The Bear Facts ... February 5, 2005

Good morning! I'm Chris Scobba!

I'm Kayla Reding

And I'm Laura Kellner! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the radio show where each week we keep you in touch with everything that's news here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Many Garrigan students got up very early this morning. They're in the speech program, and they're headed for the state large-group contest at East High School in Sioux City. Garrigan has nine entries at state, about the same as other area schools that are twice our size. There was a lot of confusion earlier in the week, when Garrigan and several other schools had been left off the state schedule. That's fixed now, though, and the Bears are hoping for a good showing at state.

The action starts this morning, when Amanda Golwitzer, Laura Kellner, Ashley Waller, Andrew Missal, and Brandon Rowley star in the one-act play "Deliver Us Not, or Birth Where Is Thy Sting". Following that are two ensemble acting performances. Gavin Freking, Garrison Brosnan, and Chris Loebach will present "Remember When" and Jacob Hellman, JoAnn Kirsch, and Anna Bormann will perform in "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay".

After lunch will be the readers' theatre "Happily Never After". Performers include Amanda Thompson, Samantha Kirsch, Katelyn Besch, Renee Taphorn, Andrea Arndorfer, Sadie Foertsch, Laura Kellner, Nancy Syharath, Maria Kohlhaas, and Elizabeth Erdman. Then there are three group improvisations. One features Ashley Waller, Brandon Rowley, Chris Loebach, Garry Brosnan, and Andrew Missal, and a second includes Samantha Kirsch, Holly Lancaster, Andrea Arndorfer, Rachel Byrkeland, and Alicia Miller. There's also a freshman improv group with Shane Koob, Chad Lambert, Ashli Krieps, and Becca Kramer.

The last event of the day is another acting ensemble. Katelyn Besch, Amanda Thompson, Allison Even, Amanda Golwitzer, and Nancy Syharath will star in "Flag Girls". There's a long bus ride home after it's all over, and the group probably won't be back until around 9:00 tonight. Best wishes to Coaches Mary McCall and David Burrow and the speech team. Break a leg, everybody!

Last December the4 Golden Bear danz squad finished in first place statewide at the Iowa Dance and Drill Competition. A month from now they'll be headed to nationals. The competition will be March 3 - 7 in Orlando, Florida. They'll have a fundraiser supper to defray expenses on Tuesday, February 15. Coaches Colleen Schiltz and Nikki Loebig coach a thirteen-girl squad that includes senior Ashley Shaw; juniors Michaela Pease, Jessica Cink, Tara Trenary, Lizzie Mayer, Jennifer Vaske, Melissa Hilbert, Amanda Shaw, and Ashley Waller; sophomores Candace Schiltz and Marisa Spain; and freshman Emily Behr. Freshman Taryn Vitzthum is the alternate for danz squad.

Pops concert is just around the corner. This year's big event will be Thursday and Friday, March 10 and 11. The theme is "Going to the Movies", and the show will feature a collection of songs from famous motion pictures, both old and new. Denis Greenfield is the choir director at Garrigan, and Dennis Freking directs the band. Be sure to mark your calendar for March 10 and 11 for the BGHS pops concert.

Last Tuesday Garrigan's top students took one of the hardest tests of their life. The Mathematics Association of America sponsors the American Mathematics Examination, which consists of 25 extremely difficult questions. Junior Spenser Rahm got the top score at Garrigan. Close behind were freshman Dylan Freking and junior Gavin Freking. Other top scores included Kelly Schmidt, Jeff Lappe, Maria Kohlhaas, Dan Garman, Matt Courtney, Jake Grein, and April Wolf.

Rehearsals just started for the BGHS spring play. "Pure as the Driven Snow" will be performed April 8 - 9. The comedy romance stars Ashley Waller, Chris Kirsch, Amanda Golwitzer, Gavin Freking, Andrew Missal, and Brandon Rowley. Other cast members are Chris Loebach, Amanda Thompson, Rose Mayer, Lizzie Mayer, Rachel Byrkeland, and Samantha Kirsch. Mark DeLange is the Bishop Garrigan drama director.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Bill Vaske and Mark Parrish. 

Bill Vaske is a Bancroft native who is probably best known for his accomplishments in baseball. He also enjoys intramural basketball. After graduation Bill plans to attend the Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in the Twin Cities, and he hopes to have a career as a chef.

Mark Parrish is the tallest member of the Class of 2005. While he pays post in basketball, he's also an accomplished three-point shooter. When he's not at school, Mark enjoys tanning and spending time with his friends. He'll be off to college next year. Good luck to both Mark and Billy.

Thanks! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, today is the state large group speech contest at Sioux City East. Then tomorrow the Knights of Columbus continue their free throw competition.

Monday the varsity Bears play Webster City in a make-up game that was postponed by snow last month. The health occupations group will be serving a taco supper during the game.

Tuesday the Bears play Algona High. The JV games are at home, while the varsity plays across town. Then on Ash Wednesday we'll have a K-12 service to start Lent.

Thursday there's a dance clinic after school. That night the freshman boys play at Algona High. The dance clinic continues Friday, and that night the Bears will host Iowa Falls. Finally next Saturday, Garrigan will host a Great Plains Math League competition.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.


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