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March 7, 1998

Good morning! I'm Tom Twait! Today, we have a very special episode of the "Bear Facts". On this show you'll hear familiar voices like ...

Tim Mosbach!

Jenni Krieps!

Jeremy Richter!

Nate Fouarge!

Jenessa McGuire!

and Katie Elbert! We're all here to celebrate the 200th episode of the "Bear Facts", where for the past six years we've been bringing you the news from Bishop Garrigan High School!

But first this week's news. The Golden Bear speech team did a very good job last weekend at the district individual speech contest that was held right here at B.G.H.S. Nine Garrigan entries received Division I ratings, compared with just four II's. Tom Twait and Carrie Kohlhaas earned I's in Radio News Announcing, while Jenni Krieps, Jenessa McGuire, and Amanda Freking all received I's in Prose. In Storytelling, Tiffany Meyer and Ruby Bode got I's, and the final "I" went to Katie Patterson in Acting. All these students will go on to the state speech contest, which will be held Saturday, March 21, at Manson. Congratulations!

It was a relatively good year for the younger basketball players at BGHS. Aside from the guys who played varsity, the boys' JV team featured sophomores Eric Becker, Justin Frideres, Nate Frideres, Sam Lickteig, and Joe Mayer. The other guys who suited JV included Josh Meyer, Justin Reding, Tyler Struck, and P.J. Vaske. Freshmen Scott McGuire and Shannon Hall also got some JV playing time.

For the JV girls, the players included sophomores Angie Weber, Katie Kellner, and Corrie Stetzel, as well as freshmen Kelly Kohlhaas, Julie McGuire, and Sara Reding. Rounding out the JV team were freshmen Mandy Roethler, Sara Seeley, Heather Stence, and Michelle Vitzthum.

There was a huge group of athletic freshmen out for basketball this year. Besides the JV players and varsity starter Brad Nelson, the freshman boys included Scott Black, Steven Courtney, Matt Elbert, Nick Even, Justin Froehlich, Hank Greer, and Josh Hanig. Other team members were Tim Kohlhaas, Kevin Kohlhaas, Ben Lickteig, Bryan McAlpine, Chad Mescher, Andy Pierson, Ben Richter, and Russ Vaske. The girls also had a big squad. Besides those mentioned earlier, the team included Deanna Kohlhaas, Andi Kramer, Janet Kramer, and Kristin Studer. A big salute to all our future Golden Bear stars!

This weekend five Garrigan students are in Des Moines for the annual HOSA competition. HOSA stands for the Health Occupations Student Association, and each year Garrigan and Algona High students compete together at the state level. Garrigan's team members include Jeff Geving, Andy Laubenthal, Chris Miller, Thad Wunder, and Shanna Froehlich. They'll be competing in sports medicine, medical terminology, and the HOSA Bowl--a quiz bowl like competition that is all about health. Good luck to Coach Jeanne Wunder and all the HOSA competitors!

There's always something interesting happening in the BGHS gifted and talented program. Probably the most interesting project this year belongs to sophomore Dennis Gisch. Dennis is researching atomic energy, and he plans to build a model of a nuclear reactor. Needless to say, it won't be a working model--plutonium isn't that easy to find around Algona. It should make a fascinating project nonetheless, though.

Our weekly "Bear Facts" radio broadcasts also come under the umbrella of the gifted and talented program. As we said earlier, this week's show does mark a special occasion for us, as we celebrate our 200th episode here on KLGA. It all started back in September, 1992, when we said "Good morning" for the first time. Since then, over 150 different students have had a part in the show--either announcing on the air, writing, or helping out behind the scenes.

Over the years we've told you about almost everything that's happened at Garrigan. The biggest events we've covered are probably the Bears' three trips to state basketball. But we've covered pretty boring things, too--like hot lunch and religion classes and who's out for freshman sports. And, of course, we can't forget the reports we made on more than sixty different fundraising events.

The most fun shows are when we do something different, like last Christmas when Chris Miller greeted everyone with a big "ho, ho, ho!" We've got a fun show planned for next week, too, when we'll be telling you all about the responses people gave to our recent compatability survey. Probably the most exciting show, though, was the one we recorded two years ago when the quiz bowl team went to nationals. We taped the show in New Orleans--complete with jazz music in the background. It's still the only "Bear Facts" we've ever done "on location".

Our format has changed a lot over the years. When we started out, all the stories were very short, rarely over fifty words each. Now we have fewer, but more in-depth stories each week. Some things are still the same, though. We pioneered the idea of "Senior Spotlight" six years ago, and we're still saluting different members of the senior class each week.

And speaking of the Senior Spotlight, this week's spotlight shines on Michael Courtney. Michael used to play varsity basketball, but then he became a free agent and signed with the Fire Ants intramural team. Since then he's been near the top of the scoring list for intramurals. Over the years Michael's other activities have included baseball and choir. Michael will be off to college next year, and we wish him all the best.

On this week's Golden Bear calendar, there's the state HOSA competition this weekend in Des Moines. Tomorrow is the Rite of Continuing Conversion for confirmation candidates.

Intramural action continues tomorrow, with the games starting at 12:15. On Monday the danz squad will be performing at the state girls' basketball tournament in Des Moines. Then next Monday through Thursday there are try-outs for the '98-'9 danz squad.

Next Tuesday, Seton Middle School will hold their annual Education Fair. As always, the public is invited to look at all the projects.

Wednesday night Model UN meets, and then next Saturday the quiz bowl team plays at Northeast Hamilton in Blairsburg.

That's it for our 200th episode of the "Bear Facts". Thanks for listening, today and over the years.

We're proud of all the shows we've done, and we hope you'll keep on tuning in next week and on into the future as we keep on bringing you all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School!

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