===== THE BEAR FACTS ===== November 8, 1997 ===== THE BEAR FACTS ===== November 8, 1997 ===== THE BEAR FACTS ===== November 8, 1997 ===== THE BEAR FACTS ===== November 8, 1997 ===== THE BEAR FACTS ===== November 8, 1997 =====

Good morning! I'm Tim Mosbach!

And I'm Jenni Krieps! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", your weekly radio round-up of all the latest news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Last weekend seven Golden Bear quiz bowl players went to Iowa City for the Hawkeye Invitational Quiz Bowl. While the tournament was very disorganized and it was a pretty disasterous day for the Bears, it was a good day for senior Tom Twait. Tom answered an average of seven toss-up questions per game, and his skills made him one of just five players named to the All-Tournament Team in Iowa City. Congratulations, Tom!

The quiz bowl team is seeing more action today. They're over in West Bend for the West Bend/Mallard Invitational Quiz Bowl. Bishop Garrigan has four teams entered in the tournament. In addition to Tom Twait, the team captains include seniors Nate Fouarge, junior Abby Rahm, and freshman Lynn Kohlhaas. The other seniors going to West Bend are Carrie Kohlhaas, Jenny McAlpine, Tim Mosbach, Mike Cowan, and Jeff Geving. The juniors include Adam Foertsch, Maria Loebach, and Rachel Studer. Sophomore Louie Bode is competing, and so are freshmen David Monson, Chris Missal, Angie Kohlhaas, and Paul Loebach. Good luck, quiz bowl!

The fall sports season is over at BGHS, but it's been an incredible season. Last Monday the Golden Bear volleyball team became just the second team all year to win a game over North Kossuth. The girls lost the match in the end, but we're definitely proud of our district champions. We're also proud of cross-country runner Adam Sundall. A year ago Adam ended up 36th in the state cross-country meet. He woked hard in the off-season, and that work definitely paid off. Last Saturday he finished second at state, just three seconds behind the champion. Congratulations!

The BGHS website has passed another milestone. The homepage was started just last winter, and already it has been accessed more than 5,000 times. On the Garrigan homepage you can find a complete calendar of our student activities, and you can take a room-by-room virtual tour of every room in the building--right down o the restrooms, locker rooms, offices, and janitor's closets. There's also photos and stats from the sports teams, lots of research tools, and special pages dedicated to specific classes. You can even check out the "Bear Facts" script from this week and from all the other shows from the past year. Senior Tim Mosbach created and mainains the BGHS homepage, which is one of the most thorough high school websites you'll find anywhere.

Last night was opening night for "The Wizard of Oz", and everybody agrees it was a smash hit. The BGHS adaptation of Frank Baum's classic tale takes you over the rainbow and into the wonderful Land of Oz. Directors Sue Ney and Todd Herbst-Ulmer have been working hard to organize more than forty cast members in the lavish production. Helping out behind the scenes are Nate Fouarge, Brad Frideres, Tim Mosbach, Ben Erdman, Nick Roethler, Steve Grandgenett, and Brandon Donahe. If you didn't see it last night, you still have one more chance to catch "The Wizard of Oz". The encore performance will be tonight at 7:30pm in the Garrigan gym. Tickets are just three dollars for adults and two dollars for children, so be sure to come on in and see the BGHS fall musical.

There's just one more day left in the Garrigan magazine drive. The freshman class has been leading the way all through the fundraiser. They've already met their goal, and they're also helping subsidize the sophomores and juniors--who haven't been selling all that well. If you haven't had an opportunity to order your magazines yet, you still have one last chance. Just contact any Garrigan student this weekend with your order. Remember that forty cents out of every dollar you spend stays right here at home to support sports, music, drama, publications, quiz bowl, and other student activities at BGHS. We'll let you know the final results from the fundraiser on next week's show.

This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Jenessa McGuire and Jason Anderson. Here with the details on them is Nate Fouarge.

If you go to see "The Wizard of Oz" tonight, you can't help but notice Jenessa McGuire in the leading role of Dorothy. Jenessa has been active in music and drama all through high school. She's also an athlete, who helped lead the cross-country team to new records this fall. Jenessa will be off to college next fall, and we wish her all the best.

Jason Anderson is one of this year's senior class co-presidents. You might describe Jason as fun-loving, but he's also quite hard-working. You probably know Jason best as a football player, and away from school you may have seen him in his job at Fareway. We wish Jason the very best in the future.

Thanks, Nate! On our Golden Bear calendar today there's quiz bowl at West Bend/Mallard. Tonight is the last performance of "The Wizard of Oz".

Monday the magazine drive ends. About seventy students will be at the Mall of America Monday as one of their rewards from the calendar drive last September.

Also on Monday girls' basketball practice begins. Tuesday night both Seton and Garrigan will have conferences. Garrigan's conferences this year will be at the St. Cecelia's Rochleau Center.

Wednesday we'll have auditions for large-group speech. Also Wednesday night is the football team's awards potluck, which was postponed due to the play.

There's more conferences Tuesday night, again at the Rochleau Center. Then on Friday there's national testing for our Golden Bear athletes.

There's no school Friday--at Garrigan, Seton, or the Algona public schools. Finally, next Saturday there's quiz bowl at Algona High.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for tuning in, and be sur to keep your dial here next week to hear more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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