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May 9, 1998

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Good morning! I'm Katie Patterson!

And I'm Dennis Gisch! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", your weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

Start spreading the news! In less than a month the Golden Bear quiz bowl team will be headed to the Big Apple and the Nation's Capital for their fourth straight trip to the National Academic Championships. For captain Tim Mosbach, going to nationals is old news; this will be the third straight year Tim has made the trip. He went to New Orleans two years ago and to Washington last year with the BGHS quiz bowl team. Other returning veterans include senior Jeremy Richter and sophomores Tyler Struck and Dennis Gisch. Senior Nate Fouarge; juniors Rachel Studer, Abby Rahm, and Mike Reel; and sophomore Jenny Reinhart are also making the trip out east.

The team will leave on Friday, June 5. The first main stop will be New York City, where they'll go to mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, watch the Yankees play the Florida Marlins, and catch the view from the top of the Empire State Building. They'll spend a day basking in the sun on the Jersey Shore, and then it's off to Washington, where they'll be competing at nationals June 11, 12, and 13. They'll return home on June 15th, and we hope they'll have a victory or two to boast about when they get back. Good luck to our quiz bowl team!

The year is really winding down. In fact, because of an early start and a wonderful winter, this year we'll be getting out earlier than we ever have before. For our seniors there's just three more days of classes, and then finals and graduation. The school baccelaureate mass will be in Friedmann Auditorium next Thursday, May 14, at 7:30pm. Graduation will be next Sunday at 2:00 in the Garrigan gym.

Like many classes before them, this year's seniors chose the ivory rose for their class flower. Ivory is also one of their class colors, and so is dark purple. The class motto is:

Through the years we'll touch many lives;
Those we've lost won't be forgotten,
and those we've yet to meet
will be treasured forever.
We'll tell you more about the Class of '98 on next week's show.

The Garrigan golf teams have been having a pretty good season. On the boys' side junior Anthony Gervais was the medalist when the Bears beat Algona High last week. Other top golfers include Michael Bernhard, P.J. Vaske, Matt Kunkwl, and Russ Vaske. You'll also want to watch for Jesse Walker, Jason Kohlhaas, Tony Meyer, Nate Fouarge, Brandon Donahe, and Wade MacDonald. Shannon Duffy coaches the boys' golf team at Garrigan.

The girls' golf team has also gotten some respectable scores. Senior Emily Muller has been a stand-out golfer all through high school. Other top team members include Molly Nelson, Katie Patterson, and Stephanie Berte. Then there's Bobbie Jo Smith, Melanie McGuire, Melissa Blocker, and Lynn Kohlhaas. Marty Wadle is the girls' golf coach at BGHS.

The boys' track team made an awesome showing at the Algona High meet last week. Junior Adam Sundall led the pack in both the 1600 and 3200 meter races. Coach Greg Ahlers described the 200 sprint as "blistering", but in the end the winner was Mike Cowan. Mike and Adam joined teammates Thad Wunder and Andy Laubenthal in the medley relay, where they finished first in near-record time. Many Golden Bears ran personal best times, and overall the team finished fourth in the meet. Congratulations!

Because the seniors are out of here next week, we'll be finishing out the class with three students in our Senior Spotlight this week. They are Andrea Cruise, Molly McGuire, and Annie Potthoff. Here to tell you about them is Angie Froehlich.

You may have spoken to Andrea Cruise on the phone, since she calls a lot of people in her job at APAC. When she's not in school, Andrea loves spending time with her boyfriends. She is active in choir, and her favorite part of the school day is study hall. Next year she'll be at either Mt. Mercy or Iowa Lakes, and we wish her good luck.

Molly McGuire is an Algona native who is a long-time member of the award-winning Golden Bear danz squad. Molly works at Hy-Vee, and she's also studying at LaJames in Mason City for a career in cosmetology. We wish Molly the very best in the future.

Our final Senior Spotlight subject is Annie Potthoff. Annie is active in volleyball, softball, and track. While she is unemployed, she enjoys her time away from school. Annie plans to attend NIACC next year, and she plans a career in elementary education. Good luck to Andrea, Molly, and Annie!

Thanks, Angie! On this week's Golden Bear calendar, there's large-group music contest today. Tomorrow we'll be celebrating Mother's Day.

The golf teams will be playing in the North Central Conference meets on Monday. The girls will be at Hampton/Dumont, and the boys will play at Eagle Grove.

On Tuesday there's girls' district track. Also on Tuesday the boys' track team will be running at Forest City. Then on Wednesday the health classes will be visiting the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Softball practice starts on Wednesday. Thursday the seniors begin their final exams, and that night they'll have baccelaureate. Also on Thursday Garrigan will be hosting the CYO girls' golf meet at Spring Valley.

Friday the seniors finish up their semester tests. The girls will be running in the conference track meet, and the boys have sectional golf. Then on Saturday there's boys' sectional golf and boys' district track.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School!

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