March    8,    1997

Good morning!  I'm Beth Haag!

I'm Jenni Krieps!

And I'm Andrea Cruise!  Welcome to a special edition of the 'Bear Facts', the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Can you believe it?!  A year ago the Golden Bear boys were the joke of the North Central Conference, with an overall record of one win and eighteen losses. Well, no one's laughing now!  The Bears are for real, and they're now the district champions!  They beat Manson/Northwest Webster Tuesday to win their first district title since 1993.  Then they went on to play Saint Ansgar in the big substate game last night.

We had to tape this week's 'Bear Facts' before the substate game was decided.  By now you know the outcome of that big game, but we want to say that--one way or the other--we couldn't be happier with the Bears.  They've been the underdogs all season long, but they've proven themselves again and again--coming from behind and making key shots when it counted.  Coach Meister said that in all his years of coaching he couldn't remember a bigger turn-around in a team. Congratulations to the district champion Golden Bears!

Another group of students was very successful this past week.  At the district individual speech contest last Saturday, Garrigan earned twelve Division I (or 'excellent') ratings.  Students earning I's include Cindy Bormann in both Prose and Public Address, Katie Reising in both Acting and Radio News Announcing, Jenni Krieps in both Acting and Poetry, and Jenessa McGuire in both Storytelling and Prose.  Also receiving I's were Mark DeLange in Radio, Carrie Kohlhaas in Poetry, Tiffany Meyer in Public Address, and Julie Henkelvig in Storytelling.  Garrigan also earned four Division II (or 'good') ratungs.  They went to Kristi McGraine in Prose and Acting, Julie Henkelvig in Storytelling, and Ruby Bode in Radio News Announcing.

The big story on everyone's mind this week is the Golden Bear girls' return appearance in the state basketball tournament.  The girls have had an awesome year, going undefeated through eighteen conference matches and four post-season games  They are presently rated second in the state, and we hope they'll finish at least that high in the tournament.

Fifteen girls have gotten in the record book for the Golden Bears this season.  At the core of this year's team are seniors Jill Rosenmeyer and Darci Kohlhaas, and junior Katie Vaske.  All three girls lead in both scoring and rebounding.  Seniors Maggie Nelson and Katie Seiler and sophomore Liz DeWaard have also scored over 100 points each this season.  Molly Nelson and Sarah Hall lead the team in free-throw percentage, while Angie Froehlich has the top percentage on three-pointers.  Lisa Boekelman, Jenny McAlpine, and Ruby Bode have been hustling and helping out with rebounds all year long.  It's been a team effort, and rounding out the team are Katie Reding, Jenessa McGuire, and KAtie Elbert.  Good luck to all the Bears!

The girls play their opening game at State on Wednesday afternoon at one o'clock.  We'll have a big pep rally and send-off Wednesday morning to start off the school day.  Then we'll ring the bell to dismiss asses, and we'll all head down for a 'field trip' to cheer the girls on to victory.  If they win on Wednesday, the'll next play in the semi-finals Friday afternoon at 2:30.  Then there's the game we're all crossing our fingers for--the 2A championship next Saturday night.

The girls team is almost as remarkable a turn-around story as the boys.  It's not that many years ago that we started playing any kind of girls' basketball at Garrigan.  All through the six-on-six years, the girls endured losing seasons and lackluster crowds.  Then the state switched to five-on-five ball, and suddenly it was our turn to shine.  Ever since the switch, Garrigan has been on a role.  With the change in rules the game became more exciting, too, and the crowds have been there all year long to cheer on the Bears.

We had the biggest crowd in Garrigan girls' basketball history last Friday for the substate game in Fort Dodge.  When warm-ups started there wasn't an empty seat on the Garrigan side, but only a few seats were full across the gym.  The girls were especially impressed by all the fans who came from Algona High, Sentral, North Kossuth, West Bend, and all the other area schools.  Thanks for cheering us on to State!

The girls are all thrilled with the idea or returning to the big barn in Des Moines.  Katie Seiler said, 'It's really nice to get there two years in a row,' and Maggie Nelson commented, 'I didn't get to play last year, so I'm excited about going down there again.'  Sophomore Katie Reding summed things up for everyone when she said, 'The hard work really paid off!'

With our basketball theme this week, we're featuring basketball fan Jamie Weydert in our Senior Spotlight.  Jamie is the son of Harlan and Julie Weydert of rural St.
Joe.  He enjoys sports in general, and this winter he's been the top scorer on the Attack Force intramural team.  Jamie will be off to college next fall, and we wish him the very best of luck.

On the Garrigan calendar this week, tomorrow intramurals continue.  Monday girls' track practice starts.  Also Monday night is the Seton Education Fair, which was
postponed due to the boys' substate game.

Tuesday we'll have the Sacrament of Reconciliation at both Garrigan and Seton.  Then Wednesday morning we'll have the big pep rally and send-off for the Golden Bear girls.

The girls play Wednesday at 1pm, and hopefully they'll also play Friday at 2:30.  If they make it past then, the championship game would be next Saturday night at six o'clock.

That's the 'Bear Facts' for girls' state tournament week.  Thanks for listening, and we'll see you in Des Moines to cheer on the Bears!

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