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And I'm Matt Courtney! Welcome to the "Bear Facts", the radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

It's a very busy week here at Garrigan. Today alone there are three major events on the activity calendar. The biggest is probably the national dance championships. The state champion Golden Bear danz squad left Thursday to fly to Orlando. Yesterday they did some sightseeing and practicing, and today they're competing at the University of Central Florida. Two years ago the Garrigan team was the nationwide grand champion in dance. Coach Colleen Schiltz doesn't necessarily expect a repeat, but she's hoping for a great performance from the girls.

The danz squad will be busy next week, too. On Wednesday the group will be down in Des Moines to perform a halftime show at the girls state basketball tournament. Then on Saturday several Garrigan girls will be part of the All-Iowa Drill Team, which will perform at the championship game of the basketball tournament. We wish good luck at nationals and in all their events to the danz squad.

Today is also district individual speech contest. In addition to the students competing, the contest involves dozens of volunteer workers. That's because for more than twenty years Garrigan has hosted district contest. Coach Mary McCall organizes the event, helped out by a wide assortment of teachers, students, parents, and community volunteers. There are four hundred twenty-seven entries at contest, which makes a full day for everyone involved. In the past almost all the visiting school have made excellent comments on how well the contest was run, and we're hoping things go the same way this year.

Garrigan students have fourteen events competing at district contest. The first performer will be Joey Dailey. Within the next half hour he will be presenting an improvisation. Around 11:30 Seth Rogers will compete in Spontaneous Speaking, and shortly after that Amanda Golwitzer will read the poem "Afraid of the Dark". Right around noon Garry Brosnan will present the poetry selection "The Ballad of William Sycamore". The final poetry performance comes from Anna Bormann, who will present a unique version of "Cinderella" at 1pm.

Around 1:15 Alex Elbert will compete in Radio News Announcing. Then at 2:10 JoAnn Kirsch tells the story "My Lucky Day". At 2:45 Joey Dailey will act out the scene "Smart Dog", and shortly after that Sadie Foertsch reads the prose selection "The Blue Rose". At 3pm Gavin Freking will compete in Radio and Samantha Kirsch will tell the story "Pig William". A little after 3:00 Dylan Freking will read "There Will Come Soft Rain". Garrigan's final entry comes around 3:20, when Amanda Golwitzer gives the After-Dinner Address "Catholic Teenagers of America". Best wishes, speech. Break a leg, everybody!

The third group competing today is the math team. Fourteen Golden Bear "mathletes" are in Mason City this morning competing in the last regular season tournament of the Great Plains Math League. The varsity team includes seniors Matt Courtney and Samantha Kirsch; and juniors Gavin Freking, Jeff Lappe, Joe Rahm, Spenser Rahm, Kandice Roethler, and Jesse Studer. In the JV division are sophomores Tony Rouse and Chris Scobba; together with freshmen Dylan Freking, Brent Kajewski, Melanie Meyers, and Kent Recker. Good luck to Coach Daryl Kohlhaas and the math team!

The coming week is also busy. Many Garrigan musicians have been working overtime getting ready for pops concert. Music directors Dennis Freking and Denis Greenfield have a motion picture theme planned for this year's event, which features a wide variety of vocal and instrumental selections from some of Hollywood's finest productions. The pops concert will be next Thursday and Friday at 7:30. Adult tickets are $4 for table seats and $3 for bleachers. 

You can reserve pops concert tickets in advance by calling the school at 295-3521, and bleacher tickets will also be available at the door. The concert band, jazz band, jazz choir, varsity choir, and a cappella choirs will all be performing, together with a number of solos and small group productions. So mark your calendar for next Thursday or Friday for the annual Garrigan pops concert.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Amanda Thompson. Here to tell you about her is Anthony McGuire.

Amanda Thompson lives south of St. Joe in the Humboldt area. She's involved in a wide variety of activities ranging from cheerleading to speech to quiz bowl to band. Amanda is one of many students who helps out at school working in the office, so she might answer the phone if you call to reserve your pops concert tickets. She'll be off to college next year, and we wish Amanda the very best in the future.

Thanks, Cobb! On our Golden Bear calendar today there's district speech contest here at Garrigan, math competition at NIACC in Mason City, and the national dance competition in Orlando, Florida. Tomorrow there will be a chicken and biscuits luncheon at the Rochleau Center at St. Cecelia's

Monday the danz squad returns. That night we'll have parent-teacher conferences from 3:30 to 7:00 at Rochleau. Then Tuesday afternoon we'll head over to St. Cecelia's for a penance service.

Wednesday the danz squad performs at the state basketball tournament. There are conferences again Wednesday night from 3:30 to 6:00. Then Thursday and Friday the curtain goes up on Pops Concert 2005.

There's no school next Friday. Saturday several Garrigan girls will be dancing with the All-Iowa Drill team in Des Moines. Finally next Sunday the danz squad will perform their spring show.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.


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