The Bear Facts

May 7, 2005

Good morning! I'm Nicole Reding!

And I'm Samantha Kirsch! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts". Happy Mothers' Day from everyone here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day, but this past week at Garrigan we celebrated another part of our families. Thursday we held Grandparents' Day, and hundreds of senior citizens stopped in to see their grandchildren. We enjoyed chatting with our grandparents over a beefburger lunch, and then most people gave our guests a short tour of the school. Grandparents are some of the best supporters of our school activities, and we were glad to honor them for a special day.

The Garrigan music department presented their spring concert last Wednesday, and at that time they also passed out awards. Thirty-three members of the BGHS band received letters this year. Seniors lettering in band include Matt Courtney, Sam Dittrich, Samantha Kirsch, Jill Patterson, Jacob Richter, Renee Taphorn, and Amanda Thompson. There's also a big group of juniors, among whom are Ashley Waller, Jude Studer, Kelly Schmidt, and Brandon Rowley.

Other juniors earning band letters were Samantha Arndorfer, Kandice Roethler, Spenser Rahm, Jacob Detrick, and Adam Elbert; together with Andrew Missal, Tim Lind, Jacob Hellman, Amanda Golwitzer, Gacin Freking, and Allison Even. In the sophomore class Garrison Brosnan, Rachel Brykeland, Amanda Cruise, Maria Kohlhaas, JoAnn Kirsch, Elizabeth Erdman, A.J. Lane, Tony Rouse, and Brittany Pfeffer. So did freshmen Amber Broesder and Dylan Freking. Congratulations to all the band award-winners!

The Golden Bear quiz bowl team also named its award winners recently. It was no surprise that four-time national quiz bowl veteran Matt Courtney was named this year's quiz bowl MVP. Also lettering were seniors Anthony McGuire and Jacob Ricther, and juniors Jacob Hellman, Gavin Freking, and Jeff Lappe-who will join Matt at the National Academic Championships this summer.

The other quiz bowl letterwinners include Alison Brandenburg, Amanda Golwitzer, Andrew Missal, Joe Rahm, Jude Studer, and Spenser Rahm. Sophomores earning quiz bowl letters were Joe Dailey, Chris Scobba, and Chris Loebach. Rounding out the quiz bowl award winners are freshmen Brent Kajewski, Ben Golwitzer, Jacob Zittritsch, and Shane Koob. Congratulations to all these quiz bowl honorees!

Last week we told you most of our student council election results. In addition to new presidents Jesse Studer and Andrew Missal and class presidents Eric Goodman, John Reding, Dustin Tindall, Chris Loebach, Carrie Courtney, and Krissy Kohlhaas, we also elected two representatives from each class. The Class of 2006 chose Gavin Freking and Alison Brandenburg as their senior class representatives; the juniors-to-be chose Brian Capesius and Kelli Black; and next year's sophomore representatives will be Shane Koob and David Frideres. Congratulations to all our Garrigan politicians!

The BGHS Class of 2005 is getting ready to say goodbye. Some seniors are already having their graduation receptions this weekend, and all that's left at school is finishing up projects, reviewing, and taking semester tests. The schoolwide baccalaureate ceremony will be next Wednesday night, with an awards ceremony following mass. Graduation is Sunday, May 15th at 2pm. On next week's "Bear Facts" we'll have a special salute honoring the many accomplishments of the Bishop Garrigan Class of 2005.

We have one last senior to feature in our Senior Spotlight. This week we honor Debbie Kohlhaas, and here to tell you about her is Holly Lancaster.

If you've gone to a Garrigan sports event in the past couple years, there's a good chance you've seen Debbie Kohlhaas there. While she hasn't competed as an athlete in recent years, she has kept very busy doing stats and filming video for various teams. Over the years Deb has been active in choir and Christian Leadership. This Livermore native is a DARE role model who serves as a lector and eucharistic minister in her church. Like most of our seniors, Deb will be off to college next year, and we wish her and all the seniors the very best of luck.

Thanks, Holly! On our Golden Bear calendar today and tomorrow there are special masses for the graduating seniors in many area parishes. Also this weekend Garrigan graduate Brad Nelson finishes his Triple-A baseball road trip with three more games in Omaha.

Monday Garrigan will host the North Central Conference boys golf meet. The girls conference golf meet will be held at Clarion that day. Monday night the conference boys track meet is in Humboldt, and the conference girls meet will be in Clarion.

Wednesday night we'll have baccalaureate for the Class of 2005. Father Bormann from St. John Church in Bancroft will preside. Then on Thursday there's CYO girls golf at Breda.

Thursday and Friday the seniors will take their final tests. Friday is girls golf sectionals, and next Saturday we'll have district track for both boys and girls.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week when we'll have a special show honoring the Class of 2005 here at Bishop Garrigan High School.


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