The Bear Facts ... September 9, 2006

Good morning! I'm Alicia Miller!

And I'm Danielle Rahm! Welcome to a special edition of the "Bear Facts", where we're celebrating Homecoming, 2006 here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

"The Bears Go Undercover". That's the theme for our 2006 Homecoming celebration. The fun starts tomorrow, when we'll be decorating floats for the Homecoming parade. The freshman class will be at Buscher Brothers Implement, the sophomores at Algona Marine and Sport, the juniors at Reding's Gravel and Excavating, and the seniors at Capesius Brothers Pioneer Seed. Once the floats are built, it's time for the annual powder puff football game. The freshman and senior girls will team up against the sophomores and juniors as they battle on the gridiron.

Homecoming always stands out because each day of the week we have special dress days. Monday will be "Undercover Day", and everyone will find their best disguise. Tuesday we'll have "Super Hero Day". Then Wednesday each class will be dressed in a distinctive color. The seniors will be in white, the juniors in black, the sophomores in blue, and the freshmen in green. Even the faculty have a designated color-purple. Thursday is the traditional "Black and Gold Day", and Friday we'll all put on our best clothes for "Dress-Up Day".

One of the most popular parts of Homecoming is a tradition that's just three years old. On Wednesday we'll have the annual "Battle of the Classes", where everybody competes to see what class is best at a wide variety of games. The games include everything from dodgeball and kickball to badminton and ultimate Frisbee. There's even a trivia contest, video games, and competitive eating. We'll fill you in next week on who all the winners are.

Reigning over Homecoming is our royal court. Emily Funk, Hilary McGuire, Cindy Reding, Andrea Richter, and Marisa Spain are in the running for Homecoming queen; while Brian Capesius, Scott Kollasch, Chris Loebach, Josh Rahm, and Dustin Tindall are candidates for king. We'll cast our votes next Tuesday, and the winners will be announced at the big coronation and pep rally Wednesday night.

Friday is always the busiest day of Homecoming week. Our classes will be short all day that day, because we'll have mass in the morning and then get out early for the Homecoming parade. The parade will be different this year. It will start at 2pm, instead of the traditional 4:00. That's because there's a freshman game before the varsity football game that night. After the game we'll have the big Homecoming dance.

While we try to feature all our fall activities at Homecoming, football always ends up at the center of attention. The 2006 Bears have played two non-district games so far, with mixed results. For Homecoming they'll begin district play in Class A. The Bears' district has been called the toughest in the state, but they should be able to be competitive. This year's football captains are Brian Capesius, Dustin Tindall, and Chris Loebach. Other returning seniors include Scott Kollasch, Joe Dailey, Spenser Eischen, Ben Berte, Alex Bradley, Josh Rahm, Alex Hilbert, and Tony Rouse.

The juniors in football include Mark Poeppe, Chris Gelhaus, Andrew Elbert, D.J. Thompson, Lee Brashear, Chase Reding, and John Parrish; as well as A.J. Doughan, David Frideres, Mike Garman, Jake Grein, Brent Kajewski, Shane Koob, and Jake Lane. Rounding out the varsity squad are sophomores, including Jim Geelan, Richard Forburger, Brian Patterson, David Miller, Jack Bradley, and Alec Boeckholt; together with Ethan Gisch, Kyle Smith, Kory Wieland, Dan Thilges, Vince Cruise, Joe Straub, and Brian Hamilton. Good luck at Homecoming and all season long to the Golden Bear football team!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Alex Bradley. Here to tell you about him is Brent Kajewski.

Alex Bradley comes to Garrigan from St. John the Baptist Parish in Bancroft. His biggest activities are football and quiz bowl. He's also a representative on the student council, and last week you may have heard him announcing here on the "Bear Facts". Alex is trying to start up a chess club at Garrigan, and when he's not at school he enjoys playing X-Box 360 and hunting. When we asked Alex if he had anything to say, he said, "I love school, and I love life." We hope that continues, and we wish Alex all the best in the future.

Thanks, Brent! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's the CYO cross-country meet this morning in Holstein. Tomorrow Homecoming week begins. We'll be building floats in the afternoon, and at 5pm we'll have the powder puff football game.

Monday will be "Undercover Day" for Homecoming. That night the JV football team hosts West Bend Mallard. Then on Tuesday the volleyball team plays at Ft. Dodge St. Edmond.

Wednesday we'll take a day off from our school work for the Homecoming "Battle of the Classes". That night at 7:30 is the big Homecoming coronation and pep rally. Thursday the cross-country team runs at Clear Lake and there's volleyball at Clarion.

Friday morning we'll have the Homecoming liturgy at 10:45. We'll dismiss early for the parade, which will head down State Street at 2pm. This year all the Seton students will be part of the parade. That night there's both freshman and varsity football games, followed by the Homecoming dance at 9:30pm.

That's the "Bear Facts" for Homecoming week. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to catch our show again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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