The Bear Facts - March 11, 2006

Good morning! I'm Samantha Arndorfer!

And I'm Kelly Schmidt You're listening to the "Bear Facts", where we've had a very successful week here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

A week ago the Golden Bear math team went over to Mason City to take part in a Great Plains Math League competition at North Iowa Area Community College. While there was some confusion in reporting the results, there was no question that Bishop Garrigan won both the varsity and JV divisions of the tournament. The team of Kandice Roethler, JoAnn Kirsch, and Brandon Rowley won the relay round and joined the list of Bears who qualified for the state math meet next month. Varsity competitors Gavin Freking, Jacob Hellman, Spenser Rahm, Tony Rouse, and Chris Scobba all were among the top five in various individual rounds of competition.

For the JV, "mathletes" Melanie Myers, Dylan Freking, Ben Hellman, Sheri Kenyon, Joe Straub, Kelly Rouse, and Danielle Rahm earned medals for finishing among the top five freshmen or sophomores at the tournament. Garrigan now has seven qualifiers for the state math tournament, which will be held April 22nd at West High School in Iowa City. Congratulations to Coach Daryl Kohlhaas and the math team.

Four math team competitors were also hard at work last Tuesday morning, taking part in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination, a test which provides special recognition to students with exceptional mathematical ability. While many schools will have one student invited to take this test, it's a very special honor for a school Garrigan's size to have four students on the list. Seniors Spenser Rahm and Jeff Lappe, junior Maria Kohlhaas, and sophomore Dylan Freking spent three hours on Tuesday answering fifteen of the toughest math questions they'd ever seen. They'll learn how they did in about a month. One way or another, though, they can consider themselves among the top mathematicians anywhere.

Last Saturday Garrigan hosted the district individual speech contest for the Iowa High School Speech Association. While the flu took a toll on some of our entries, Garrigan students still had a great day at district contest. The Bears earned sixteen Division One or excellent ratings and three Division Two or good ratings. Students earning ones were Amanda Golwitzer and JoAnn Kirsch in Storytelling; Gavin Freking, Alex Elbert, and Shane Koob in Radio News Announcing; Anna Bormann, Kendra Plathe, Jenna Richter, and Rebecca Brosnan in Poetry; Amanda Golwitzer, Garrison Brosnan, and Sam Norland in Prose; Rebecca Brosnan in Acting; Joe Dailey and Dylan Freking in Literary Program; and Chris Loebach in Improvisation. Those earning twos included Jenna Richter, Jade Kajewski, and Sam Norland. Congratulations to all these students and to individual speech coaches Mary McCall and Sarah Freking.

The regular season for intramural basketball is over. After two months of competition, the faculty team finished with a perfect 9 - 0 record, and the top overall scorer was basketball coach O.J. Froehlich, who racked up 231 points on the season. The teachers are excluded from play-offs, so the favorite going into the post-season is the senior team captained by Eric Goodman. They have an 8 - 1 record, losing only to the faculty, and they've scored an average of 74.9 points per game. Their top players include Gavin Freking with 184 points and Nate Pierson with 153.

The second seed in intramural playoffs goes to Joe Dailey's junior team, one of three teams with a 6 - 3 record. The top players on that team are Chris Scobba and Tony Rouse. They'll face Brandon Rowley's #3 seed team, which features Jeff Lappe and Brad Thompson. Rounding out the playoff contenders are the #4-seeded team with Nick Berte as captain and Chris Gelhaus and Shane Koob as top players. Other players who scored over 100 points in the regular season include Ben Golwtizer, Mark Poeppe, D.J. Thompson, Dustin Shackelford, Adam Finley, Mr. Rob Meister, and Mr. Mick Elbert. Playoffs will be Sunday, March 19. Good luck to all the intramural players.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Kandice Roethler and Andrea Arndorfer. Here to tell you about them is Allison Even.

Kandice Roethler was part of the group that recently qualified for the state math competition in Iowa City. Needless to say, she's enrolled in advanced classes like Math V. Besides math team, Kandice keeps busy with band, basketball cheerleading, and Christian Leadership in Action. Kandice will continue using her brain when she goes off to college next fall, and we wish her the very best in the future.
Andrea Arndorfer is a Wesley native who is part of the National Honor Society. She enjoys sports like volleyball, and she's active in publications, choir, large group speech, and Christian Leadership. Like Kandice, Andrea also challenges herself with tough classes, and she'll also be a college girl next fall. We wish both Andrea and Kandice good luck.

Thanks, Allison! On our Golden Bear calendar, the All-Iowa Drill team continues in Des Moines today. Several Garrigan danz squad members are part of that group. Tomorrow is the second Sunday of Lent.

Monday Algona High will host a blood drive, and many Garrigan students will be donating their precious body fluid. That night there will be a meeting for parents of incoming freshmen.

Tuesday night is the annual Academic Banquet, and Wednesday juniors will participate in a college day at AHS. Thursday we'll have a jeans day at Garrigan, and Friday we'll celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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