norland, and Brian Patterson. Also working are Brandi Roethler, Kelly Rouse, Kyle Smith, Kory Wieland, Taylor Brandenburg, Jeff Broesder, Rebeccah Erdman, Luke McCall, Alyse Meyers, and Alicia Pfeffer.

The worker list also includes Amy Rasmussen, Cassie Reising, Mackenzie Schindler, Kelsie Berke, Kayla Blocker, Hannah Bode, Brittany Brandt, Travis Cruise, Kevin Elbert, Michael Fakler, and Page Fox. Others working are Michael Hellman, Becky Jennings, Steph Kajewski, Anna Kollasch, Nora Krahenbuhl, McKayla Loss, Zach Price, Alicia Richter, Jake Rosenmeyer, Andrew Schiltz, and Zach Zittritsch. Rounding out the workers are nine freshmen: Andrea Arndorfer, Emily Bell, Jenny Broesder, Bethany Capesius, Daniel Gelhaus, Addison Miller, Abbey Reding, Alicia Richter, and Shelby Schindler.

Next week is Holy Week, and on Holy Thursday the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will have their annual retreat-where they get more closely in touch with their faith. This year's retreat will end with a live presentation of the Stations of the Cross, with students acting out Jesus' last hours on earth. Among those who will be participating in the stations next Thursday are Dana Miller, Katrina Even, Kelly Klein, Cassie Reising, Molly Brashear, Jake Rosenmeyer, Becky Jennings, and Anna Kollasch.

Following the retreat on Thursday the students who are headed for national quiz bowl will be having a Think-a-Thon to practice and raise money for their trip. They'll be answering 200 challenging questions, and some students have gotten people to sponsor them based on how many questions they answer right.

This past week everyone at Garrigan has been laughing over the results of our annual computer compatibility project. Student council sponsors this project. Everyone at school answers thirty questions like "What kind of music do you like?", "What's your favorite season?", "Who did you support in the last election?", and "What's your greatest fear?". Based on the answers, cards are printed out showing the people we're the most and least compatible with, as well as a list of potential friends. It's all just for fun, and it makes a nice diversion in the school year.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Christina Richter. Here to tell you about her is Kelly Rouse.

Christina Richter's two big activities are danz squad and volleyball. She received an all-state honorable mention as well as all-conference honors in volleyball, and she was also part of the All-Iowa Honor Drill Team that performed at the basketball tournament. Over the years this Bancroft native has also been in track and softball. She'll be continuing her education next year, and we wish Christina all the best.

Thanks, Kelly! On our Golden Bear calendar, there's Gala tonight, and tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Next Tuesday the girls track team runs at Clear Lake.

Thursday we'll have our morning of reflection, followed by Stations of the Cross. That afternoon the quiz bowl team will hold their Think-a-Thon. Then it's Easter vacation, with no activities Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

There's no school on the Monday or Tuesday after Easter. Tuesday the 14th there's girls track at Algona High and boys track at Iowa Falls. The golf teams have triangulars with Clear Lake and Humboldt.

Classes resume Wednesday the 15th. The North Central Conference art show is that day in Webster City. Thursday the 16th there's boys track at Lake Mills and girls golf with Algona High.

Friday the 17th there's boys golf at Algona, boys track at Estherville, and the girls track team hosts their own relays. Then on Saturday the 18th there's state math at Iowa City and solo and ensemble music contest.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. We'll be off next Saturday because of Easter vacation, but be sure to join us again two weeks from now when we'll return with more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.


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