The Bear Facts ... February 10, 2007

Good morning! I'm Gina Rasmussen!

I'm Melanie Myers!

And I'm Sheri Kenyon! Welcome to another exciting episode of the "Bear Facts", your weekly radio update from Bishop Garrigan High School.

The big news event this weekend involves math team. Garrigan is hosting a Great Plains Math League competition today, with schools from all over northern Iowa competing. Twenty-eight Golden Bears are among those testing their skills with challenging math problems. Math competitions include several different rounds. The Sprint is basically just long tests, with the goal being to get as many questions right as possible. The Target round features pairs of related questions that each individual answers.

Teamwork is important in some of the other rounds. In the Team Round, groups of three work together to solve extremely complicated problems. Then there's the Relay Round, where three people are given similar questions. The second person must use the first person's answer to solve their problem, and the last person needs to use the second person's answer to get the final solution.

Among those competing for the Bears today are senior math veterans JoAnn Kirsch, Maria Kohlhaas, Chris Scobba, and Tony Rouse. Juniors in math team include Krissy Kohlhaas, Melanie Myers, Sheri Kenyon, Kent Recker, Brent Kajewski, Melissa Cruise, and Gina Rasmussen. There's a big group of sophomores-including Kelly Rouse, Chris Kellner, Danielle Rahm, Joe Straub, Sam Norland, Benny Hellman, Alec Boeckholt, Christopher Schmidt, and Nick Kellner. The freshmen competing today are D.J. Beletti, Brittany Berte, Cassie Reising, Katrina Even, Rebeccah Erdman, Kelly Klein, Luke McCall, and Cassie Reising. Good luck to Coach Daryl Kohlhaas and the math team!

A lot of those same people got some practice this past week as they took the 2007 American Mathematics Competition Test. This test, which includes twenty-five of the hardest story problems you've ever seen. Only the top students nationwide take this exam. The scoring system is even more complicated than the questions, with different numbers of points added and subtracted for right and wrong answers. When everything was totaled, junior Dylan Freking was Garrigan's top competitor, with a score of 93. Seniors Chris Scobba and Maria Kohlhaas , sophomore Shanna Miller, and junior Kent Recker were all close behind. Luke McCall and Nick Kellner had the top freshman scores. Congratulations to everyone who toughed it out on the AMC-12.

Last weekend twenty-six Bishop Garrigan students competed in the state large group speech contest in Ft. Dodge. The Bears had a pretty decent day, with two events bringing home perfect ratings of straight Division I's. The readers' theatre "Romeo and Winifred" and the ensemble acting selection "Talented Young Newcomers" both earned "excellent" ratings at state. Three other events brought home Division II or "good" ratings. Congratulations to Coaches Mary McCall and David Burrow and the speech team.

Garrigan's spring play is just around the corner. The cast list was announced a week ago, and rehearsals have begun for "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night". The play features JoAnn Kirsch, Ashli Krieps, Meghan Mayer, Garrison Brosnan, Allison Missal, and Cassie Reising; together with Dylan Freking, Chris Loebach, Michelle Kollasch, Rachel Byrkeland, Shane Koob, Sam Norland, Rebecca Brosnan, and Rebeccah Erdman. Stage managers for the show will be Jenna Richter and Holly Byrkeland. Performance dates are just over a month away, March 23 and 24. We'll tell you more about the play as show time approaches.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Ben Berte and Kelli Black.  Here with all the information on them is Kent Recker.

Ben Berte comes to Garrigan from the St. Joe area. He's a key reason why the Golden Bear football team has consistently advanced in playoffs, and he's also done well in track. When he's not at school, you're likely to see him on the farm. He'll be off to college next year, and we wish Ben all the best in the future.

Kelli Black is a year-round athlete. The Algona native was one of the top finishers on the Golden Bear cross-country team last fall, and she's at the core of the girls basketball team this winter. In the spring she runs track, and in summer she plays softball. Kelly will also be in college next fall, and we wish her the best of luck after high school.

Thanks, Kent! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's the math competition today at Garrigan. Also today several students are taking the ACT across town at Algona High.

Intramural basketball continues tomorrow, with three pretty mis-matched games. On Monday the Golden Bear girls start district play, as they host Armstrong-Ringsted.

Tuesday the area youth committee meets. That night the freshman, JV, and varsity boys will finish their season at Clarion. Then on Wednesday we'll dismiss early for teacher in-service.

After that the week lightens up a bit. The calendar is empty until next Saturday, when there's the second round of girls district basketball, again right here at Garrigan.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to join us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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