The Bear Facts
September 12, 2009

Good morning! I'm Jake Rosenmeyer!

And I'm Becky Jennings! Welcome once again to the "Bear Facts", the weekly radio show from Bishop Garrigan High School.

This year ten Garrigan choir students are working hard to prepare for auditions for the All-State Music festival. Sarah Matthews, Nora Krahenbuhl, Hannah Bode, Becky Jennings, and Grace Steil, as well as Anna Kollasch, Kelsie Berke, Alex Hamilton, Mike Hellman, and Dustin Miller are the group. Several of them are in Belmond this morning for a special training session where they'll learn what judges are looking for in this most prestigious music award. They'll be rehearsing with choir director Linda Ferjak for another month, and auditions will be on Saturday, October 24th. Good luck to the all-state auditioners.

Last weekend the cast list was announced for the 2009 BGHS musical, The Wizard of Oz. Junior Becky Jennings will be playing Dorothy, and she'll be accompanied by Mike Hellman as the Scarecrow, Drew Magill as the Tin Woodsman, and Jake Rosenmeyer as the Cowardly Lion. Sarah Matthews will be Glinda the Good Witch, and Anna Kollasch will be the Wicked Witch. Kayla Blocker is Auntie Em, Alex Hamilton is Uncle Henry, and Philip Detrick is Professor Marvel-or the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The play cast also includes Amelia Golwitzer, Stephanie Kajewski, Jenny Broesder, Kelly Klein, Lana Larson, and Amy Rasmussen as officials in Munchkinland; Nora Krahenbuhl, Hannah Bode, and Alicia Richter as the Lullaby Girls; and John Richter, Matthew Fakler, and Angelica Brosnan as Three Tough Guys. There's also a Munchkin Chorus with Harli Eggers, Erin Reedy, Samantha Kollasch, Melanie Mergen, Alissa Kirsch, and Melissa Kellner. Other Munchkins are Janet Kenyon, Hannah Byrkeland, Andrea Gisch, Allison Frideres, Nicole Grein, Rachel Renger, Becca Hyslop, and Makayla Foertsch.

Shawn Vaske, Dustin Miller, and Craig Kohlhaas will be playing crows; Grace Steil, Kelsie Berke, and Kayla Blocker are singing and dancing trees; and various people we've already mentioned also double up as jitterbugs, poppies, and snowflakes. Rebeccah Erdman is Nikko, the Commander of the Witch's Monkeys, and she'll be commanding Cassie Reising, Brittany Berte, Amy Rasmussen, and Kelly Klein. There's also a Winkie General and Winkies, male and female Osian dancers, beauticians, polishers, and manicurists. In addition to those we've mentioned already, the cast also includes Adam Hamilton and Samantha Cruise. The Wizard of Oz will be November 6th and 7th.

Last summer the Golden Bear softball team racked up ten wins on the season. Jenna Richter, McKayla Loss, and Holly Byrkeland were named to the all-conference team, and Jenna also received all-district and all-CYO awards. Jenna Richter was named the team MVP for 2009, McKayla Loss won the Big Hitter Award, and Holly Byrkeland received the Gold Glove. Kelly Klein was named Pitcher of the Year, Rebecca Brosnan was the team's Hardest Worker, Emily Bell and Addison Miller were named Most Improved Players, and Alicia Pfeffer won the Coach's Award. Congratulations to Coach Wendi Meister and the softball team!

Lots of people are worried about the flu this year, and we're hoping to keep the students here from getting it. In cooperation with community health, Garrigan and Seton will be sponsoring flu shot clinics for all our students and staff members. Seasonal flu vaccine will be available on Tuesday, September 22, and special shots for the H1N1 flu will be coming later this fall. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated and also take care of themselves and stay healthy.

Our Senior Spotlight this week shines on Rebeccah Erdman. Here to tell you about her is Drew Magill.

Rebeccah Erdman is a Whittemore native who is active in lots of different activities. She's a four-year quiz bowl veteran who has been to nationals two years in a row. She's also active in band, speech, drama, Kossuth Connections, and announcing here on the "Bear Facts". When she's busy at school, you might see her running the check-out at Fareway. Rebeccah is mostly looking at distant colleges next year, and we wish her all the best after high school.

Thanks, Drew! On our Golden Bear calendar this week, there's the CYO cross-country meet today at Holstein. Also this morning all-state music students are going to a training session in Belmond.

Tomorrow is the St. Joseph-Wesley parish festival. Monday there's cross-country at Emmetsburg, and also that night the JV football team hosts Eagle Grove.

Tuesday the annual calendar drive ends, and we hope to meet all our goals. The volleyball team plays at Humboldt Tuesday night, and then Wednesday we'll get out early for staff development.

Thursday we'll have a K-12 mass, and that night the volleyball team hosts Eagle Grove. Then Friday the football team travels to Marcus. Note that the football game next Friday will start at 7:00, rather than the usual 7:30.

That's the "Bear Facts" for another week. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in again next week for more news from Bishop Garrigan High School.

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