The Bear Facts
March 8, 2008

Good morning! I'm Melanie Myers!

And I'm Gina Rasmussen! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts". Thanks for joining us to hear all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Are you hungry? Well, the junior class has just the thing to satisfy your cravings. All this morning they're sponsoring a Dad's Belgian Waffle breakfast to help earn money for prom. They're serving waffles at the Rochleau Center at St. Cecelia's. Serving began at 8:00, and they'll be continuing through noon today. The cost at the door is just $7, and it's all-you-can-eat with waffles, sausage, flavored syrup, and drinks. There's even a special prize for the person who eats the most waffles! Take-outs are available, and there will also be raffle tickets for sale for a chance to win a TV. So come on over to the Rochleau Center this morning for the junior class Belgian waffle breakfast!

Two weeks ago Garrigan hosted the district individual speech contest, and the Bears made an awesome showing. Today the speech team is looking to do well again. Garrigan has sixteen entries competing at state contest, which is being held today at Manson Northwest Webster High School. There are Golden Bear entries in Acting, Radio News Announcing, Prose, Poetry, Literary Program, Storytelling, and Expository Address. Garrigan's first entry today is exchange student Gui Klein, who will perform about half an hour from now, ending up with Gina Rasmussen around 3:15 this afternoon. We encourage all of you to make the trip down to Manson to see the state contest performances. Admission is just $3 for a whole day of fun.

The national-bound Golden Bear quiz bowl team are holding a special fundraiser to help cover expenses for their trip. On Thursday, March 20, they'll be participating in the Golden Bear Trivia Challenge, a think-a-thon, where the team will be answering 200 trivia questions. Players are looking for sponsors to donate either fixed amounts or amounts based on the number of questions answered correctly. Ethan Dahlhauser, Shane Koob, Brent Kajewski, Jacob Zittritsch, Mark Poeppe, Joe Straub, Vince Cruise, Rebeccah Erdman, Brittany Berte, Jake Rosenmeyer, and Anna Kollasch will be making the trip to nationals in Chicago. You can see any of them to offer donations for the think-a-thon.

Last Saturday the Golden Bear math team competed in another Great Plains Math League tournament. This time they headed west to Sioux Center, where Dordt College sponsored one of the largest competitions in the area. The Bears ended up fourth overall, but there were just a handful of points separating the top five teams in the tournament. There was one more state qualifier for the Bears at last week's contest. Freshman Alex Hamilton joins seniors Kent Recker and Melanie Myers and junior Ben Hellman in qualifying for state. The state math tournament will be held April 19th in Iowa City.

Next Monday several Garrigan students will be donating the stuff of life, as Garrigan hosts the annual student blood drive. Health instructor Jeanne Wunder organizes the blood drive, which includes students from both Garrigan and Algona High. This year the event will be here at Garrigan, with nurses' aide and advanced health students helping out with the work of drawing blood. 

Gala 2008 is just around the corner. Every year there's a different Gala theme, and this year's event will combine the traditional elegance with the fun of a three-ring circus. For "The Greatest Show on Earth" several Garrigan students will be working as sideshow entertainers, in addition to being waiters and valets. The main Gala event will be Saturday, April 5th, with the focus being an elegant dinner and live auction. Tickets are still available for Gala 2008, so call the Garrigan development office to reserve your place today!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Ryan Bode and Michelle Kollasch. Here with all the information on them is Melissa Cruise.

When you check out the Garrigan website, you'll find a lot of the pages you see were created by Ryan Bode. Ryan enjoys business and technology classes. He used to be in golf, and he's a fan of lots of Golden Bear activities. When he's not at school, you might see him working at Bomgaar's. After graduating, he plans to work full-time so he can save money to go to college later on. We wish Ryan all the best in the future.

Michelle Kollasch is a National Honor Society member whose biggest activities include speech and drama. She's also in the Solid Gold Marching Band, and she's a four year member of the Christian Leadership in Action group. Michelle plans to head to Iowa State in the fall, and we wish her good luck after high school!

Thanks, Melissa! On this week's Golden Bear calendar, there's the junior class Belgian waffle breakfast this morning at the Rochleau Center, and all day the speech team is competing at state in Manson.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight, as Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am. Tomorrow afternoon intramural basketball resumes, with some of the best match-ups of the season. Then Monday there's the joint blood drive with Algona High here at Garrigan.

Boys track starts Monday after school. Tuesday night we'll have the annual academic honors banquet at the K.C. Hall. Then Wednesday there's the Envirothon at Cherokee, and that afternoon juniors will attend a college day at Algona High.

Thursday Garrigan's sophomores will be touring area businesses. Then Friday we'll have 8th grade day, as the Seton Middle School students get their orientation to high school life.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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