The Bear Facts

May 12, 2001

Good morning! I'm Scott McGuire!

I'm Chase Johnson!

And I'm Ben Lickteig! This is the "Bear Facts". Today the three of us and eight other seniors will be saluting the Class of 2001 here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

The first class of the third millennium will finish their years at Garrigan tomorrow afternoon. They'll walk across the stage for graduation at 2pm. As always KLGA will be broadcasting the event live on the radio. Amanda Freking will be the commencement speaker. Unlike many of us, Amanda didn't grow up going to Seton. She transferred to Garrigan when her family moved here from the LeMars area. After Amanda gives her speech, senior class co-presidents Ben Lickteig and Lori Elsbecker will present the class gift and lead the seniors in their class prayer.

This year's seniors chose teal blue and silver as their official class colors. You'll probably see mints in those colors if you check out the graduation receptions this weekend. Each girl in the class will be receiving a white rose-the official class flower. For their motto, the seniors selected

We dreamed our dreams together,

and now we leave to live them.

And now, here to tell you a little more about the Class of 2001 are Scott Black and Paul Loebach.

Every year the editors of the Garrigold yearbook have the senior class vote for who's "tops" in different categories. Some of those nominations are serious, while others are just for fun. One of this year's awards was "Teachers' Pet", and the winners were Chase Johnson and Heather Stence. The "Most Talented" award went to Brad Nelson and Angie Kohlhaas, while the "Best Hair" (or maybe "lack of hair") award went to Chris Thilges and Deanna Kohlhaas.

Some of the other honors include "Best Athlete. This year's winners were Brad Nelson and Sara Reding. The seniors felt that the "Funniest" people in their class were Michael Murphy and Molly Meyer. And a traditional honor given every year is "Most Likely to Succeed". Angie Kohlhaas was named the Girl Most Likely to Succeed, but there was a tie among the boys between future successes Brad Nelson and Nick Even.

You heard the names of Brad Nelson and Angie Kohlhaas more than once on those lists. Here to tell you a little more about why that is are Marian Studer and Michael Murphy.

Angie Kohlhaas ranks number one in the Class of 2001. That's true at Garrigan, and it would probably be true at any school she chose to go to. Angie is one of the top scholars in the nation; with a perfect score of 1600 on the SAT, she was named a National Merit Scholar. Two weeks ago she demonstrated her talent in music with an outstanding senior recital. She has also been active in other areas, ranging from drama to sports. There's no question that she deserves that "Most Talented" label.

Brad Nelson has probably been mentioned on the "Bear Facts" more often than almost anyone else. We've mentioned Brad when we've talked about Student Council (where he's co-president), National Honor Society, and quiz bowl. What you're most likely to know Brad for, though, is sports. He is undisputedly the top baseball and basketball player that Garrigan has ever had. Everyone here is looking forward to June 5th, when Major League Baseball will hold their annual amateur draft. We're all hoping to see Brad drafted high, with a good professional contract. 

This year's seniors have accomplished a lot over the years. Here to tell you more about them are Lynn and Angie Kohlhaas.

Brad Nelson is far from the only outstanding athlete in the Class of 2001. Members of this year's senior class have led teams to state in football, baseball, girls' basketball, cross-country, and track. They've won conference, district, and state honors in those sports, as well as in basketball, volleyball, and softball. One of this year's seniors, Andrea Kramer, was the first-ever female wrestler at Garrigan. Put that together, and no one could argue but that there is an amazing amount of athletic talent in the class.

The seniors also have a reputation for being a smart class. In fact, there's so many people with outstanding grades, that students who would be near the top of their class at other schools are in the bottom half here at Garrigan. Seniors have demonstrated their wide range of talent by winning more All-State speech awards than any class before them, as well as earning honors in quiz bowl, dance, mathematics, and health occupations.

We've still got some more people to salute in our senior class. This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Tricia Eischen, Matt Elbert, and Kelly Kohlhaas. Here to tell you about them are Brad Nelson and Drew Hellman.

Tricia Eischen is a Wesley native who has been a football and basketball cheerleader. She is also active in HOSA, and in the past she sang in choir. Away from Garrigan you might see her working as a nurse's aid at Good Samaritan. We wish Tricia the best of luck in the future.

Matt Elbert comes to Garrigan from the Whittemore area. His biggest activity is intramural basketball, but over the years he's also been involved in baseball, football, and track. Matt does farm work and odd jobs when he's not at school, and we wish him good luck next year.

Kelly Kohlhaas is one of the busiest seniors at Garrigan. She enjoys volleyball and basketball, as well as choir and the flag corps for the band. Kelly is an honor student who works at the Algona Dairy Queen. She'll be off to college next fall, and we wish her all the best.

Our Golden Bear calendar starts today with all the graduation parties. There will be parish baccalaureate masses tonight and tomorrow, and commencement itself will be Sunday at 2pm.

Monday there's boys' track at Algona High, as well as girls' district golf. Then on Tuesday the school board meets.

Wednesday was supposed to be the last day of school, but with all the snow days last winter, we've still got a week and a half to go after that.

Thursday there's a meeting for next fall's football cheerleaders. Then on Friday there's conference track at Webster City and boys' golf regionals.

Also on Friday there's girls' state track. Three Golden Bear events will be competing competing down in Des Moines, and we hope they have an excellent weekend.

Finally, this week has been National Teacher Appreciation Week. As seniors we've all seen a lot of teachers, and there's no better time than graduation for us to say "thanks" to all those teachers who went out of their way to help us over the years. No teacher is perfect, but we're happy to have had the hard-working staff at Garrigan and Seton.

That's the "Bear Facts" for graduation week. Thanks for listening, and be sure to catch us again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.


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