The Bear Facts ... November 12, 2005

Good morning! I'm Bridget Doughan!

And I'm Ashley Waller! You're listening to the "Bear Facts", where we're proud of a lot of success here at Bishop Garrigan High School.

What a week! There's not much else you can say. This past week at Bishop Garrigan was just about as good as it gets. Almost every activity we have in school did well, and it all combined to make one of the best weeks ever.

First, there's football. At the beginning of the season, when they lost a shut-out to St. Edmond, people were using polite phrases like "rebuilding year" to describe the Golden Bears. That's not what they're saying today. Not only have they surpassed everyone's expectations, but they really are an incredible team. After lucking out at Ackley in the playoff opener, they played an almost flawless game against Pocahontas to make it to the state semifinals yesterday. Every one of the Bears played the game of their lives against St. Albert, and everyone at Garrigan is proud of how well our team has done.

Another group with reason to brag is our Golden Bear football cheerleaders. Last Saturday the cheerleaders were down in Des Moines for the state cheerleading competition. They hoped to do well, but they did way better than anyone expected. The girls ended up winning the state championship and bringing home a big trophy. The cheerleaders include Courtney Mergen, Nancy Syharath, Denise Kohlhaas, Kathy Kohlhaas, Candace Schiltz, Samantha Arndorfer, Liz Mayer, Jen Miller, Michaela Pease, and Jessica Cink. Congratulations to coaches Angie Fox and Sandra Laubenthal and our state champion cheerleaders!

Last Saturday was also a great day for the BGHS danz squad. Jenn Vaske, Monica Schiltz, and Marisa Spain went down to Pella last weekend for the state solo dance competition. All three Garrigan dancers brought home division one ratings from state. Congratulations to Coach Colleen Conway-Schiltz and the danz squad!

The Golden Bear math team began their season last weekend with a big meet at Sioux Center. Garrigan took a very young team to the meet, but they too surpassed everyone's expectations. Ben Hellman and Sam Norland won their divisions in the target and sprint rounds, and Kandice Roethler was second in the target round in her division. All three earned medals, and Chris Hansen and Chris Kellner also placed well at the contest. Congratulations to Coach Daryl Kohlhaas and the math team!

The quiz bowl team competed last weekend in a big meet at Algona High. The Bears had a good morning, with three first place finishes in four games. They ended up just shy of the playoffs, missing the top eight by just fifteen points out of 3,200 possible. Team members included Jacob Hellman, Dan Garman, Joe Rahm, Seth Rogers, and Bridget Doughan. The quiz bowl team is in action again this morning. They're over in Parkersburg competing against some of the best teams in the state. Good luck, quiz bowl!

The annual magazine drive ended last Tuesday, and-like pretty much everything else this week-it was also a success. Our final total was over $12,000 in sales, and all four classes made their goals. Beth Kollasch was the top seller, Jessie Rosenmeyer was second, and Macy Fickbohm finished third overall. The freshmen were the top selling class, and they'll be rewarded with a class pizza party. The sophomores, juniors, and seniors finished in second, third, and fourth places. The profits go to the student council, which in turn helps out lots of other activities here at Garrigan. Thanks to everyone who supported the magazine drive!

There's one more big event coming up next week. Thursday afternoon Jacob Hellman and Bridget Doughan will be leaving for Ames, where they'll be part of the All-State Music Festival. They'll rehearse all day Friday, and then Saturday at 1:00 they'll perform in the all-state festival concert. The concert will be broadcast on Iowa Public Television over Thanksgiving weekend. Congratulations, Jacob and Bridget!

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Bobby Geelan. Here to tell you about him is Eric Goodman.

Bob Geelan is probably best known as quarterback of the Golden Bear football team. While he suffered a rib injury in the playoff opener at Ackley, he still played a tough game last Monday night to advance the Bears to the semifinals. Bob was part of the golf team that was the state runner-up last spring, and he also enjoys basketball. Bob's a fun-loving guy, but he's also smart and takes several challenging classes. Bob will be off to college next year, and we wish him the very best.

Thanks, Eric! On our Golden Bear calendar, there's quiz bowl today in Parkersburg. Then tomorrow is the St. Cecelia's parish dinner.

Monday boys basketball practice begins. Then on Tuesday we'll have the induction of new members into the National Honor Society. That night the girls basketball team plays in a jamboree at Corwith.

Wednesday is the night of reflection for confirmation candidates. Thursday is National Principals Day, and that's also when the All-State Music Festival begins.

Next Friday is the state football championships. The 1-A championship game is at 3:00 in the UNI-Dome. Then on Saturday the quiz bowl team travels to Orange City.

That's the "Bear Facts" for this week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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