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May 8, 2004


G-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-d MORNNG! I'm Adam Arndorfer!

I'm Jesse Bode!

I'm Cassie Recker!

I'm Nettie McGuire!

I'm Michaela Mescher!

I'm Brooke Myers!

I'm Sarah Mayer!

I'm Tyler Rolling!

I'm Nicole Krieps!

I'm David Rasmussen!

I'm Ben Geelan!

I'm Lindsay Becker!

I'm Lisa Thilges!

I'm Katie Salz!

I'm Ben Geelan!

I'm John Kohlhaas!

I'm Scott Stence!

I'm Eric Cassmann!

... and I'm Josh Broesder! Welcome to a very special edition of the "Bear Facts", where we're saluting the Class of 2004 here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

The school year is essentially over for this year's seniors. We finished up our "real" classes yesterday, and now all that's left are semester tests. Seniors have their afternoon tests on Monday, and Tuesday morning we'll take the last of our exams. We'll have the baccalaureate mass and awards assembly Wednesday night, and then graduation will be next Sunday, May 16, at 2pm. Eric Cassmann will be delivering the commencement address. Also at graduation you'll hear choir members sing their farewell song, "This Day".

The seniors chose the white rose as their class flower. The class colors are black and silver, and the motto for the Class of 2004 is "In our hands we hold today; in our dreams we hold tomorrow; in our hearts we hold forever." Fifty-two seniors will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas a week from now. 

Lindsay Becker, Amber Golwitzer, and John Kohlhaas are all valedictorians, each with a 4.0 grade point average. Scott Stence is salutatorian. In addition to those four, Cassie Recker, Eric Cassmann, Melissa Vaske, Ben Geelan, Katie Salz, Michaela Mescher, Nettie McGuire, and Brooke Myers are all graduating "summa cum laude", or "with highest honors". Fifteen other seniors will be graduating with others sorts of honors noted on their diplomas.

The Class of 2004 has made lots of accomplishments in their years at Garrigan. Athletes in our senior class have led the Bears to conference championships in baseball and basketball, state appearances in cross-country and track, an outstanding year in girls golf, and tournament titles in volleyball. This year's seniors have won more "outstanding performer" awards in speech than any class before them, and they've presented some of the best plays and musicals in school history.

Class members have led Garrigan to nationals in quiz bowl for three straight years, and they're also at the core of one of the state's most successful math teams, they've won awards in dance and art, and they've helped the band and choir sound better than they have in years.

Another activity that this class has been very involved with is Christian Leadership in Action. More than a third of this year's seniors are in Christian Leadership. Members of the group plan school masses, and they also do a wide variety of service projects-ranging from helping at a soup kitchen in Minneapolis to collecting donated goods for needy people in Honduras. It says something about the Class of 2004 that more seniors are part of Christian Leadership than any other activity in the school.

Coach David Burrow recently passed out letters and awards to members of the Golden Bear quiz bowl team. It's no surprise that John Kohlhaas, who has been a team captain since he was a freshman, was selected the Most Valuable Player in quiz bowl for 2004. Tyler Rolling, who has been to almost every meet for four straight years, received the Coach's Appreciation Award. Other seniors receiving quiz bowl letters are Scott Stence, Amber Golwitzer, Josh Broesder, Eric Cassmann, Adam Cink, and Jesse Bode.

Fifteen underclassmen also received quiz bowl letters. They include juniors Matt Courtney, Brianne Donahe, Renee Taphorn, Jacob Richter, and Samantha Kirsch; sophomores Jacob Hellman, Gavin Freking, Jeff Lappe, Alison Brandenburg, Joe Rahm, Andrew Missal, Spenser Rahm, and Brandon Rowley, and freshman Chris Scobba. Congratulations to all the quiz bowl award winners.

Broadcasting letter winners were also announced this past week. Almost ever week this year it's been seniors you've heard bringing you the news on the "Bear Facts", so it's no surprise that every single one of this year's broadcasting letters went to a senior. Winning letters were Scott Stence, Jesse Bode, Brooke Myers, Michaela Mescher, Nettie McGuire, Eric Cassmann, and John Kohlhaas. In addition to them Cassie Recker received a letter and also earned the "Outstanding Broadcaster" award for 2004.

There was good news this week for three members of the BGHS staff. Transportation coordinator Dick Krapp will be receiving a special service citation from Governor Vilsack. Custodian John Bartolo is receiving an award for umpiring baseball for twenty-five years, and Deacon Bob Larsen will be honored at the state track meet for being a twenty-five year track coach. Congratulations to all these people.

We've finished saluting the Class of 2004 in our Senior Spotlights, so we'll go straight to this week's Golden Bear calendar. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and then Monday the seniors begin their final exams.

Monday night the girls track team runs in the North Central Conference meet at Hampton. Also on Monday there's the conference golf meets-with the boys in Algona and the girls at Iowa Falls.

Tuesday night the boys track team runs at Forest City. Softball practice begins next Wednesday, and that night we'll have baccalaureate for the Class of 2004. Following mass there will be an awards reception and awards assembly.

Thursday the girls golf team plays in the CYO meet at Breda. Friday there's boys sectional golf, and then next Saturday the track teams run at district at Laurens-Marathon.

Finally this week we'd like to offer our sympathy to math teacher Daryl Kohlhaas, whose brother died suddenly this past week. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Kohlhaas, as well as with all the Kohlhaas students who lost their uncle.

That's the last "Bear Facts" from the Class of 2004. Next week you'll hear some fresh voices, as some younger people take over the microphone. Be sure to join them as they continue to bring you all the news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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