September 7, 2019

Good morning! I’m Jack Snyder!

I’m Noah Bronk!

And I’m Joseph Trainer! Thanks for tuning in to the “Bear Facts”, the weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

While it seems as if the school year just started, it’s already time for Homecoming 2019. As we celebrate sixty years of alumni coming back to the school, this year’s Homecoming theme is “It’s Our Time”. The Homecoming queen candidates for 2019 are Jordan Hansen, Carolyn Hough, Maddie Meister, Amanda Miller, and Katie Noonan. On the king side, the nominees are Andrew Arndorfer, Grant Bormann, Matt Reding, Grayson Rowlet, and Cade Winkel.

We already voted for Homecoming King and Queen, and the winners will be announced next Monday in an all-school coronation and pep rally. You can see the royalty again in the Homecoming parade Friday at 1pm, and they’ll also be recognized Saturday at the Homecoming football game.

As is true every year, there will be special dress-up days for Homecoming. Monday’s theme is “Time to Throwback”, saluting childhood favorites. Tuesday is “Time to Rise”, with a pajama day theme. Wednesday is “Time to Compete”, and we’ll have the traditional Battle of the Classes. The seniors will be in black, the juniors in white, the sophomores in blue, the freshmen in yellow, and the staff in pink.

Thursday’s theme is “Time To Serve”. We’ll salute police, firefighters, health care workers, teachers, and other service professionals. Then on Friday it’s “Time to Rep”, with our traditional black and gold day. On Friday we’ll have our annual Homecoming mass at 9am, with a “Mr. Garrigan” contest following. We know everyone will have a great time all through Homecoming 2019.

All the fall sports are underway. This year more eyes than ever are on the volleyball team. We’re all expecting great things from the girls this fall. Last year there were no seniors at all on the volleyball team, but this year’s team features veteran players like Katie Noonan, Maddie Meister, Amanda Miller, Mackenzie Meister, and Emma Fogarty. Younger varsity players like Anna Berke, Emma Grandgenett, Ella Muller, Bailey Meister, Reese Rosenmeyer, Gracie Elsbecker, Kaylyn Meyers, Audi Crooks, and Tara Kron also bring good height and talent.

The volleyball team opened their season last week by beating Belmond—Klemme in straight sets. One of the season highlights will be two weeks from tomorrow, when Garrigan will host the big CYO tournament. Good luck all season long to Coach Schnurr and the volleyball team!

Almost all the starters on the football team are new this year. That showed in the first week, when the Bears played up a class and narrowly lost to Emmetsburg. The returning seniors on this year’s team include Marcus Plathe, Colby Graves, Cade Winkel, and Alex Mammen. They’re joined by Cameron Baade, who was not out for football last year.

Other key players include juniors Derrick Kirsch, Joey Trainer, Kellen Murphy, Kale Kramer, Mitch Buscherfeld, Joe Merron, Isaiah Plathe, Sean Davis, Jack Snyder, and Angelo Winkel. Now that they’re into district play, we expect the Bears to be competitive throughout the season. Good luck to Coach Wadle and the football team!

The cross-country team returns most of their talent from last year. On the boys side Joe Meis has been leading the team. He’s medaled in two different meets so far. His teammates include Quinn and Gavin Swift, Joseph Bonstetter, Austin Von Bank, Noah Bronk, Saban Meraz, Xander Darling, and Matt Kollasch. The girls team features Bailey Kollasch, Jenna Heinen, Ava Bartolo, Amanda Thilges, and Zoey Von Bank. Good luck, cross-country!

The Golden Bear spirit squad has a big group of girls cheering on the Bears all season. This year’s varsity cheerleaders include Jaden Becker, Jade Garman, Carolyn Hough, Andrea Pacheco, Julia Berte, Jordan Hansen, Bailey Kollasch, and Skye Waters; as well as Kiana Book, Grace DeLange, Abbi Heyin Emily Lappe, Halle Menke, Cora Ricke, Katelyn Cink, Meredith Illg, and Lillee Deike. Thanks to the cheerleaders for all their hard work!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on one of our student council presidents, Grayson Rowlet. Here to tell you about him is Aric Laubenthal.

Grayson Rowlet has connections to both the Algona and Bancroft areas. His biggest activity is golf, where he’s gone to state multiple times. Over the years his other activities have included choir, baseball, student council, and Christian Leadership in Action. Grayson is also one of this year’s nominees for Homecoming King. We wish him good luck throughout the year and in the future.

Thanks, Aric. On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there’s a 9th grade and JV volleyball tournament at Algona High today. Then tomorrow Homecoming Week begins.

We’ll have the Homecoming coronation at 10:00 Monday morning, followed by a pep rally. There’s an early dismissal that afternoon, and Monday night there’s a school safety program presented by the Algona Police Department.

The JV football team will play at Estherville Monday night. Then on Tuesday the cross-country team runs at Estherville. Also on Tuesday the volleyball team plays at Eagle Grove.

Wednesday is Game Day for Homecoming. Thursday the volleyball team hosts Garner—Hayfield. Friday we’ll have Homecoming mass at 9am, the parade at 1pm, and the big football game vs. Lake Mills Friday night. The junior class will serve a fundraiser for after-prom at the game.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for another week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.