December 4, 2010

Good morning! I’m Michael Hellman!

And  I’m Michael Fakler! Welcome once again to the “Bear Facts”, the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

The Golden Bear quiz bowl team is continuing their success. They competed two weeks ago at the Little Dutch Invitational in Orange City. The tournament had been postponed a week due to weather, but it was definitely worth the wait since the Bears ended up winning both the varsity and JV divisions at that tournament. Jake Rosenmeyer, Anna Kollasch, Alex Hamilton, and Michael Fakler won the varsity championship, while Philip Detrick Grace Steil, Allison Frideres, and Levi Bernhard took top honors among JV teams. This was the Bears’ second straight win in a major regional tournament, and they’ve made the final four in every tournament they’ve entered this year.

There’s lots more quiz bowl action this week. Today the Bears are up in Spirit Lake for one of the longest-running quiz bowl tournaments in the area. Garrigan is the defending champion at Spirit Lake, and they’re hoping to repeat their success this year. Win or lose they’ll be back in action next Wednesday, when they’ll compete in the Knowledge Master, a nationwide academic quiz. Good luck to the quiz bowl team!

The beginning of December always marks the state dance and drill team championships. The Golden Bear danz squad went down to Des Moines on Thursday to defend their state title. This year’s squad includes seniors Aimee Dahlhauser and Becca Molsberry, who took first and second place at the state solo dance competition last month. The squad also features seniors Katie Miller, Kristin Berte, Laura Richter, Hannah Bode, and Sarah Matthews; juniors Lizzy Hohmeister, Sara Poeppe, and Kimberly Schiltz; sophomores Logan Kuum, MaKayla Foertsch, and Noelle Vitzthum; and freshman Sydney McNertney. Colleen Conway-Schiltz has been the long-time dance coach at Garrigan.

You can see the danz squad perform at halftime of Golden Bear basketball games. The boys basketball team is off to a great start this year. They totally dominated North Sentral Kossuth in their first game of the season, and then followed up with another huge win over Clarion—Goldfield. This year’s team includes state tournament veterans Kevin Elbert, Andrew Behr, Zach Keith, Eli Marlow, Austin Vaske, Grant Reding, John Burns, and Adam Hamilton; as well as Alex Boisjolie, Drew Magill, and Mitch Rahm. Making his varsity basketball debut is senior all-around athlete Jacob Behr. Good luck to Coach Roger Froehlich and the boys basketball team!

The girls basketball team is also off to a good start. Before Thanksgiving they got a big home victory over Eagle Grove, and earlier this week they edged out a hard-fought win over Clarion—Goldfield. This year’s team features seniors Chelsea Doughan, McKayla Loss, Kelsie Berke, Anna Kollasch, Allison Richter; together with juniors Addison Miller, Mallory Bormann, Emily Bell, Shelby Schindler, and Bethany Capesius; and sophomores Haley Froehlich and Chelsi Lanus. Good luck to Coach Beany Bode and the girls basketball team!

Ten girls will be cheering on the Bears at basketball games all winter long. Coach Jill Boisjolie is in charge of the basketball cheer squad. This year’s cheerleaders include Rachel Berte, Kenzie Eischen, Lana Larson, Hannah Boisjolie, and Harlie Eggers; plus Amelia Golwitzer, Melissa Kellner, Melanie Mergen, Rebecca Richter, and Anna Hohmeister. Thanks to the cheerleaders for keeping up everyone’s spirit at games.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on McKayla Loss and Chelsea Doughan. Here to tell you about them is Kelsie Berke.

McKayla Loss is a four-sport athlete who is active in basketball, softball, volleyball, and track. She serves as yearbook editor, and she’s active in Christian Leadership n Action. Kayla enjoys babysitting, listening to music, and spending time with friends. She hopes to attend Iowa or UNI next year, and we wish her all the best.

Chelsea Doughan is also best known for her accomplishments in sports. She’s won awards in both basketball and volleyball, and she’s also keeps busy working on the yearbook and writing publications articles for the paper. Chelsea will be off to college next year, and we wish her good luck.

Thanks, Kelsie! On our Golden Bear calendar, there’s quiz bowl today at Spirit Lake. Also today Garrigan is hosting a math contest for schools from central and northwest Iowa.

Tomorrow is the second Sunday of Advent, and we’ll have Advent prayer on Monday. Monday night there’s basketball at West Bend—Mallard, and that night there will be a financial aid meeting for senior parents in the board rom.

Tuesday the basketball teams travel to Humboldt. Wednesday we’ll have mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. After school the quiz bowl team competes in the Knowledge Master, and that night there’s the Christmas band concert and art show.

There’s freshman basketball on Thursday, with the Bears hosting Clear Lake. Friday the JV and varsity teams travel to Ft. Dodge St. Edmond. Then on Saturday the quiz bowl team plays at South O’Brien in Paullina.

This week marks our 750th “Bear Facts” show. Thanks to everyone who’s been listening for the past eighteen years and to all the sponsors who have kept us on the air. We’ll be back next week with episode #751, with more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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