The Bear Facts - April 8, 2006

Good morning! I'm Alex Elbert!

And I'm Anna Bormann! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Gala 2006 was a great success. More than 300 people attended the event last weekend, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Between the live and silent auctions, the car and recreation raffles, the dinner, and various games of chance, this year's Gala generated $218,325 in income, which is one of the largest sums ever. Some of that money will go into the school endowment, which will help to keep Garrigan and Seton going well into the future. The rest goes to support various special projects, like keeping our technology up to date. Thanks to everyone who worked at and helped to support Gala.

Some of the Gala decorations are still up this weekend, because they're being used for Prom. We're taking a trip to Vegas for our 2006 prom theme. The entryway is like a grand hotel, and the dance floor is decorated to look like a casino. The grand march will be at 8:30, and everybody is invited to attend. The dance will continue until midnight, and with the Vegas theme we know what happens at prom will stay at prom.

The dance is just the beginning of the fun for prom night. The junior parents have been busy planning a whole night of festivities for the after-prom party. The casual event will include card games, laser tag, a dating game, and a money machine that features bills being blown around. Everyone there can win great prizes, and it should be a really fun night.

Every spring we have some fun at Garrigan with the Computer Match compatibility surveys. Everyone at school fills out a questionnaire, and a few days later the computer produces lists of who we're the most and least compatible with. While we probably wouldn't base any long-term relationships on the results of that survey, it is fun to see the results.

In addition to the lists, the school got back a print-out of the #1 answers to each question. We learned that most people at Garrigan prefer wearing bright colors, they describe themselves as independent politically, and their favorite kind of movie is comedies. They feel the most fun thing about school is participating in sports, band, or choir, their favorite day of the week is Saturday, and in ten years they see themselves working in the business profession. Among the more amusing answers, people said that the main reason they'd go to the beach is to check out the "scenery" and they described their rooms as toxic waste dumps. We also found out that most people could not live without a telephone, most have never sent an anonymous love note, and they think a good way to spend a date would be watching videos at home.

One thing we do at Garrigan that most other schools don't is have jeans days. Since Garrigan has a school uniform, on jeans days we get to pay for the privilege of wearing jeans or other casual clothes. The money, usually a dollar, goes to support various charities. This past week we had a jeans day to help out Relay for Life, and we've also done them to raise money for the food pantry and for hurricane relief. Almost everyone participates in jeans days, and sometimes people choose to donate more than the minimum amount, because it all goes to a worthwhile cause.

Spring sports are here. The Golden Bear girls golf team is the defending state champion. They return three senior letterwinners: Sara Kunkel, Amanda Shaw, and April Wolf. Also at the heart of the team are juniors Andrea Richter, Anna Bormann, Alyssa Gisch, and Laura O'Kane. The girls golf team also includes sophomores Melissa Cruise, Taryn Vitzthum, Ashli Krieps, and Abby Gregg; and freshmen Ashley Beisch, Mandy Kohlhaas, and Kristina Schiltz.

The defending state runner-up boys golf team features seniors Dan Garman, Matt Kollasch, Bob Geelan, Ross Froehlich, Eric Goodman, and Brad Thompson. There are two juniors on the team: Alex Elbert and Logan Wood. Sophomores include Jacob Zittritsch, Brent Kajewski, Nick Berte, Ryan Bode, and Garrett Elbert, as well as Ben Golwitzer, Colby Krieps, Chris Lanus, Mark Poeppe, and Dustin Shackelford. Rounding out the team are freshmen Jimmy Geelan, Richard Forburger, Brad Richter, and Alex Dodds. Good luck all season long to our golfers!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Brad Thompson and Derek Lanus. Here to tell you about them is Krissy Kohlhaas!

Brad Thompson is hoping for a return trip to the state golf meet. In addition to hitting the links, Brad has been active in choir all through school, including two appearances at madrigal. He also does tech work for school plays, and when he's not at school you might see him delivering Premier pizza. He plans to attend Iowa Central Community College next year. Good luck, Brad!

Derek Lanus has taken a lot of technology courses over the years. Over the years his activities have included football, track, and choir. When he's not at school he enjoys four-wheeling and helping his dad with carpentry. You also might see him working at K-Mart. Derek will be off to college in the fall, and we wish him all the best.

Because of the Easter holiday, we've got two weeks to go through on our Golden Bear calendar. Tonight is Prom night, and tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Then next Tuesday several students will go to the North Central Conference art show in Iowa Falls.

Tuesday night the girls golf team hosts St. Ed's and Humboldt, while the boys golfers play at Humboldt. Also that night the girls track team runs at Algona High.

Thursday is our annual retreat day. The freshmen and sophomores will tour the West Bend grotto, while the older students learn about leadership. We'll dismiss early on Thursday for the three holy days leading up to Easter.

There are no activities over Easter break. Golf starts up again Easter Monday, with the boys playing at West Bend and the girls at Mallard.

On Tuesday, April 18th, classes resume. The girls track team runs at Garner that night. There's girls golf at Algona, and the boys golf team plays at Clear Lake.

On Wednesday the 19th the speech team will have their awards potluck. That night the boys track team will be running at Alta and the Spanish 4 class will visit a Mexican restaurant in Clear Lake.

Friday the 21st there's boys track at Pocahontas and girls track at Estherville. Finally on Saturday the 22nd Garrigan will compete in the state math tournament in Iowa City.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. We'll be off next weekend due to Easter break, but be sure to join us again two weeks from now to hear more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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