The Bear Facts
November 6, 2021

Good morning! I’m Meredith Tigges!

I’m Riley Rosenmeyer!

And I’m Marguerite Fakler! You’re listening to the “Bear Facts”. Happy November from everyone at Bishop Garrigan High School.

This morning five Garrigan girls are down at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines. They’re competing in the state cheer contest. Marguerite Fakler, Katelyn Cink, Meredith Illg, Ava Kemna, and Ellie Rosenmeyer will represent the Golden Bears down in Des Moines. They will be part of the Class 1-A stunt group at state, which has thirteen schools from all around Iowa.

 At state cheer competitors will perform a one-minute routine set to music. The stunts involve lifting one of the cheerleaders while the others work to support. The Bears will have six stunts as part of their routine, and they will be judged on how clean their routine is from beginning to end. Garrigan won the Triton Cheer Challenge at Iowa Central last weekend, and they’re hoping the momentum from that will lead them to a good showing at state. Good luck to Coach Erin Miller and the cheerleaders!

The Golden Bear quiz bowl team received some very good news this week. They got the results back from the online Knowledge Master event they competed in last month, and it turned out the Bears did extremely well. Garrigan was the top team in Iowa, and the did well enough to place #7 in the entire nation.

 Sophomore Sam Plathe was the Bears’ captain in the Knowledge Master. Also competing were Brooke Ludwig, Molly Peterson, Xander Darling, Ben Greteman, Scott Bormann, Brendan Plathe, and Alaina Bormann; as well as Sam Greteman, Garrett Heying, Benjy Trainer, Meredith Tigges, Nick Laubenthal, and Nathaniel Darling. Congratulations on the great showing, quiz bowl!

Tonight is opening night for the BGHS fall musical The Pirates of Penzance. The show is set in England in the 1800s, it’s a classic that’s one of the best-loved shows in the English language. The Royal Museum of Great Britain says it “tells the story of a group of comically useless and tender-hearted pirates” with themes of courage, duty, honor, and love. You can see The Pirates of Penzance tonight at 7:00 or tomorrow at 2pm.

We’ve been through the cast twice before on “The Bear Facts”, but there’s some important people we haven’t mentioned on our show before. That’s the stage crew who work behind the scenes to keep the show going. Ava Eisenbarth heads the stage crew, and she’s assisted by Ben Greteman, Maryanne Capesius, Veronica Capesius, Molly Bormann, Kyra Deike, Nick Laubenthal, and Ella Schaaf.

 Mr. Greg Ahlers is in charge of sound and lights at all of Garrigan’s productions. Emma Grandgenett and Ela Muller are the sound technicians, while Joe Schumacher is working the light board. Ethan Kuper is the videographer, and the spotlights are operated by Mya Kemna, Molly Joyce, Ashlyn Hovey, Molly Peterson, Spencer Doerning, and Thadd Kollasch. In addition Gavin Swift and Riley Rosenmeyer are joining several adults in the pit band. Thanks to everyone who is helping out with The Pirates of Penzance.

This past Wednesday several law enforcement officers visited the Garrigan Capstone class, which is taught by Erin Miller. They taught students self-defense skills and strategies to stay out of danger. Students in Captsone include Olivia Arndorfer, Jacob Leerar, Matt Denker, Katelyn Cink, Joe Schumacher, and Maryanne Capesius; plus Molly Bormann, Lillee Deike, Grant Haugland, Veronica Capesius, Collin Casey, Jackson Springer, and Mya Kemna.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Joe Schumacher. Here to tell you about him is Xander Darling.

We mentioned Joe Schumacher earlier as part of the tech crew for the musical. He’s been working behind the scenes at plays and concerts throughout his years at Garrigan. Joe’s other big activity is the Algona FFA, where he’s won awards and served as a chapter officer. One of his favorite classes is the Capstone class we mentioned earlier today. We wish Joe all the best after he graduates from Garrigan.

Thanks, Xander! On our Golden Bear calendar today there’s state cheer in Des Moines. Then tonight and tomorrow you can see the fall musical, The Pirates of Penzance.

Monday girls basketball practice officially begins. The football team will have their awards ceremony Monday night, and Tuesday morning we’ll start the day with a special Veterans Day mass.

Next Friday will be the state swim meet, and finally next Saturday Garrigan will be hosting the Top of Iowa Conference Quiz Bowl Tournament.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for this week. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to join us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.