The Bear Facts
March 6, 2010

Good morning! I'm Luke McCall!

And I'm Rebeccah Erdman! You're listening to a very special edition of the "Bear Facts", where we're celebrating the success of our Golden Bears here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

(Katrina Even):  Garrigan is the smallest school in the North Central Conference, and during much of basketball season that can get a little frustrating. The conference is made up mostly of 3-A and 2-A schools, and as a 1-A school it's sometimes hard to be as competitive as we'd like. The reward for the Bears comes in the post-season, though. After holding their own against bigger schools, our athletes find competing against schools our own size is easy by comparison. The higher-rated teams all lost in playoffs, and now there's exactly one team from the North Central Conference will be playing at the boys state basketball tournament next week. We're proud to say that team is the Bishop Garrigan Golden Bears.

The Bears will play their opening game at state Monday afternoon at 2:00. They'll face the Hawks from Lynnville-Sully, a rural school from south central Iowa. We know it will be a tough game, but we also know the Bears will give it their best and play a strong game. We're hoping for a win, and if the team pulls it off they're guaranteed two other games. The state semifinals are Thursday at 12:15. Both the championship and consolation games are on Friday. We're hoping to be in the championship that night, but we'd definitely settle for the morning consolation game-which would match the success of Garrigan's first state basketball team seventeen years ago.

Former Golden Bear player Roger Froenlich has been the head basketball coach for the past few years. He's assisted by Fr. Randy Schon, who was also the assistant coach when the Bears went to state back in 1993. At the core of the team this year are senior veterans Brett Capesius, Brandon Doughan, Mark Garman, and Dana Miller. Junior Kevin Elbert and sophomore Austin Vaske are always quick into the rotation; and backing up them are juniors Andrew Schiltz and Andrew Behr; and sophomores Zach Keith, Grant Reding, Alex Boisjolie, and Eli Marlow. Freshmen Adam Hamilton and John Burns also made the cut to be part of the state tournament team. Good luck at state to all the Golden Bears!

When any Garrigan team makes it to state, you can always count on a big crowd, since our alumni know that once you're a Bear, you're always a Bear. The office staff has been busy selling advanced tickets, and we've also sold hundreds of "Go for the Gold" state tournament shirts. Tickets are no longer being sold in the office, so if you don't have yours, you'll need to stand in line at Wells-Fargo Arena. Admission at state costs $8. For those who can't make it to Des Moines, the game will be broadcast here on KLGA.

The basketball team isn't the only group that's advancing to state. The Golden Bear speech team had an awesome day last Saturday when Garrigan hosted the district individual speech contest. Garrigan earned nineteen Division I or excellent ratings at district contest, one of the best showings of all the schools there. Among those who did well-Brittany Berte and Anna Kollasch got I's in Storytelling; while Philip Detrick, Craig Kohlhaas, and Matthew Fakler were judged excellent in Improvisation.

In Radio News Announcing Michael Fakler earned a I, and Anna Kollasch and Nora Krahenbuhl did the same in Solo Musical Theatre. Lizzy Hohmeister and Philip Detrick got top marks in Acting; and so did Cassie Reising, Jake Rosenmeyer, and Jenny Broesder in Prose; plus Rebeccah Erdman, Rachel Berte, and Andrea Altman in Poetry. The final Division I ratings were in Literary Program, with I's going to Michael Fakler, Michael Hellman, and Jake Rosenmeyer. All these students now advance to state contest next Saturday in Sibley. Congratulations to them and to coaches Mary McCall and David Burrow.

There's even more competition today, with two teams headed in opposite directions for big events. The Golden Bear quiz bowl team is down in Boone this morning for their main spring tournament. This is also likely to be their last competition before they head to nationals in June. Brittany Berte, Jake Rosenmeyer, Rebeccah Erdman, Michael Fakler, and Michael Hellman will be on Garrigan's top team. Also competing are Alex Hamilton, Lizzy Hohmeister, Rachel Berte, Craig Kohlhaas, Austin Salz, Philip Detrick; and also Matthew Fakler, Allison Frideres, Dustin Miller, Grace Steil, and Zach Scobba. Good luck, quiz bowl!

Meanwhile Coach Daryl Kohlhaas is also taking a group of math team competitors over to Sioux Center for one of the biggest Great Plains Math League competitions of the year. Dordt College is hosting the event, and three Golden Bears are competing. Senior Jeff Broesder, junior Anna Kollasch, and sophomore Jenny Broesder will be representing Garrigan today. Good luck to the math team!

Several of Garrigan's upperclassmen were recently selected to be DARE role models, helping younger students to resist drugs and alcohol. This past week Brett Capesius, Mark Garman, Dana Miller, Brittany Berte, Alyse Meyers, Rebeccah Erdman, Rachel Molsberry, Chloe Behr, Nick Foertsch, Joe Golwitzer, David Reding, and Brandon Doughan were all over at Seton helping out with the DARE program there. Congratulations to all these DARE role models!

Some other seniors also earned of honors this past week. The Mason City Globe-Gazette will be honoring nine Garrigan students as part of its 2010 Star Class awards program. Nick Kellner will receive the math award, and Dylan Kollasch is being honored in science. Katrina Even is the language arts winner, Rebeccah Erdman is honored in social studies, Joe Golwitzer is receiving the technology award, Beth Broesder is the music honoree, and Brittany Berte will be the fine arts winner. Kelly Klein is our school's star female athlete, and Brett Capesius will receive the award for star male athlete. Congratulations to all these star schools honorees!

Because of all the basketball news, we're skipping our Senior Spotlight this week. On the Golden Bear calendar, there's quiz bowl today in Boone and the math team is at Dordt College in Sioux Center.

The basketball team will leave for state at noon tomorrow. Because of that there will be no intramurals tomorrow afternoon. Garrigan will have school Monday morning, but we'll be dismissing early to let people make it down to Des Moines for the 2:00 game.

Tuesday will be a normal day of school. That night we'll have the annual academic awards banquet at the KC Hall. Then on Wednesday juniors go over to Algona High to meet with college representatives.

We're crossing our fingers that the Bears will make it to the state semifinals on Thursday. If they do, the game will be at 1215 that afternoon. Garrigan is scheduled to host a blood drive that day, but plans will change if we're playing at state. Also on Thursday the danz squad will be leaving for their national competition in Los Angeles.

Friday we're scheduled to have parish busing at Garrigan and Seton, because the Algona Community Schools will not be in session. If we're not playing at state, the high school will dismiss early on Friday to allow for eighth grade orientation. Finally next Saturday there's state speech at Sibley.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us as we wish good luck to the Bears at the state basketball tournament!

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