The Bear Facts---February 4, 2006

Good morning! I'm Kelli Black!

And I'm Marisa Spain! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Do you use scrip? Hundreds of area families do, and their efforts are adding up to thousands of dollars in tuition paid for Garrigan and Seton students. Scrip has been going at Garrigan for less than a year, but already we've sold $928,043.36 in gift cards and certificates. The amount is likely to go over a million dollars by the program's first anniversary in April. The bonus merchants pay on scrip has already donated more than $46,000 toward tuition in the area Catholic schools. Seventy-five percent of Garrigan families use scrip, and some have earned as much as $1,200 off their tuition by networking with extended family and friends. 

Scrip is a good deal for everyone involved. It's just about the only fundraiser that doesn't involve selling things people don't really want. With Scrip you purchase gift cards for the local and national businesses you'd normally shop at, good for every product or service they sell. The merchants benefit by getting the money up front, and they also pay a bonus roughly equal to the processing fee they'd pay for credit card sales. That money can pay tuition for a specific student or go to the assistance fund for families that need help making their payments. It's even possible to bank the proceeds to pay tuition for kids that aren't in school yet.

You can use scrip for almost everything you'd normally buy-groceries, gas, clothes, restaurant meals, movies, cosmetics, haircuts, furniture, home improvement, school supplies, auto repair, prescriptions, hotel rooms-you name it. Most local businesses are part of the scrip program, as are lots of the top companies nationwide. There are no hidden charges or surprises, so we encourage everyone to join the hundreds of local people helping out the school by using scrip.

Last Tuesday about seventy Garrigan students took to AMC-12, a tough exam sponsored by the American Mathematical Association that tests problem solving skills. While the scores are still subject to audit, unofficially it looks as if BGHS will be named a "Commended School" because of the excellent scores our students earned. While in theory 150 points are possible, any score above 90 is considered outstanding, and ten Garrigan students were in that range. Seniors Spenser Rahm and Jeff Lappe tied for first place honors, each scoring 109 points. Junior Maria Kohlhaas finished in third place with 1051/2 , and sophomore Dylan Freking was fourth with 101 points. 

The group that scored over 100 will be invited to take the American High School Mathematics Examination, an even tougher test that can qualify students for scholarships. Several other Garrigan students also had outstanding scores. They include Gavin Freking, Tami Lallier, Chris Loebach, Joe Rahm, Shanna Miller, and Krissy Kohlhaas, all of whom earned more than 90 points on the grueling test. Finishing just below that cut-off were Andrew Missal, Dan Garman, A.J. Doughan, Tony Rouse, Chris Scobba, and Marisa Spain; as well as Melanie Myers, Seth Rogers, Kelly Schmidt, and Dustin Tindall. Congratulations to math teachers Daryl Kohlhaas and David Burrow and all the outstanding math students.

The intramural basketball season is half over, and it's been an interesting year. The faculty team has a 5 - 0 record overall, thanks mostly to former college starter O.J. Froehlich. Also undefeated is Eric Goodman's team, which mostly includes senior football players. They've averaged 61.4 points against their opponents. Joe Dailey's team of juniors is in third place, but last week Nick Berte's sophomore team edged past them in double overtime. Another hotly contested game last week pitted the two freshman teams against each other. David Miller's team won that one, even though overall Ben Hellman's team is seeded higher at the moment. In the first four weeks, the players of the week represent all four classes: freshman Jack Bradley, sophomore Shane Koob, junior Spenser Eischen, and senior Jeff Lappe. Intramural games will resume next week, February 12.

Six events from Garrigan will be competing this afternoon at the state large-group speech contest in Spencer. The Bears have three improvisation groups, two acting ensembles, and a readers theatre entered at state. While various conflicts have made for less rehearsal than usual, we're hoping the Bears will do all right at state. Best wishes to all the speech contestants and to their coaches, David Burrow and Mary McCall. Break a leg, everyone!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Laura Kellner and Bridget Doughan. Here to tell you about them is Jimmy Geelan.

Laura Kellner is one of the top performers on the BGHS speech team. This weekend she'll be performing at state contest in both the acting ensemble "The Committee Meeting" and in improvisational acting. This St. Joe native also keeps busy with choir and publications. She'll be off to college next year, and we wish her all the best.

Bridget Doughan's biggest accomplishment so far this year was being selected for the all-state choir. Bridget is also a National Honor Society member, and she's involved in band, Christian Leadership, and quiz bowl. Next year she's looking at attending UNI. We wish both Bridget and Laura good luck in the future.

Thanks, Jimmy! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's the state speech contest today in Spencer. Garrigan's first events perform around 1:00 this afternoon.

Monday the freshman basketball team plays at Humboldt. We'll have a Black and Gold Day on Tuesday, and that night the Bears host Algona High. The danz squad will serve a supper during the games.

Next Thursday there's freshman basketball at Algona High. Then on Friday the varsity teams travel to Iowa Falls. Finally on Saturday the Garrigan math team will host a Great Plains Math League competition.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to join us next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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