The Bear Facts

November 7, 2009

Good morning! I'm Katrina Even!

And I'm Kelly Klein! Welcome to another episode of "The Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School. 

We're off to see the wizard-The Wizard of Oz, of course! Tonight is your last chance to see lions and tigers and bears, and monkeys--not to mention Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and even a live dog playing Toto. Reserved seats are almost sold out, but plenty of bleacher seating is still available. Showtime is 7:00 tonight in Friedmann Auditorium.

The Wizard of Oz features one of the largest casts we've had for a show at Garrigan in years. Principal players include Becky Jennings, Jake Rosenmeyer, Drew Magill, Mike Hellman, Anna Kollasch, Sarah Matthews, Kayla Blocker, Alex Hamilton, and Philip Detrick. Backing them up are Munchkins Amelia Golwitzer, Stephanie Kajewski, Jenny Broesder, Lana Larson, Amy Rasmussen, Nora Krahenbuhl, Hannah Bode, Alicia Richter, John Richter, Matthew Fakler, and Angelica Brosnan; as well as Harli Eggers, Erin Reedy, Samantha Kollasch, Melanie Mergen, Alissa Kirsch, Janet Kenyon, Hannah Byrkeland, Andrea Gisch, Alison Frideres, Nicole Grein, Rachel Renger, Becca Hyslop, and Makayla Foertsch.

Other cast members include Shawn Vaske, Dustin Miller, Craig Kohlhaas, Grace Steil, Kelsie Berke, Samantha Cruise, Melissa Kellner, Rebeccah Erdman, Cassie Reising, Brittany Berte, and Adam Hamilton. Best wishes to The Wizard of Oz. Break a leg, everybody!

Last weekend Garrigan freshman Erin Reedy ran in the state cross-country meet. Erin ended up fourth in the state, covering the four-kilometer course in just 15 minutes, 37 seconds. That's five seconds off her school record time, but still incredibly impressive. Erin's fourth place finish is also the highest place a Golden Bear girl has ever gotten at state cross-country. Congratulations to Erin Reedy, and good luck to her as she continues to run over the next three years.

The Golden Bear spirit squad is on a roll! Last weekend they competed at the Iowa Central Triton regional cheerleading competition, and they took first place overall at the event! Today they're down in Des Moines for the state cheerleading finals. The girls have a 21/2-minute routine that includes stunting, dance, and cheering, and they'll be competing against six other schools in Class 1-A. The varsity spirit squad includes Taylor Brandenburg, Cassie Reising, Beth Broesder, Molly Brashear, Kayla Schiltz, Kelsie Berke, Kristin Berte, Ashley Bode, Becky Jennings, Ryya Kumm, and Sarah Matthews. Good luck to Coach Erin Miller and the cheerleaders!

Last week the Golden Bear quiz bowl team received word that their entry in the October "20 Questions" contest was one of the top scores nationwide. 20 Questions is a test of both knowledge and research skills that is put on by the sponsors of the National Academic Championship. Jake Rosenmeyer and Michael Hellman submitted Garrigan's entry, and they got nineteen out of the twenty answers correct. Congratulations to them!

There's more quiz bowl action today. The Bears are across town for the Algona Invitational Tournament. Garrigan will have four teams entered in that tournament, and they're hoping for four good finishes. The first team includes Jake Rosenmeyer, Rebeccah Erdman, Anna Kollasch, and Michael Hellman. A second team consists of Andrea Altman, John Richter, Philip Detrick, Jenny Broesder, and Rachel Berte.

Garrigan's third team today features Brittany Berte, Michael Fakler, Alex Hamilton, Drew Magill, and Lizzy Hohmeister. Rounding out the group are the fourth team, with Craig Kohlhaas, Zach Scobba, Allison Frideres, and Matthew Fakler. Good luck, quiz bowl!

Also this weekend is the sate solo dance competition. Today three members of the Golden Bear danz squad are down in Pella for state. Rebecca Molsberry, Aimee Dahlhauser, and Rachel Molsberry will all be going up against the top dancers from around the state. Good luck to them as they compete at state!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Brittany Berte! Brittany Berte is a St. Joe native who has been active in lots of different activities. She's probably best known as a star on the quiz bowl team, where she's hoping to make her third trip to nationals next summer. She also keeps busy with choir, drama, speech, math team, cross-country, and summer swim team. Brittany is looking at attending Creighton next year, and we wish her all the best after high school.

On our Golden Bear calendar today there's state cheerleading in Des Moines and quiz bowl over at Algona High. Then tonight is your last chance to see The Wizard of Oz in Friedmann Auditorium.

Monday the annual magazine drive ends. Girls basketball practice starts that night. Monday night we'll have parent-teacher conferences from 3:30 to 6:30 in the Rochleau Center.

Tuesday and Wednesday a group from the Iowa Department of Education and the Sioux City Diocese will be visiting the school. They'll be meeting with students, teachers, and parents during the visit. Conferences continue Tuesday night from 4:30 to 7:30.

Next Friday there's no school at Garrigan, Seton, or the Algona Community Schools. The nurse's aide class will be having their clinicals starting at 5:30am that day. Then next Saturday the quiz bowl team travels to Orange City.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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