November 7, 1998

Good morning! I'm Bob Brandenburg!

And I'm Jessica Richter! Welcome to the "Bear Facts," where we have an incredible week to report about here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

If he hadn't proved it in eleven other meets this season, he proved it last Saturday. Adam Sundall is for real. The 1-A state race began promptly at 1:45, and when the clock still said 2:00--just 15 minutes and 54 seconds later, Adam crossed the finish line to become Garrigan's first-ever 5-k state champion. That's over three back-to-back miles in just over five minutes each. Adam's time set a new state record for the fastest time ever in the Class 1-A state meet. It would have also been good enough to win he 2-A race, and it would have beat all but ten of the runners in the big-school 3-A class. Adam proved he really is an elite runner, and all of us at Garrigan congratulate him.

Adam's win wasn't the only success for the Golden Bears at state cross-country. Simone Adler ended up 20th overall out of 130 runners in the girls' 1-A state finals, which made her the top female runner from any north-central Iowa school, in any class. She ran the two-mile course in just 12 minutes, 41 seconds, beating several people she had finished behind earlier in the season. A huge group of Garrigan fans were on hand in Fort Dodge to cheer both Simone and Adam on to victory. Both runners, as well as Coaches Kohlhaas and Ahlers want to thank all the fans for their outstanding support at state.

You might expect that after winning the state championship Adam would be done for the season. It shouldn't come as a surprise, though, that he just keeps going and going and going. He's a regular Energizer bunny. Today he and fellow runner Doug Besch are down in Glenwood, Iowa, where they're running to qualify for national competition. Good luck to both Adam and Doug in that race.

Last Saturday was also a big day for the varsity Golden Bear cheerleaders, as they competed in the ACF Midwest Competition. The squad included Melanie McGuire, Natalie Salz, Libby Wingert, Jenny Hall, Abby Monson, Sarah Foth, Jillian Trenary, Val Besch, Anna Erpelding, and Amanda Hilbert. The girls brought home a second place trophy in their division--the best finish ever, and a feat that came with a lot of hard work.

There were also individuals who competed. Libby Wingert, Natalie Salz, Jenny Hall, Melanie McGuire, and Jillian Trenary competed in five-person stunt group. Anna Erpelding and Deanna Kohlhaas competed in the top jumper competition, and Anna also competed for top tumbler. The squad is coached by Deb Trenary, and they are looking forward to doing their routine again today at the state competition. Congratulations to the girls!

The girls wish to thank everyone who supported them all through the year, and they encouage people to watch them at state today. The state competition is at Southeast Polk High School, which is off of highway 163, just east of Des Moines. The competition runs all day, with the Golden Bear cheerleaders scheduled to start around 10:00 this morning. We wish all the cheerleaders the very best of luck at state!

And that brings us to the football play-offs. Even though they lost their last regular season game, the Bears managed to rack up enough points during the season to be one of three teams from the district to qualify for the play-ofs this year. 1998 was the first year since district play was started that the Bears qualified for the play-offs, and before long the presses started rolling, with souvenir T-shirts and sweatshirts to commemmorate the occasion.

The Bears made the "Sweet Sixteen" in Class 1-A, and last Wednesday they played in the play-off opener at Pocahontas. Unfortunately, it just wasn't Garrigan's night. The Bears played a tough game, but in the end they fell to the Indians by a final scoe of 16 to 7. That closes one of the best seasons in years for Golden Bear football. We'd like to congratulate the Bears on the awesome season they've had throughout the fall.

The BGHS magazine drive is going fairly well. Students have sold subscriptions all over the area, and even to more distant places. Probably the most famous customers so far are Governor-Elect and Mrs. Vilsack--who happen to be from the hometown of Student Council Moderator David Burrow. Their contribution was among over ten thousand dollars in subscriptions that Garrigan students have sold. The magazine drive continues through this weekend, and we need everybody's support to make our overall goal. So be sure to find your favorite Garrigan student and renew your subscriptions through the school.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Brad and Jay Servantez.

If you follow Golden Bear football, you've probably hard the name Jay Servantez. Jay is one of the key defensive players for the Golden Bears, and he is among the leaders in tackles. You may have also seen him in the summer driving a cruiser at the races. At school, Jay enjoys his math class, and away from school he says he enjoys having tons and tons of fun. Good luck, Jay!

Jay's brother Brad Servantez enjoys showing cattle and playing intramural basketball. His favorite classes are art and math, but he doesn't care much for English or religion. Away from school Brad loves hanging out and spending time with his friends. Brad will be off to college next year, and we wish him all the best.

Thanks, Bob! After all of last week's excitement, the Golden Bear calendar is pretty empty this week. The biggest event is probably today, with the state cheerleading finals at Southeast Polk.

Monday marks the end of the magazine drive, and we're all crossing our fingers that we make our goal for sales. Also on Monday, girls' basketball practice begins.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in again for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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