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MAY 8, 1999

Good morning! I’m Abby Rahm!

I’m Andrew Brunsen!

I’m Jessica Richter!

I’m Mike Reel!

And I’m Kristi Patten! Welcome to a special edition of the “Bear Facts" where we’re saluting the Class of 1999 here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

It's that time of year again--time to say good-bye to another BGHS senior class. The Class of '99 has only three more full days of classes, followed by final exams next Thursday and Friday. Baccalaureate will be next Thursday night at 7:30 and the graduation ceremony will be Sunday afternoon at 2:00 in the Garrigan gym. Future Annapolis midshipman Mike Reel will deliver the commencement address for the Class of 1999.

Each year the graduating class chooses a class motto. For the Class of '99, that motto is:

Our lives are before us;
Our past is behind us;
Our memories are forever.
The class chose midnight blue and sterling silver as their class colors, and the class flower is the white rose.

The Class of '99 has accomplished a lot in the past four years. Two of the class leaders are Eagle Scouts, and nearly half of the class has won honors in 4-H. This year's seniors have challenged themselves academically by taking more college-level classes than any group of seniors before them. Among their other accomplishments, members of the Class of '99 led the danz squad to their first ever appearance at nationals and the quiz bowl team to two different national tournaments. Other seniors have won state honors in music, speech, art, writing, math, business, cheerleading, and health occupations.

The seniors have also excelled in athletic competition. Last fall one member of the class became the state cross-country champion, and this winter another senior became the first Golden Bear ever to pin an opponent in wrestling. The seniors led last fall's Golden Bear football team to the district championship and their first play-off bid in recent years. Some of this year's seniors have been to state in basketball and track, while other shave won prestigious honors in volleyball, baseball, softball, and golf.

One thing that’s unique about the Class of ’99--especially considering all their accomplishments—is that our class has an unusually large number of people who are classified in the "resource" program. Resource is something we don’t talk about a lot, but Mrs. Karen Roman and her program are really quite important to the school. Being in resource means they have learning disabilities that they need help to overcome. While most classes have two or three resource students, there are thirteen seniors in the program--nearly one-fourth of the Class of '99. While that’s a lot of students, we’re pleased to say that, thanks in part to Mrs. Roman’s help, every single resource student will be graduating, and almost all of them will be going on to college next year.

This afternoon nearly half of the students at Garrigan will be involved in competition. They'll be over at West Hancock High School in Britt for the annual Iowa High School Music Association large group contest. The varsity choir, the a cappella choir, and the band are all competing today. The band performs at 3:17pm, and the choir goes on at 4:30. Good luck to all the musicians!

Last weekend another group of students did extremely well in competition. For the first time ever, a BGHS team went to the state mathematics tournament. Garrigan was one of the smallest schools in the tournament, and their team--which included two Seton Middle School students--was by far the youngest group there. Even so, the Bears had an outstanding day. They ended up second overall among all the schools with 700 or fewer students.

Sophomore Angie Kohlhaas had the highest overall score for a tenth grader, and she placed sixth among all competitors. Freshman Bob Brandenburg was the top ninth grader overall, and seventh grader John Kohlhaas finished second competing against ninth graders. Other team members included sophomore Lynn Kohlhaas, freshmen Rebecca McGuire and Jennifer Faber, and eighth grader Steven Kellner. Congratulations on bringing home a big state trophy to all the members of the Golden Bear math team!

Three other students received medals last week at the Iowa Lakes Community College Business Day competition. Junior Pam Kramer finished first in Job Interviewing, and she received a $100 scholarship for courses at ILCC. Pam also medalled in Business Math, as did senior Abby Rahm. The final medallist was senior Libby Wingert, who was among the top competitors in Advanced Accounting. Congratulations, business students!

Student Council elections finished up last week, and almost every race was extremely close. We already told you that Ed Elbert and Jason Geving would be next year's Student Council Presidents. In the Class of 2000, the class presidents will be Eric Becker and Corrie Stetzel, while Bethany Miller and Pam Kramer will serve as representatives. Scott McGuire and Brad Nelson are the presidents of the Class of 2001, and they're backed up by representatives Sara Reding and Ben Lickteig. In the Class of 2002, the presidents will be Nolan Thilges and Scot Miller, while Andy Kardoes and Andy Meyer will be the student council representatives. Congratulations to the 1999-2000 student council.

This week’s Senior Spotlight shines on Matt Buscher and Lynn Hilbert. Matt Buscher ‘s friends all call him “Busch”. He’s a two-time letterwinner in football, and he’s also been involved in golf and intramural basketball. Matt enjoys spending time outdoors, and he likes doing mechanical things and working with his hands. He’ll be studying at Iowa Lakes in Emmetsburg next year, and we wish him all the best.

Lynn Hilbert is a Wesley native whose biggest activity is music. She’s a four-year member of the BGHS choir. In school Lynn enjoys her home economics classes, and when she’s away from Garrigan you might see her working at the A&W in Britt. Like Matt, Lynn will be attending a community college next year. Good luck, Lynn!

On this week’s Golden Bear calendar, today there’s large group music contest at Britt. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and then on Monday the golf teams face Hampton/Dumont.

Tuesday the boys’ track team runs at Forest City. Then on Wednesday the seniors finish their regular classes. Also on Wednesday the biology classes will be canoeing at Spirit Lake.

Wednesday night the speech and art departments will have their annual awards potluck. Then on Thursday seniors will take their afternoon tests. Thursday is also the Feast of the Ascension, and we’ll have mass at Garrigan at 9:00am.

Thursday night we’ll have baccalaureate for the Class of ’99. Mass will be at 7:30 in Friedmann Auditorium.

Friday the seniors finish their finals and head out the door for the last time. That night there’s boys’ sectional golf, and the girls’ track team runs in the North Central Conference meet at Algona High.

At this time we'd like to salute Andy Roethler, the sports director at KLGA. All the athletic teams ar Bishop Garrigan would like to thank him for his service the past years.

That’s the “Bear Facts” for another week, and the last “Bear Facts” that those of us in the Class of ’99 will be announcing. While we’re out of here, the year’s still not over. So be sure to tune in again next week when some of our younger announcers will be bringing you more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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