The Bear Facts - January 6, 2007

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm Alicia Miller!!

And I'm Beth Kollasch! Best wishes to all of you as we start off 2007 here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

There have been some interesting things happening in different classes at Garrigan lately. Shortly before the holidays students in Mrs. Vaske's Business Law class had a mock trial. The premise of the fake case was that Cindy Reding had sold a defective car to her cousin Nick Reding. Chris Cassmann and Tony Rouse were the lawyers for the case, while Deacon Bob Larsen acted as the judge. Other members of the business law class were witnesses for the plaintiff and defense, and different students and faculty members served as jurors. In the end, the jury ruled for the defense, and everybody learned a lot about how the legal system worked.

Mr. Burrow's math classes have also been doing some unusual stuff lately. If you looked in on the Math V class lately, you might have seen people playing poker, rolling dice, flipping coins, and playing other games of chance. That's part of a "probability lab" where the students learn about how the odds in different games work. In Algebra class students have been writing directions for how to make different designs on graph paper, and in Statistics students have done projects investigating questions like how many licks it really does take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

All the activities give different ways to learn all the stuff we need to know before semester tests begin next week. Next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we'll have a special schedule, with three semester tests each day. Tests vary a lot from class to class. Some are fairly easy, while others make us know everything we learned all semester long. The good thing about semester tests is that we have open campus whenever we don't actually have an exam.

Speech season is here. Head Coach Mary McCall has been busy helping students prepare for district large group contest, which is only two weeks away. This year Garrigan will have entries in fields ranging from readers' theatre to musical theatre. Even silent mime is considered "speech", and we're planning on an entry in that category as well. We'll fill you in with more information on speech as contest time approaches.

The quiz bowl team had a busy month in December, and they've got two more busy weekends before they get to rest up for a while. Today the team is up in Swea City for the North Kossuth Invitational. Garrigan has four teams entered today. The first includes Ethan Dahlhauser, Shane Koob, Joe Dailey, and D.J. Thompson. Another team is made up of Mark Poeppe, Ben Golwitzer, and Brent Kajewski. The third team consists of Melissa Cruise, Jake Lane, Christopher Schmidt, and Brian Patterson; while the Bears' final team includes Joe Straub, Rebeccah Erdman, Brittany Berte, and Katrina Even. Good luck to Coach David Burrow and the quiz bowl team!

With the year half-over, plans are well underway for Gala 2007. This year's festive fundraiser will take place April 14 with an Australian theme of "Gala Down Under". This will be the eighteenth Gala that Garrigan has hosted, and over the years the event has raised almost three million dollars to help keep Garrigan and Seton going strong. Allen and Jean Kramer are the general chairs for Gala 2007, but a whole team is working hard in the off-season to make sure this year's Gala is another great event. We'll give you more information on Gala as the time for the event approaches.

After each sports season the Iowa High School Athletic Association releases sportsmanship rankings from ratings done by game officials. The ratings for football season were recently announced, and we're pleased that Garrigan's players were ranked in the top ten percent statewide in sportsmanship. Teams can be rated on a scale of 1 - 5, with 1 the best possible score. The statewide average was 1.53, but the BGHS players received 1.21-nearly the highest they could get. Congratulations to the football team on their outstanding sportsmanship.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on JoAnn Kirsch. Here to tell you about her is Sam Norland.

JoAnn Kirsch is a Wesley native who is one of the top students in the Class of 2007. She's been active in music, speech, drama, math team, quiz bowl, and Christian Leadership in Action. Last fall she attended the World Food Conference, where she met Nobel prize-winner Norman Borlaug. JoAnn is looking at a science-related major in college, and we wish her all the best in the future.

Thanks, Sam! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's quiz bowl today at North Kossuth and an honor band at Iowa Central Community College in Ft. Dodge. This weekend also marks the Feast of the Epiphany.

Next week is Vocations Awareness Week. Monday the freshman and JV basketball teams play North Kossuth, with the girls at home and the boys in Swea City.

Tuesday we'll have a jeans day at Garrigan. The freshman teams play Pocahontas that night. Then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we'll have semester tests. Students have open campus whenever they don't have a test on exam days.

Wednesday noon the sophomores will go to Godfather's as their reward for finishing first in the magazine drive last fall. Thursday the seniors will enjoy party subs for second place.

There's freshman and JV basketball with West Bend Mallard on Thursday. The boys are at home and the girls in West Bend. Friday night the varsity Bears host Hampton Dumont. Then on Saturday the quiz bowl team travels to Eagle Grove, and the math team plays at Iowa Falls.

That's our first "Bear Facts" for 2007. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to catch us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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