The Bear Facts

May 11, 2002

Good morning! I'm Mike Loebach!

I'm Chris Kohlhaas!

I'm Mike McAlpine!

I'm Teresa McGuire!

I'm Bridget Buscherfeld!

I'm Stephanie Hilbert!

I'm Cathy Hellman!

And I'm Rebecca McGuire!  You're listening to the "Bear Facts", where we're saluting the Class of 2002 here at Bishop Garrigan High School!

Graduation time is here again. Tomorrow afternoon 62 seniors will be walking across the stage to receive their diplomas. This year's class motto is

Our lives are before us,

our past is behind us,

and our memories are forever.

The class flower is the red rose, and the class of 2002 chose silver and black as their class colors.

Every year there's a senior farewell address at graduation, and each year the class gives a gift to help out the school. For 2002 all-state speech veteran Bob Brandenburg will be delivering the senior speech, while class presidents Stephanie Hilbert and Mindy Buscher present the class gift-which is money for an improved sound system.

The Class of 2002 has accomplished a lot in their years at Garrigan. Members of the class have helped lead teams to state in football, cross-country, basketball, baseball, track, golf, and dance. The volleyball and softball teams have won district honors, and the cheerleaders have also won team awards. The seniors have set new records in almost every sport, and in addition every single Golden Bear sport has won the academic honors as a team.

There has been lots of success outside of sports, too. After about four years of rebuilding, the Golden Bear quiz bowl team is once again headed to the National Academic Championships. HOSA, the club for health occupations students, won statewide awards and is also headed to nationals. In speech the Class of 2002 has the first four-time All-Stater in school history, and members of the class have also won awards in music, business, math, and art.

Our senior year will certainly be one nobody will ever forget-for both good and bad reasons. Almost everyone would agree there were too many down notes on the year. For instance, it was hard to get into the Homecoming spirit last fall when we were still in shock over the terrorist bombings out east.

Other sad events included the deaths of recent alumni like Adam Sundall and Ben Geving and of close relatives of both students and faculty. Several current and former faculty members were stuck with serious illnesses, as was one of our fellow students here at Garrigan.

For all the bad stuff, though, it's mostly been a pretty good senior year. When asked what they'd remember most, some people mentioned football games--like the big wins over Southern Cal. Others mentioned shows like Fiddler on the Roof or the awesome pops concert this spring.

Some people felt the best part of the year was Prom night, and others fun activities they'd done in classes. Still others think the best is yet to come-with state track and golf, the summer sports, and of course graduation.

As the Class of 2002 graduates, it's time for new students to take the lead. Last week we announced the student council and class presidents. On Monday the younger students elected their class representatives for next school year. In the freshman class, Matt Courtney received all but one of the votes that were cast, and Rose Mayer was the other representative elected.

The sophomores had a ten-way race, but even so Aaron O'Kane won more than half the votes. The other representative from the Class of 2004 will be Michaela Mescher.

The closest election was in the junior class-the same class whose students tied for student council president last week. When the votes were counted, though, the Class of 2003 elected Kim Frideres and Rachel Foth as their representatives. Congratulations to all the winners!

This week's senior spotlight shines on Jill Goodman and Heather Fickbohm. Jill is probably best known for her accomplishments in softball, and she was also active in volleyball in the past. Jill is a National Honor Society member who enjoys publications and used to be on the student council. She'll be off to college next year, and we wish her all the best.

Heather Fickbohm is one of the editors of this year's Paw Prints newspaper and Garrigold yearbook. She is on the 4-H county council, and her past activities include softball, basketball, and choir. She'll also be in college in the fall. Good luck, Heather!

On our Golden Bear calendar today there's boys district track at Manson as well as sectional golf. Also all weekend Garrigan graduate Brad Nelson will be playing in Cedar Rapids-the closest he will ever get to Algona.

There are dozens of graduation receptions tonight, parish masses for seniors tomorrow morning, and the big graduation ceremony tomorrow afternoon. You can hear the event right here on KLGA at 2pm.

Tomorrow is also Mothers' Day and the Feast of the Ascension. Monday there's girls golf districts. Then on Wednesday semester tests begin for the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

Tests continue on Thursday, and most students will finish up on Friday. Also on Friday there's state girls track, boys district golf, and the boys track team will have their conference meet at Algona High.

That's the last "Bear Facts" we seniors will be doing. Next week some of the younger students will be back for one last show. Until then, all of us in the Garrigan Class of 2003 want to say ...

Goodbye, Everybody!

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